Privacy Policy

CasinoMentor is a third-party company in charge of providing reliable information and reviews about online casinos and online casino games, as well as other segments of the gambling industry.

With a view to becoming a trusted website where users ( you, your ) do not need to worry whether your personal data falls into the wrong hands, our website ( CasinoMentor, we, us ) is committed to putting privacy protection above everything. Strictly complying with the privacy protection laws, we always make efforts to keep your personal information safe, secure and handle them with care.

We have conducted this privacy policy which outlines our privacy protection practices as well as your rights and your benefits in relation to your personal data.

We always recommend users read the privacy policy carefully and get informed about the latest change. By visiting our website, you are hereby indicating that you have read and understood this privacy policy.

Here is what you will read in this article:

  1. Definition
  2. General terms
  3. How we collect data
  4. What are cookies and their functions?
  5. What types of cookies does CasinoMentor use?
  6. Contact us


Privacy policy or privacy protection policy is the legal agreement required by law that an online business essentially needs to prove that the online site is worthy of trust and reliability. Besides, thanks to the privacy policy, users will be informed of what personal information is collected and what it is used for.

It is vital for CasinoMentor to implement the privacy policy in order to become a trusted site where users can take confidence in. You can refer to the following Terms to get a closer look at our privacy policy.

  • Website can be implied and other versions translated to other languages.
  • “We, Us or Our” refer to the website and the operators behind the website
  • Second person pronouns like “You” and “Your” means users who access and use the website’s facilities.
  • Personal Data contains all the information provided to the website by users.
  • Cookie comes with a small file that stores all your personal data including information about which websites you have visited.
  • Privacy Protection Policy and Privacy Policy refer to the personal data and privacy protection policy of the website.
  • Data protection laws let users know about the applicable laws related to the processing of personal data, including the GDPR.
  • GDPR stands for General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679. This regulation is implemented with a view to creating consistent protection of users and their personal data across EU nations.

General Terms

1. CasinoMentor is not an online casino site that hosts gambling activities and provides online casino services, but a dedicated guide that mainly focuses on updating and offering reliable information and reviews about online casinos, casino games, and other casino-related issues such as casino bonuses and promotions. Our website’s mission is to provide information in nature for useful and informative purposes throughout.

2. As the gambling portrait never stays stable, it can be implied that the accuracy of the information presented on the website is temporary. However, we always do our utmost to update the information of the ever-moving landscape as much as possible so that users can get informed of the latest news about the gambling industry without worrying about fake, outdated news and scams.

2. When reading content on our website, you can find some links that redirect you to external third-party websites. However, what can be for sure is the content on our site, and that from third-party websites hardly have anything in common. It is important for users to read the terms and conditions of these external parties carefully as our website does not take responsibility for such content.

4. We always make efforts to make sure that underage does not take place on any gambling platform by verifying the minimum age of users via One Account Mobile Limited. Getting access to the website means you confirm that you are a natural person who is 18 years old and over and is able to be in charge of responsible gambling. When clicking a casino game to play, players will be prompted by a notification requiring you to confirm that they have full legal capacity.

5. The website strictly complies with the golden standards imposed by the most regarded gambling bodies to make the site’s access restricted to under-18-year-old people. We do not recommend such users get access to the website and try our best to prevent underage.

6. Due to rules and conditions imposed, the website or certain parts of the website is not available for users from certain jurisdictions. We highly recommend users check the restricted countries in advance of getting access to the website and making use of the website’s facilities.

How We Collect Data

What information do we collect from users?

There are two types of information that we collect from users: personal information and non-personal information.

Personal information refers to the information that identifies a reasonable effort of a person. The personal information usually contains your name, your email address, your date of birth, your country, etc. which you provide to subscribe to our site to get email newsletters or notifications or submit your comments. This type of information is also collected when you leave a comment on our site with your name and your email address attached in response to our reviews or articles.

We also collect information on the device you are using to get access to our website, the software, and hardware that are able to identify your reasonable effort, such as IP addresses.

When you use your social account, for example, Facebook, to visit and use our website, we will have access to the data of your social account, including your name, your date of birth, your photos, and your friend list.

Non-personal information is the second type of information that we collect when users make use of the services of the website. This information may contain technical information such as operating systems, language preference of the browser and the keyboard, access time and so on that is related to your software and hardware information.

The information related to your use of services such as pages viewed, visiting time and clicks contributes to research and analytics so that we can enhance your experience.

We anonymize, we aggregate to make sure that this type of information cannot identify you.

  1. Who do we share data to?

    CasinoMentor does not trade, sell or share personal information about users with third parties, except authorized third-party marketing service providers that support the website performance.

    At CasinoMentor, we have been in partnership with Google Analytics in order to provide users with the best possible experience. This tool lets us know more about your preference such as how much time you spend on our site and which section that you prefer to vistit most. Thanks to that, we can improve and upgrade our site as much as possible to meet the demand of users.

  2. Personal data used for which purpose?

    Data collected from users is used for our sole purpose of enhancing our products and services so that we can provide users with the best possible experience. To be precise, these purposes include commercial communication, marketing, and advertising of authorized third-parties.

  3. How we protect and transfer your data

    CasinoMentor always makes every effort to make sure that your data stays safe, secure and no unauthorized person can leak or use it for any purpose. We use the latest technology, including Secure Socket Layer (SSL) to keep our words true.

    3.1. As a global website, we may need to transfer your information outside. However, it is for sure that we always take steps to maintain your data in protection.

  4. Your rights regarding your personal information

    Regarding your personal information, you have the following rights:

    4.1. Right to access: You are able to request a copy of the information that we keep about you at any time you want to. You can request the website to modify, update or delete such information. We can approve or refuse your request. If we refuse your request, we will let you know the reasons.

    4.2. Right to correct: If you find that your data is inaccurate, you have the right to have your data audited.

    4.3. Right to erase: You can request to delete your data from our website.

    4.4. Right to restrict our use of your data: If you do not want our website to use your information for any purpose, you have the right to block us from using your data.

    4.5. Right to Data Portability: The right to request that we move, copy or transfer your data.

    4.6. Right to Object: the right to object to our use of your information.


A cookie comes with a small file that stores all your personal data, including information about which websites you have visited. Therefore, it will help you to remember all the customizations that you put on a site such as login information, your language, etc. without asking you to do the same thing again and again. Cookie proves itself as a popular, legal, and secured tool that nowadays many websites have been adapting to their platform in order to assure that gamblers enjoy the greatest gambling experience.

When you pay a visit to our website, it is visible to see the cookie notification that appears on the footer of the page. It is up to you to decide to either ignore or accept it. You can also make any changes or even delete all your cookies in your browser settings.

A noteworthy point here is if you refuse to use the cookie provided by our website, some areas will be affected and cannot function. Hence, it is highly recommended that you should not reject the prompted cookie with a view to getting the most of the website’s quality.

Our website is using three types of cookies that are used in accordance with the current EU Cookie Law: session cookies, non-essential cookies, and persistent cookies.

  1. Session cookies are a temporary file that is stored on your device when you use your browser. It will be deleted from your device when you close your browser. This type of cookie is also known as essential cookies that make a website usable. It contains authentication cookies, user-input cookies, and user-interface customization cookies.

    1.1. Authentication cookies let us know your identification every time you log in to the website.

    1.2. User-input cookies store the information that you fill in online forms so that we can keep tracking your input data.

    1.3. User-interface customization cookies save your customization on the site such as language and game of preferences.

  2. Non-Essential Cookies: Different from essential cookies, this cookie type requires your consent. They include advertising cookies, analysis cookies, and third-party cookies.

    2.1. Advertising cookies: support relevant and effective ads that may be of users’ interests. Thanks to this cookie type, we will understand users better as well as provide auditing, research, and report for advertisers.

    2.2. Analysis cookies: give us a closer look at the website’s performance and services based on users’ activities on our website so that we can improve the website quality and performance.

    2.3. Third-party cookies are used by other companies and websites for goals of quality enhancement of the website as well as marketing strategies, performance, and tracking. Some examples of third parties that monitor and analyze your access may include Google, Youtube, and Hotjar.

    At present, CasinoMentor is operating with the most trusted partners in order to enrich our understanding of players’ preferences. Interesting content is integrated into marketing campaigns, advertisements, and many other channels of communication with the help of a web analytic tool.

    Our website is using Google Analytics. It is such a smart and useful tool that takes advantage of cookies to let us know how many hours you spend staying at our site, which section excites you most, and which area of the site you usually prefer to visit. Thanks to this, we will certainly make every effort to improve our website to keep players on their toes.

    Moreover, there are also other cookies that our casino is making full use of, such as Hotjar cookies, Youtube cookies.

    Hotjar cookies play an important role in creating a professional, comfortable gambling environment by analyzing technical problems along with the hottest trend in the world.

    When it comes to Youtube cookies, needless to say, these cookies reveal how many views there are in a video and provide the needed or relevant information for players via advertisements running on a video.

  3. Persistent cookies will not be deleted when you close your browser, as it is saved persistently in a fixed time. This type of cookie allows us to know which site you visit repeatedly.

Contact Us

For any question concerning the services, the data we collect, or how we use the data, you can contact us immediately via the following manners:

  1. Contact Form: Only by clicking on the “Contact Us” at the footer of the website, you will be redirected to the contact form where you will need to provide certain personal information and your query.
  2. Email address: [email protected]