Launched in 2018, Momo Pay is a cashless payment system hosted on the MTN Mobile money. Momo Pay is more of a payments service; it is a Mobile money tax solution, the service can only be used to pay for goods when shopping. The service now registers about 80,000+ merchants, including supermarkets, fuel stations, salons, pharmacies, restaurants, even small shops/kiosks among others. 

The introduction of MomoPay is an effective solution by enabling users to transact comfortably and conveniently. Besides, users use the service for free, and no extra charges associated with MoMo Pay. 

The method is available to all MTN Mobile Money customers and can be used at different locations, including shops, market vendors, restaurants, supermarkets, hotels, cafes, and more.

As mentioned above, this service is only used in the shopping sector, so it is not applicable for payment at online casinos. We also cannot find any casinos that accept this payment method. Hopefully, this service will develop this field in the future.

Some of the Many Benefits of Using MoMoPay

  • The service is free for the user.
  • You don't need to use cashless for increased security. Money is held on your Mobile Money account.
  • You can withdraw and deposit funds from your bank accounts.

How Do I Use the Mtn Momopay Service?

When paying for goods by this service, simply dial *165# and select option 3 (*165*3#). You then enter the Merchant Code, followed by reviewing the Merchant name and entering the amount. Next, enter your PIN to confirm the payment, and receive your receipt from the merchant. 

Besides, you can also use the MyMTN App and follow the steps simple are:

1: Go to the Mobile Money section, select MoMoPay

2: Enter the 6-digit code or scan the QR code.

3: Enter the amount

3: After confirmation, the payment will be made instantly.