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Online roulette for real money is one of the most exciting and enjoyable casino games that thousands of aspiring gamblers have been immersed in for years and years. This casino game has proved its irresistible aura with time by driving gambling enthusiasts to a frenzy and offering many profitable and generous bonuses and promotions. Anyone can play this game, as it is effortless and easy to play. Whether you are a fun lover or a true gambler, all is found right here on CasinoMentor. Try the roulette slot for free now with our available version before playing by real money.

If you are new to the gambling industry and are still in the dark about what roulette is and how it works, this article will help. Even if you are on a bounty hunt for this casino game, we hope that you will make full use of the experience and knowledge in this review to enhance your winning odds against this casino game, as well as give a strong boost to your gambling experience.

History of the Roulette Wheel

As stated above, generations of gambling enthusiasts don’t cease to talk about roulette. This enticing game has been around for more than 300 years, or somewhere in the 17th century. It is certain that when hearing this casino game’s name, you can easily deduce where this casino game is derived from. “Roulette” evokes a charming tone and unmistakable accent from the city of the lights, Paris, France. It is one of the greatest inventions of the famous French mathematician Blaise Pascal.

When being rolled out in the gambling industry, the roulette wheel truly came down a storm and quickly became one of the most-played casino games in the heart of Paris. There are also many rumors and myths around this casino games. One of the most mysterious stories that generations of gamblers have been passing around is about Francois Blanc, who dealt with the devil to gain the ultimate secret of this famous casino game.

Get Basic Rules in Less Than 3 Minutes

Understanding the basic rules of roulette is the priority before indulging in this casino game. It's easier said than done, as always: play online roulette, wager real money, and win big, really, really big. The golden key that you should always keep in mind is correctly guessing which number or color pocket the ball will land after a spin.

Then, when does the game start? As soon as players place their bets, the game will be set. Nowadays, there are various types of roulette bets that players can choose from, including outside bets and inside bets. More importantly, each betting type comes with a different payout. Therefore, it is obvious that players will never get tired of spending hours and hours around the fantastic wheel.

Roulette allows players to place bets before the ball is dropped. Besides, we find that in some cases, when the wheel is spinning, wagers are still accepted. The dealer is the one that informs when the betting phase is completed. When hearing “No more bets,” players cannot make any bets on the game round. Winners will be paid out when the ball stands in its final place, and a new round begins. Before starting a new round, the game table is cleared off. The casino dealer is in charge of making the new round ready by clearing all losing bets and lifting the marker off the previous winning number.

Moreover, it is important for players to get started with some table etiquette to avoid common mistakes that novices can make when sitting at a land-based wheel table. However, if you are more into an online roulette wheel, you may not have to take this etiquette into consideration. 

Are the basic rules clear enough for you? If yes, then keep reading the following part to discover the roulette odds and payouts that you can expect to touch when enjoying one of the most entertaining casino games on the market.

What Are Online Roulette Odds and Payouts?

New players should remember that real money is not allowed to be placed on the table, but chips. You will have to buy chips to play this casino game if you are at a land-based casino. Exchanging real money for chips is effortless to do. Head to a roulette wheel that you want to play, wait until the round is completed, and ask the dealer that you want to buy chips. There are many chip values that you can choose from. Therefore, pick up those that suit your purpose and strategies most, and enjoy the spinning wheel. 

If you are playing online roulette for real money, it will be much easier, as chips are already available for you to use, and there is no need to download the roulette game. 

Then, choose the roulette betting types that you wish to play. As stated above, there are two main types: the outside bet and the inside bet. Inside bets are riskier, but once you win, the payout will certainly take you back. 

Have you fastened your seat belt? Let’s discover outside bets and inside bets as well as payouts relevant.

Inside Bets

If you are not a thrill-seeker, then this betting type is not a good option for you. As aforementioned, the odds are relatively low. As a result, you will need to make sure that your bankroll is capable of handling fluctuations and accepting the fact that you will have to experience some dry-spells, as winnings on these betting types are few and far between. However, rewards from roulette will totally deserve your time and your stakes. 

  • One number (Straight) - Gamblers will bet on a specific number. If they win, the payout is 35 to 1. 
  • Two numbers (Split bet) - Chip is placed on the line between two numbers. Your initial bet will be multiplied by 17 times if you guess the correct numbers. 
  • Three numbers (Street bet) - If players make the right assumption on the outside line of the row of three numbers, they will get a payout of 11 to 1. 
  • Four numbers (Corner bet) - Winners can get a multiplier of 8x their initial bets if their chips are placed on the corner, which connects four right numbers.
  • Five numbers (First Five) - 6:1 payout is the winning amount paid to winners when the line connecting 0, 00, 1, 2, 3 is a bet.
  • Six numbers (Double Street) - A multiplier of 5x is undoubtedly the amount that players can look forward to grabbing. Six numbers on which players place a bet are formed by two rows of three numbers.

Outside Bets

  • Dozens (12 numbers) - When betting on this roulette type, players have winning odds of just 33%. However, what makes this betting type popular and appealing is the tasty payout of 2 to 1. This means if players place their chips on the box marked 1st 12, 2nd 12, or 3rd 12. You will win if the ball stays on the dozen that you have a bet. 
  • Columns (12 numbers) - Winners’ casino account will be doubled if the ball finally stays on the number of the column that you place your chips. Chips are placed at the bottom of the column. 
  • Red or Black (18 numbers) - Red or black is one of the most used bets, which pays decent money and enables players to bet on the red or the black color. If a player predicts the right color, he will be awarded the same payout as his initial bet. In other words, the payout of this betting type is 1 to 1. 
  • Odd or Even (18 numbers) - When betting on Odd or Even, players will find that the payout is almost the same as the Red or Black bet’s one. Odd or Even bet is slightly different, as players will have to bet on odd or even numbers instead of colors. 
  • High and Low (18 numbers) - In loose languages, High and Low bet is similar to Odd or Even bet. What makes this bet different is players place their stakes on numbers from 1 to 18 or 19 to 36. 

You will automatically lose if the game’s outcome of outside bets is at 0 and 00.

The disparity of odds and chance to win between European single zero and American double zero is not considerable. 

The winning odds of outside bets are much higher than inside bets. If you play outside bets, this roulette type is certainly a good chance for you to bag your buck with many small winnings. However, in the case of inside bets, payouts are truly life-changing awards, as players can expect to multiply 35 times their initial stake.

Play Online Roulette for Real Money?

If you find that you have already been equipped with enough knowledge, play online roulette for real money. There are many variants and variations that gambling enthusiasts can choose from and try their luck. Especially, the availability of live roulette has pulled many aspiring players to be engaged in this casino game.

Many online casino sites are offering online roulette on the market. As a natural result, players will not know which casino is worthy of a recommendation to spend their time and money.

Online Roulette for Real Money

We assume that it is the common question of gamblers. Knowing what’s what, we have conducted more than 10,000 online casinos to find the best online sites that can satisfy wheel lovers. You can refer to the following casinos to make up your mind when choosing a casino site to play at. 

  1. Karamba Casino
  2. Mr. Green Casino
  3. Mr. Play Casino

Moreover, if you wish to broaden your online casino list, you can read our casino reviews at CasinoMentor. We proudly confirm providing players with the most honest and reliable information that is updated on a frequent basis. 

Can I Play Roulette for Free?

Newbies should try the free play version before blowing their real money on online roulette. This will help them considerably practice their knowledge and hone their experience and skills.

Playing free money roulette for free with no downloads or registration is no longer a rarity in the gambling industry. In case you have no idea of where to play free while enjoying the most popular versions with high-quality designs and stunning soundtracks, CasinoMentor is ready to support you. By visiting our site, click on the tab free games, you will find a bundle of this free online casino game and many other exciting casino games to play.

How Many Types of Roulette and How is the Game Table Designed?

Basically, there are two types: the European roulette and the American one. Players can distinguish these two types by counting the number of zero slots. 

The European one comes with a single zero, which is widely considered to ensure fairness between gamblers and casinos and among gamblers themselves. In contrast, the American version features a double zero, or 00, besides an already existing zero number. It is said that casinos add this slot to increase their house edge. However, in our views, each type has its distinctive tractions. A thrill-seeker can opt for the more thrilling version, while a casual one should try out the safer choice.

Let’s dive into the following part to discover each type of roulette!

European Roulette

There are 36 numbers on the European wheel, along with a single zero marked with the green color. The numbers distributed on the wheel go counterclockwise: 26, 3, 35, 12, 28, 7, 29, 18, 22, 9, 31, 14, 20, 1, 33, 16, 24, 5, 10, 23, 8, 30, 11, 36, 13, 27, 6, 34, 17, 25, 2, 21, 4, 19, 15, 32.

American Roulette

The tiny difference between the European wheel and the American wheel is that the American one adds a green slot of a double zero. Moreover, players will find that the numbers on the wheel go in a different way from the European one: 0, 2, 14, 35, 23, 4, 16, 33, 21, 6, 18, 31, 19, 8, 12, 29, 25, 10, 27, 00, 1, 13, 36, 24, 3, 15, 34, 22, 5, 17, 32, 20, 7, 11, 30, 26, 9, 28.

French Roulette

Featuring the same layout and the sequence of numbers, the French wheel seems similar to the European one. The rules are also applied in the same manner. However, what makes this roulette type unmistakable are two rules: “En Prison” and “La Partage.” 

“En Prison” allows players to make another prediction instead of losing their wager when the ball lands on zero. Similarly, “La Partage” returns half of the players’ wager as long as they choose to use even money and the ball lands on 0.

Bottom Lines

Online roulette is such an interesting game for real money that players cannot stop talking about. We hope that this article lets all the mysteries of this casino game under the sun, and you will make full use of the knowledge to enhance your gambling adventure ahead. Roulette revamps its image every day, and there are more and more tips and tricks for players to increase their winning odds. As a result, we update and share our real-life experience and knowledge regularly, so don’t forget to visit our site frequently to be informed first hand!


Frequently asked questions

Do you have to download the Roulette Game?

All gamblers in this world love to play Roulette as it is one of the most popular and amazing game tables to play. Long time ago, you might only can play at a land-based casino. However, free roulette now is even available at phones, and tablets for free with a demo version. You do not need to download the free version because the game is support by HTML5 technology. All you need to prepare is a good internet connection and you are good to play.

Should you play free Roulette?

While free roulette does not grant you any rewards or big wins. However, it is your chance to practice the skills that you learn from the best tips to win roulette. Please employ all possible strategies to into the Freeplay and get used to it. By doing that your real money game will start with many small and big wins. You will never go home with empty bags. Trust me,  

How do free online roulette games work?

Free roulette is like extra rewards given by some trusted provider. You can play with the fake money. You will be playing with a computer with wheels and a small ball inside. You win when the ball stops at your bet number. 

Do I need a flash player to play free roulette games online?

Well, it depends actually. Sometimes the site that you are playing free roulette will require you to turn on Flash Player while others don’t. On our website, you do not need to use the flash player to start playing free roulette.