Since its launch in the 1970s, Video Poker has gradually gained immense popularity as it is highly profitable for gamblers. This game is similar to slot machines, as they are all easy to use without the need for a live dealer. Tag combinations are tuned by a random number generator (RNG).

This casino game is based on Poker, a card game that mainly depends on the skill of the player. As such, Poker is famous for having the highest winning odds amongst all other gambling types.

Story Behind the Video Poker

Video Poker games has no exact historical origin, but many experts traced it back to 1834. Since its infancy, Video Poker has been called a game of cheating and has become popular on the East Coast.

This gambling game has evolved over its life, from 20 cards to 32 cards, and finally, to 54 cards, including 2 Jokers. For over 100 years, the game has been played with real cards by gamblers sitting around the table. Until 1975 in Las Vegas, poker in the machine was introduced and immediately received much attention. There was only one machine available, but nowadays there are more than 100 different types.

In 1979, Video Poker became more solid when SIRCOMA launched Draw Poker. During the 1980s, poker machines became more and more popular, and gamblers gradually realized that playing on machines was less likely to cheat than on table games.

Nowadays, this type of gambling game has a foothold in the big and small casinos.

Working Technique of Free Video Poker Games

If you understand how different combinations of symbols make up the winning hand of slot machines, there is nothing hard to understand how Poker works on the device. Even novice players can learn quite quickly.

These machines are usually in casinos, and many people think they work similarly to slot machines. However, there are still some differences.

Gamblers will get a certain betting period and play until the time runs out. Each machine will have a calculation algorithm that determines the cards dealt with RNG.

With slot machines, gamblers will receive a specific bonus based on the combination of symbols appearing on the screen. In contrast, instead of logos appearing on the reel, Video Poker takes place on 5 cards, and each stop is from a standard deck.

Instead of winning by many arbitrary combinations from 3 identical symbols like slot machines, winning in Poker machines is based on the deck of cards.  

Easy Gameplay for Everyone

Almost all Video Poker now are variations of poker that draw five cards from a randomly shuffled 52-card deck (53 cards for Joker's Wild) without a dealer.

The game offers competitive odds with a return rate of 99.5%. In particular, in Deuces Wild, it will return more than 100% with optimal play over a long distance.

Winnings are usually given in the form of credit so that players can withdraw their money at any time. The payout table will either show up on the screen or on the machine's glass on some Video Poker.

The control panel below the screen includes invoice verification. Usually, on the left side are the Withdraw and Place a Credit button. In the middle are five buttons, and each button corresponds to each dealt card. On the right are a Deal or Draw button and a Max Bet button.

Most machines accept five cents maximum or 10 credits. If gamblers choose Bet Max, the machine will automatically subtract the five credits and begin dealing. To keep, select the Hold or Cancel button with the selected card. Alternatively, players can press the same button again to cancel the decision to hold.

All cards not held will be removed, and new cards are flipped over to take their places. The machine will compare the hand with the payout. If winning, the corresponding number of credits will be added automatically.

The top winning hand that pays the highest is the royal hand, which usually pays at 250 to 1 if gamblers play less than five coins, but if the wager is 5 coins, players will get 800 to 1. This is a big difference.

To find the most generous machine, players should know that the profit per machine will be based on the payout. The house-edge profit is usually around 3% per game, meaning that bettors will receive a 97% profit, depending on the machine's payout table.

Therefore, players need to check the suitable payout machines before start betting to get the highest profit and avoid playing with old appliances, providing unexpected payouts.  

For instance, the Jacks or Better's version returns 99.5% with optimal playability, commonly known as a 9-6 machine, and a flush of 6 in 1 bonus.

The complete table for machine 9-6, with margins per coin, is as follows:

  • Jack or Better: 1
  • Two pairs: 2
  • Three of a kind: 3
  • Straight: 4
  • Flush: 6
  • Full house: 9
  • Four of one type: 25;
  • Straight discharge: 50
  • Royal flush: 250

Most free Video Poker game offers the most basic of winning hands. The Jack or Better pair is the most popular, while the royalty is the rarest. The rarer the winning hand, the higher the payout will be. Here are the winning hands in the game:

Jack or Better Pair: Has the same rank, but only jack, queens, king or ace are comprised of pairs;

Two Pairs: Two sets of cards of the same rank;

Three of a Kind: Three cards of the same rank;

Straight: Five cards ranked in a row;

Flush: Five cards of the same suit;

Full House: Three types and a pair in the same hand;

Four of a Kind: Four cards of the same rank;

Straight Strike: Five cards of consecutive rank and the same suit;

Royal Flush: Ten to aces of the same suit.

Variations of Video Poker

With continuous development, Video Poker has come in many different variations, bringing a new and more vivid betting experience. Here are some of the most popular Video Poker types in hundreds of different variations:

Jacks or Better (Draw Poker)

Jacks or Better is one of the first variations to hit US casinos and allows playing up to 100 hands at once.

Joker Poker

During the game, gamblers will receive more Joker cards in a game that has a standard 52-card deck. This variation offers the chance of achieving a better hand.

Deuces Wild

Deuces Wild is similar to the Joker Poker, except that instead of adding extra joker cards, all 2 cards then turn into swappable Wilds for any card to create the best hand possible. 

Tens or Better

Not as popular as other variants but offering a compelling payout for lower value hands.

Bonus Poker

This version offers higher win payouts when gamblers get 4 of a kind.

All Americans

Offers incremental payouts for straight flush hands.

Tips to Win Fast

Video Poker is one of the most popular casino games available nowadays since its gameplay is quite fun and easy to play. Compared to popular gambling games like Blackjack, Roulette, or Baccarat, the odds of winning in Video Poker seems to be higher. However, it does not mean that you can win easily. According to veterans, you should have the right strategies to minimize the risk of losing and increase your chances of winning. Here are the strategies you should learn before you start betting:

Practice Makes Perfect

While betting and winning bets depend on luck, you don't always sit and wait for your luck hand. Making the right betting decision is the main factor in determining whether you lose or win. Therefore, it really helps to practice regularly before playing.

Choose a Reasonable Table or Machine

Usually, slot machines will not explain the amount they will pay out before the game starts. However, Video Poker is the exact opposite. Before the game begins, bettors will be notified of the payout limit on the screen. This is a massive advantage as gamers will know how much profit they can make after they win.

The return rate that the dealer takes will be lower than other games, and each machine will have its individual payout. Therefore, players should choose the device with the appropriate payment rate.

Bet Max

One thing you should know is that when you bet at maximum, you win big. As such, you should follow and bet max in many rounds. Consider your funding source before making this option.

Play Slowly

In most Video Poker games, things happen very quickly. That is also what game designers wanted. Bet fast and lose faster, meaning the casino will make a quick profit. Play as slowly as possible; this will help minimize the loss.

Jackpot Accumulation

The jackpot is what all players want. Look for machines that offer progressive jackpots and play them with Max Bet. The number of winnings that it brings will be an expected number.

Why Should Gamblers Play Free Video Poker Games?

Each player will have a reason to play the free online Video Poker games, but mostly to practice their skills. Almost all online casinos offer a free version without registration or deposit to bring convenience and fun to players before deciding to spend money to play the real money version or not. The top online casino list on our website will help you find trusted and reliable sites to play at. Many new online casinos are carefully reviewed for you to widen your selections. 

It’s not hard to find strategists at the casinos, and gamblers will get rewarding advice while playing with the free version. This is a good way to accumulate skills and knowledge about the game before splashing any money.

Like the real money version, free Video Poker games can be played on a smartphone, PC, or tablet.

If you want to get into more casino games, you can also play roulette for free, play 1,000 free blackjacks online without download, and many casino games.

Final Words

It can be said that Video Poker is a fun and incredibly worth-playing game. With only time and research, gamblers will quickly improve their chances of winning. Most machines offer a lower house-edge advantage over other gambling games at the casino. Besides, playing on the machine also provides the opportunity to control the level of risk for gamblers. Hence, if you are a new gamer or a pro, there is no reason to skip free Video Poker games.


Frequently asked questions

What games I should play in online casinos to win big money?

We recommend Poker. Although casinos are testing players in every other sector of the casino, poker players are having more flexibility because casinos don’t have the same amount of money on the table.

It is because players bet their own bucks, and no matter who wins, the house is split. And casino workers should relax – poker players prefer to policing around the table.  Although casinos are testing players in every other sector of the casino, poker players are having more flexibility because casinos do not have the same amount of money on the table. It is because players bet their own bucks, and no matter who wins, the house is split. And casino workers should relax – poker players prefer to policing around the table. Furthermore, dealers are – they are excelling in reading people and their behavior, as it is a vital tactic for the game.

In poker, what is the flop?

The flop refers to dealing with the 4 cards which the first three face-up cards and 1 face down. The flop cad is a part of all poker card community games. The dealer deals the flop cards faced down and turns all three cards over as a group. 

The flop is one of the most crucial moments in a poker game which is involved in many pre-flops strategies. Therefore, you should learn before moving forward with the bet.

How do people use poker analyzer cheat in poker games?  

The cheat analyzer is banned in gambling. You also should not use gambling unless you want to get involved in some troubles. The cheat analyzer simply a hidden iR camera embedded on one side. This camera is applied to a phone housing.

Why is poker called poker?

The name of poker is believed to have the root back in the 19th century. The first name is called popue which means bluff. Popue is pronounced by Americans as Poker since the game was introduced to the locals here. 

Though this is one of the myths that we have known so far about poker games, this is an interesting game that you should learn to play.

How do online poker websites earn money?

Online poker means that players playing against each other, not the casino. The casino just has the function of being a host for all gamblers to play at and they get the commission regardless of who wins and losses.  That's why they say that the house always wins. 

That commission is called the Rake. When the pot is made, an amount of money will be deducted and given to the poker casinos. 

Time Drop – When new players enter the game, that new players will be charged a fee to have a slot sitting at the table. The amount may be low as $3 per player. 

Tournament Fees – When an online casino holds a tournament, the casino will charge an entry fee with a certain percentage of that money for the house.