Responsible Gambling and Helps for Problem Gamblers

Responsible Gambling and Helps for Problem Gamblers

For all gamblers at online casinos, safe gambling should always be a top priority for players to really have funny and relaxing moments of entertainment. Noone should be confident that they will not encounter any problems related to gambling. Because in fact, the effects that gambling has on individuals or organizations are very serious and various such as financial imbalance or mental health and disturbance in personal life

Theorically, gambling addiction is considered to be one of behavioral control disorder, people with this syndrome cannot control their gambling addiction. They are willing to bet and don't care how seriously gambling is wreaking havoc on their lives and relationships with the people they care about. For addicted gamblers these days, it doesn't matter whether they win or lose, or even their ability to pay. Therefore, in order to serve their gambling addiction, they can do things that go beyond their moral boundaries, such as stealing money or taking similar actions to get a gambling budget. .

But there are also cases, they participate in gambling because they believe in games of chance which can help them become more weathier. 

So as an organization operating in the online gambling industry, we never expect such bad things to happen to our customers. We are here to help players understand the points of gambling to have the safest and healthiest online gambling environment.

How a Gambling Addiction Develops 

Gambling's starting point is like any other form of entertainment, as it allows players to enjoy the fun and thrill of betting and waiting for a potential winning to emerge. However, not everyone can control their thoughts and consider gambling simply as a pastime. The fact is, gambling has the same risks as entertainment in general; that is, it can be completely addictive and negatively impact vulnerable people.

These misconceptions about gambling are the basis for gambling addiction to develop. Instead of seeing it as a way to relax after a stressful day at work, some players use it as a solution to get rid of problems or negative emotions in life. In addition, thinking that gambling can be used as a high-risk money-making tool will also cause bettors to gradually lose their sanity in their betting decisions, making it easy for them to fall into gambling.

We have worked with, helped, and analyzed the status of many patients with gambling disorders and have found that although each player's circumstances are different, gambling addiction develops in the four most common stages. These are the winning stage, losing stage, desperation stage, and hopeless stage. Therefore, referring to them will help you identify if you are in a particular stage of a gambling disorder and make timely adjustments to prevent them. 

The Winning Stage

While this stage may sound positive, it is the most dangerous stage that can lead players to form misconceptions about gambling's profit potential. When players start gambling, if they get a small or big win, they become more interested in it. As a result, their gambling frequency increased steadily after those first wins, allowing gambling addiction to develop.

In worse cases, this winning period can be prolonged and give gamblers an illusion of their talent or luck concerning the gambling market. Gradually, the feeling of winning will haunt the players and make them truly believe that they cannot pass up such a quick and easy money-making opportunity. 

The Losing Stage

Of course, losing is part of the game, and no gambler can win forever. However, for players who have experienced an impressive winning streak, it is never easy for them to accept these sad facts. Research shows that the more hopeful bettors start gambling, the worse they experience a losing stage. 

This period marks a turning point in the minds of gamblers, as consecutive losing bets will change their perspective on this type of entertainment compared to when they started participating in it. As a result, they will become more serious in their betting decisions, try to take the time to think things through before betting on anything, often gamble alone, and begin to be more preoccupied and unconsciously enhance the role of gambling in their lives.

However, no matter how much effort they put into making money from gambling, they cannot change the fact that it is just a game of chance, and gambling, in the long run, will cause a gambler to lose more than to win. It would be fortunate if someone realized this fact at this stage and stayed away from the gambling pitfalls. But in reality, most gamblers don't make it through this stage and keep playing more and more, hoping that just one big win will change all that. These people will enter the next stage of their gambling disorder, called the Desperation stage.

The Desperation Stage

Gamblers will gradually panic when the situation starts to get tense and start looking for ways to earn money and continue to bet, including illegal and hurtful acts to their loved ones. Although they are still aware of the harmful impact gambling has on them, their reputations have been badly damaged by the things they have done, and the fact that everything seems irretrievable has made them encounter significant obstacles to returning to daily life.

If a gambler has spent all his money gambling during this period, the symptoms of a gambling disorder will become more apparent. A gambler will become irritable, irritable, and out of tune with relationships. That is the basis for the development of depression. In addition, alcohol and drug abuse are also quite common as unhealthy solutions to help relieve the emotional stress of the victims.

Hopeless Stage

At this stage, the situation could not have been worse for the gambler. First, they will face legal trouble if the illegal behavior they use to make money gambling is discovered. However, things don't stop there but will fall apart seemingly at the same time. Their close relationships will fall apart, their finances will hit rock bottom, and they will even consider suicide.

This is the most severe stage and marks the most apparent effect of gambling addiction. Therefore, patients at this stage need to receive immediate diagnosis and treatment from health professionals to save their lives.

How to Stop Chasing Loses

Losing a bet is never a pleasant feeling, and it is natural for players to keep betting to regain lost money to feel safe. However, this can lead to personal severe financial consequences and cause them to have distorted thoughts about this type of entertainment. Therefore, it is essential to stop chasing losses so that every bettor has a healthy gambling experience.

To do this, every player needs to be aware that gambling is purely random and that no one should be under the illusion that they can control their luck. Instead, you should think that winning or losing is normal in gambling, and even if you lose, you still get the thrill as a form of entertainment. 

Next, you should never gamble more than you intend to spend on it. Please make a separate budget in your monetary fund for gambling, and value other funds for the more critical issues in your life by never using them when you have spent all the amount you plan to spend on gambling.

Ultimately, you should be in control of your gambling decisions and ignore suggestions that you are a bad player when it comes to losing bets. You don't have to show yourself to anyone because the outcome never depends on you, no matter what. So, be alert when placing bets and not be influenced by external factors.

Phrases of Gambling

Without access to treatment and cure programs, it can be complicated for gambling addicts to recover on their own and return to everyday life. They will be very likely to relapse into gambling and form a loop with no way out. Specifically, we've drawn on expert research and created an action cycle for one patient with a gambling disorder for your reference.

In order to start a gambling process, a newcomer will first have to have an image of their gambling behavior. They may be interested in gambling on their own and want to learn about it or be introduced to it by other gamblers. 

Next is the Planning step. At this stage, the player will be in a state of preparation for his gambling experience. They will prepare the money for a deposit, calculate the amount of time they intend to spend gambling and find ways to remove other obstacles that hinder their gambling.

After that, players will start gambling for real. Here, they will experience the thrill of waiting for the results, the excitement of winning a bet, or the sadness of losing it. Those are the emotions that gambling gives them, help them increase their adrenaline, and become more and more interested in gambling.

The next phase is their accidents while gambling, which is the precursor to their gambling disorder. Depending on the severity of the bet losses, players will gradually feel guilt and shame. They will refuse, try to justify their behavior, or experience negative emotions such as restlessness, anxiety, and depression. Even in a state of panic and lack of consciousness, victims can think or attempt to commit suicide.

However, no matter how serious their condition, life goes on. After their gambling experience's frustrations, these players still have to return to the real world and deal with real money, real time, and real relationships problems. They will have to face their family, friends, and loved ones after gambling has devastated them. Finally and most importantly, gamblers have to face themselves, what hurts them the most.

Because they can't stand the pressure, they will again turn to gamble as a last resort, hoping for a huge win that will make their life back to the way it was before. Unfortunately, this is where the loop is completed and causes the victims to relapse into gambling. 

However, if at the moment they realize the effects of gambling and decide to face the world, they receive dedicated help from loved ones and treatment from professionals, the action cycle can be interrupted. If the treatments work and the gamblers show a strong will to quit gambling, they can fully recover, return to normal life, and successfully quit gamble.

Signs of Problem Gambling 

Signs of Problem Gambling

Gambling addiction can still be recognized through the basic signs, just like any other addiction. According to gambling experts, you can tell if a bettor has a gambling problem by their behavioral, emotional, financial, and health signs.

Behavioral Signs

Behavioral cues are the first signs of gambling addiction. While not a serious sign, they do indicate that a gambling disorder is ingrained in a player's mind and can develop serious symptoms at any time. Common behavioral signs include:

  • Stops doing things they previously enjoyed
  • Misses family events
  • Cheats or steals to get the money to gamble or pay debts
  • Have legal problems related to gambling
  • Is often late for work or school
  • Organizes staff pools
  • Is gone for long, unexplained periods of time
  • Changes patterns of sleep, eating, or sex
  • Ignores self-care, work, school, or family tasks
  • Has conflicts over money with other people
  • Uses alcohol or other drugs more often
  • Leaves children alone seem less concerned about who looks after them, neglects their basic care
  • Thinks about gambling all the time
  • Is less willing to spend money on things other than gambling
  • Neglects personal responsibilities.

Emotional Signs

If the gambling disorder gets worse, it affects the victim's psyche and creates negative emotions for them. Specifically, the emotional and psychological signs of gambling addiction that are typical of a gambler are:

  • Withdrawal from family and friends
  • Always show the anxious feelings, or has difficulty paying attention
  • Has mood swings and sudden outbursts of anger
  • Complains of boredom or restlessness
  • Seems depressed or suicidal.

Financial Signs

With financial signs, it is easy to detect when a person becomes addicted to gambling, they will invest more and more money into it. Below are some financial cues that a player is affected: 

  • Frequently borrow money or ask for salary advances
  • Takes a second job without a change in finances
  • Cash in savings accounts, RRSP, or insurance plans
  • Alternates between being broke and flashing money
  • Family members complain that valuables and appliances are disappearing, or money is missing from a bank account or wallet.

Health Signs

Although it is challenging to connect negative health signs with gambling addiction, the truth is that gambling disorders actually affect the health of their victims in different ways. For example:

  • Headaches
  • Stomach and bowel problems
  • Difficulty sleeping
  • Overeating, or loss of appetite.

Youth Gambling Signs and Indicators

Adolescents are more vulnerable to gambling addiction than adults, based on their immature perceptions. In addition, teen gambling disorder victims often experience more severe conditions that significantly affect their future recovery. Therefore, gambling prevention for minors is paramount. Signs to identify a minor with signs of gambling addiction may include:

  • Skipping school
  • Preoccupation with video arcades, Internet gambling sites, sports results, or TV poker
  • Missing money without an adequate explanation
  • Borrowing or stealing money from friends and family
  • Selling or losing possessions
  • Large unexplained amounts of cash
  • Fake ID, casino entry cards, or racetrack receipts among belongings
  • An Internet trail

Safe Gambling and Problem Gambling Prevention

In this section we have outlined several methods that you can use to make their gambling experience safer.

Understand That Gambling Is Not a Way to Make Money

There is a reasonably common deviation in gamblers' perception about this type of entertainment, which is that it can help them earn big money, orat least is to get out of current financial difficulties. However, this mindset is fraught with risks as it fuels the development of gambling addiction. The fact is, not everyone is lucky enough to be able to change their destiny through betting, and the more people aspire to become rich through it, the deeper the consequences of gambling addiction will be.

So, if you want to stay away from gambling problems, or at least enjoy it healthily, making money gambling is never a safe enough option. All games apply odds, meaning that no matter how much you gamble, you will still be at a disadvantage, in the end, thanks to pre-calculated algorithms and in favor of the operator.

While you can get lucky and win big on a low-stake bet, your luck doesn't last forever. In the worst-case scenario, people who win these often become more excited and gamble more. As a result, they will quickly spend their previous winnings or even lose more.

Therefore, never, even for a moment, think that you can make a profit from gambling. This goal will never bring you any positive for your gambling experience. 

Only Gamble With Money That You Might Have to Pay to Lose

When you engage in any type of gambling, you should just know how to manage your spending. More specifically, you should control the amount of money you will use for gambling purposes, should not cut spending on more important factors in life such as food, living bills to have more money to spend. gamble. If you find yourself doing so, chances are you have gambling problems.

So to keep your gambling experience safe and avoid repeating the mistakes of these gamblers, you should only allow yourself to bet on the amount you can afford when you lose.

Don’t Try to Get Back What You’ve Lost

What do you do or feel when you lose a bet? Do you try to recharge and win back what was lost?. The truth is, gamblers can also be split into 2 groups of people. One group is that they consider gambling as a form of entertainment, and they will accept the loss of their entire bet as payment for some kind of entertainment. However, the other group is the opposite, they feel uncomfortable because of this, and they try to bet more to win back what they have lost. In the experience of experts, if you are in the top group, you are less likely to experience significant financial losses when gambling. However, if you belong to the latter group, then you most likely have a gambling problem.

We don't judge any player for being angry and upset when he loses a bet and wants to bet more to make up for his loss because that's natural. However, as long as you have established yourself in a good enough mindset to accept that you are likely to lose, you will not let gambling negatively affect your life and finances.

Don’t Play With Borrowed Money

Casino games are games of chance, no one can guarantee that you will definitely win in a certain bet. Therefore, borrowing money to bet cannot provide you with a safe gambling experience. Borrowing, will make you plunge into financial difficulties and no way out.

Besides, borrowing money can expose you to dangers to your safety in life, when you can completely be scammed by loan sharks.

Don’t Combine Gambling With Alcohol or Drugs

Alcohol, drugs and all other drugs can cause you to make false judgments about every aspect of your life, not just gambling. They can cause you to lose more money when you bet in an unconscious state and easily lose your bet.

Gambling experts say that being under the influence of stimulant gambling can gradually change your perception of it and bring you closer to gambling addiction.

So always remember that gambling and alcohol, or drugs, never form a positive association. If you want to gamble more safely, you always need a clear mind to never regret what you have done.

Balance Gambling With Other Activities

To avoid repeating the mistake of gambling addicts of spending too much time on it, you need to balance your life and limit the influence of gambling by joining other activities. It is important to remember that gambling is just one form of entertainment among the many options that you can have, and knowing how to properly allocate time for it is one of the ways that you can gamble safely.

If you find it challenging to do this and feel like you never spend enough time gambling, that is the first sign that gambling negatively affects you, and what you need to do is seek the help of professionals. 

Don’t Be Afraid to Talk to Someone and Get Help

It's never easy to get over your gambling addiction, especially when you do not have the objectivity of your loved ones in seeing and solving problems. Therefore, it is essential that you seek help from people you trust, and it makes your situation easier to deal with when you have more approaches.

It would help if you always remembered that seeking help is not a sign of weakness. In fact, you are a brave player who dares to accept and face your problems. So don't hesitate to share your gambling problems with family, friends, and anyone else who can help you.

Gambling only at Fair Online Casinos

Finally, in order to gamble safely, you need to pay attention to choosing online casino sites that are transparent and trustworthy, which offer a full range of protection against gambling addiction. Do not be complacent because no matter how confident you are in your ability to control your betting behavior, you can still suffer if you play at a fraudulent platform or at casinos that do not offer safeguards. player.

If you are wondering how to know what is an honest and reputable website, you can refer to our article How to choose online casinos. This article summarizes all you need to know about finding a online casino that is right for you and gives you the most recognizable indications of the leading platforms in the industry.

Responsible Gambling Options 

Responsible Gambling Options

Online casino care about their players and want them to stay away from gambling problems. That is why operators often offer various options that help users not to let gambling negatively affect their lives. 

However, this help can only affect you at the platform of your choice, meaning it is not entirely effective. In fact, you can ignore all the responsible gambling options that one site offers and gamble uncontrollably on other platforms. So, if you are in this situation and find it difficult to control your betting behavior, you should seek solutions from health professionals.

Note: Responsible gambling aids are not always available from the operator on an individual basis only. In some cases, some online casino that operate in groups will apply group-wide player safety guidelines, meaning you will be subject to restrictions on your gambling behavior on all platforms in their system.

Enforced Breaks in Play 

This strategy helps players control their gambling process as a whole and avoid getting caught up in it. If you give yourself the required breaks during your gambling session, you will have a clearer mind to be aware of the time you have spent on this form of entertainment and whether you are missing out on a particular daily activity because of gambling or not.

To do this, you need to contact the platform's customer support team and request a limit. For example, you can ask the operator to stop providing you with service for 5 minutes every 30 minutes

This method is mainly intended for players who often experience loss of time perception when they are on one platform for too long. If you don't see your condition improving, you can raise that limit to, for instance, 10 minutes every 30 minutes.

Automatic Display of Informative Messages

Having platforms send messages that bring some warnings to your gambling session can be helpful to you in supporting your awareness and self-control against gambling problems. For example, the operator may send you self-rated messages about your gambling history through reminders of how long or how much you have gambled.

In contrast, marketing communications such as casino offers or loyalty programs often negatively affect your responsible gambling behavior. Therefore, you are advised to refuse them if you feel you have a problem with gambling. 

Self-Exclusion Programs

These programs allow players to self-exclude themselves from gambling at a site for a time set by themselves. This method has been proven to be highly effective in preventing the effects of gambling addiction in the short term, such as completely eliminating the amount of time a player intends to spend gambling. 

For example, you can set up self-exclusion programs for periods of 12 hours, one day, one week, or up to 1 month, six months, or more, depending on your gambling addiction. 

To claim this, you need to navigate to the 'responsible gambling' page at your sportsbook's homepage, select the self-exclusion option, and select the time limit you desire. You will then be removed entirely from the game before your time limit ends, even if you attempt to contact support to allow you to return to the platform.

Staff Training to Respond to Problem Gambling 

The representatives of casinos are the ones who are able to provide vital help to players suffering from gambling problems. Therefore, operator training of employees will help increase their understanding of gambling addiction and provide basic skills for communicating with excessive gamblers. 

Therefore, if you play at a platform that offers professional responsible gambling support, you will enjoy enthusiastic support from the staff if you think you have a gambling addiction. So don't hesitate to get in touch with them.

Promotion and Marketing of Responsible Gambling

We appreciate operators who are active in promoting responsible gambling. Usually, you will find information about this on the platform's homepage. Although their actual effectiveness is not high, they can still change the player's perception to some extent. 

For example, a marketing message about responsible gambling might include the social consequences of gambling addiction and its implications for players' relationships and their long-term finances.

Behavioral Tracking Tools

These tools are provided by operators to enable the platform to track gamblers’ profiles and enable players to self-assess their gambling history. Although it requires no restrictions, it helps bettors improve their understanding of their gambling sessions. Specifically, it provides detailed information on the total time you spend on your session and the amount of your difference from the start of the game. 

For example, a message from the platform's behavior tracker says you've played for 3 hours and lost a total of $50. The site will then give you options like continuing playing, logging out, or checking your bet history so you can decide what to do next.

Limit settings of duration and spending

Limit settings of duration and spending

This is considered the most effective method, if not self-exclusion, for a player to control his gambling session and prevent things from going too far. Specifically, you can limit the maximum deposit amount, maximum loss amount, maximum session length, and some other options. However, like the self-exclusion method, the downside of this option is that you can cheat by playing on another platform.

Deposit Limit

Deposit limit allows you to deposit only a certain amount to your online casino within a certain period of time. For example, you can claim your limit of $50 per week. The time limit also varies from player to player. It can be one day, one week, one month, or more.

The deposit limit you request will be effective immediately, and you can adjust it according to your needs. It doesn't matter if you want to lower it, but to increase this limit, you need to think twice, as this can be a sign of gambling addiction. 

Loss Limit

Some operators allow you to pre-determine how much you can lose within a certain period. This limit is understood to refer to the net loss, meaning it takes into account both your winnings and losing bets. 

For example, you can pre-set your maximum loss limit of $100 every week. If you have lost the full $100 by the end of the week, you won't be able to place your bets until before the next week, when the limit is reset.

Wagering Limit

Limit This limit works similarly to the ones we mentioned above, but the difference is that it limits how much you can bet over a period of time that you specify. Therefore, this factor is different from the loss limit in that it does not depend on the outcome of your bets. 

For example, if you set your wagering limit to $200 per month, you won't be able to bet more that month if you've spent all that money, regardless of whether or not you made a profit on that $200. More specifically, even if you win $2,000 from that $200, you won't be able to bet again until next month.

Session Length Limit

This tool is suitable for those who often lose control of the time every time they gamble. It entitles you not to engage in entertainment services at a platform beyond a pre-specified period of time within a time frame of your choosing. This tool does not have to completely exclude you from the platform after the session is over; while you can still make withdrawals or request help, it only prevents you from making a deposit and placing a bet. 

For example, you can set a session duration of 2 hours per day. After you have reached the limit, you must wait until the next day to continue playing.

Country-Based Responsible Gambling Options

In addition to casino help, you can also seek help from your country's government or from responsible gambling organizations worldwide. Some countries will protect their players by establishing sections in their government gambling laws, while players in countries that do not have this in place can consult these reputable authorities.

National Center for Responsible Gambling

The National Center for Responsible Gambling (NCRG) is an American non-profit organization that funds and develops scientific research on the impact of gambling addiction. It was established in 1996 with the aim of helping people affected by gambling from this country. 

Therefore, if the online casino that you choose to cooperate with NCRG, you can consult experts from this organization to evaluate and diagnose your medical condition. Then you can access the appropriate treatments. 

DGE Self-Exclusion

The Division of Gaming Enforcement is an organization that works to ensure the fairness of the online igambling market and provides safe gambling guidelines for players in the state of New Jersey. This organization has been around since 1977, and it currently offers a beneficial self-exclusion program for those struggling with gambling problems. 

This self-exclusion program can be applied to everyone. Anyone who signs up for it gets a free consultation from the organization's health experts. If you have a need, you can visit


1-800-GAMBLER is a free, confidential, and available helpline at all times to assist responsible gamblers. When you call this number, you will receive immediate advice about your gambling problem from gambling addiction counselors from West Virginia. These professionals will provide you with the necessary solutions, treatment options, and support to recover from your gambling addiction. Besides, you can also call this number if one of your loved ones is gambling unhealthy.

Gamstop (the United Kingdom self-exclusion scheme)

This self-exclusion program applies to players from the UK only. Its mission is to provide a solution that allows players to exclude themselves from all casinos operating under the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) license. When you sign up with this program, you can choose from one of three self-elimination periods, including six months, one year, or five years, at all legally operating platforms in this country. 


The Responsible Affiliates in Gambling (RAIG) is an independent agency from the UK that works to strengthen and raise public awareness of responsible gambling standards. In addition, this organization promotes social responsibility towards gambling addiction and its victims. Founded in 2019, RAIG has made it possible for many excessive gamblers to take tests to gauge the severity of their gambling addiction and provide proper instructions for them to recover.

Spelpaus (Swedish self-exclusion scheme)

This program also works quite similarly to Gamstop, but it applies to players from Sweden. The advantage of Spelpaus over Gamstop is that it not only excludes you from legally operating websites in the country but also land-based casinos, which are run exclusively by the government.

When it comes to self-elimination intervals, this method applies more flexible limits as players can initiate self-elimination within a minimum period of one month. In addition, it offers an option that gives you the right to cancel the process after the first 12 months have ended.

The Malta Gaming Authority Self-Exclusion Scheme 

The Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) is one of the most reputable gambling licensing authorities in the world, whose function is to maintain the fairness of gambling activities and protect players not only in Malta but also on all websites licensed by this organization. Currently, the organization is providing a method of self-exclusion for people who gamble at land-based establishments in the country.

Gamblers Anonymous

Gamblers Anonymous is an organization that brings together people who have problems with gambling. This non-profit organization creates a healthy community to help gambling addicts gradually recover and return to normal life.

Sometimes, a flurry of advice from health professionals can't be as valuable as a share from someone who has actually beaten a gambling addiction. Therefore, if you are looking for help from the experienced, Gamblers Anonymous is a great organization for you. 

Apps and tools to block gambling access at the global level 

If you don't feel like your problem is serious enough to need help and you're just looking to get rid of gambling in your day-to-day life, these apps and tools can help. We've rounded up the most popular apps, and how they work right below, so you can find the solution that works best for you.


BetBlocker is a free app for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS devices. It owns a huge list of online casino platforms and prevents users from accessing any of the websites on the list.

This application can be used in two modes. The first mode is self-exclusion; it simply does not allow you to gamble at its specified platforms. The second mode is a mode for parents, which helps parents prevent their children from gambling problems. This mode is more flexible than the first, as you can unlock this restriction via password input if your children have learned how to gamble safely.

This application owns an extensive database, including most of the online platforms operating legally in the industry. However, most are not all, and therefore it does not give absolute results if you want to stay away from gambling forever. Given the argument that you don't need to pay to use it, it's still a good tool.


In terms of working mechanism, Gamban is entirely similar to BetBlocker, with its cloud data system as its base. However, with the superiority in data volume and efficiency, you need to pay some money to use it. Specifically, the provider applies a monthly fee of £2.49, €2.99 or $3.49, or an annual fee of £24.99, €29.99, or $34.99 for all users. Currently, this application supports Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS operating systems.

Net Nanny

This application works on a different mechanism than the first two applications, as it uses an internet filter to prevent search results from being displayed from pre-specified keywords. It is often used by parents to control and prevent their children from accessing gambling-related content. 

This app is available on Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS. It costs $39.99 per year for one device, $539.99 per year for five devices, and $89.99 per year for ten devices.


Betfilter is another mobile and desktop application that works against its huge database. However, the difference is that it also aggregates platforms that are not accepted in the UK, in addition to licensed websites. Therefore, the ability to protect players from gambling temptations is much better.

Betfilter works on Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS operating systems, and it costs just $5.83 a month. However, if you wish to use it longer, this app costs you $69.95 for a 1-year term and $118.90 for a 2-year term. 

In addition, we also introduce to you two other valuable applications, Gamblock and Freedom. Gamblock is a keyword-based application, and it will shut down your entire computer system if you visit online casinos for more than 60 seconds. Meanwhile, Freedom allows you to choose which specific websites you want to block and the length of sessions you want to stay away from them.

Our Approach to Responsible Gambling 

Our operational goal is to ensure the safety of our gamblers. We always believe that responsible gambling comes with and is inseparable from the two factors that are fair and safe. 

For fairer gambling, we will look at how the operator treats their players, transparency in the T&Cs portfolio, and the payouts of the casino to give the final rating score. At the end of our process of review, we always compiled those top-rated online casinos and recommend them to our users.

In terms of safe gambling, we believe that gambling should only be for those of old age and that players should be provided with legitimate safeguards when playing on the platforms. If an operator does not provide the necessary means for bettors to recognize and avoid the dangers of gambling addiction, we will never recommend that platform to our customers.

If you have problems with gambling but cannot seek help from the operator, our customer support team is available 24/7 to help you with approaches to safer gambling. For example, we may contact and consult with experts at the organizations we work with, listen to your concerns, and give you valuable advice so you can get healthier gambling experiences at our site.

Note: If you have any suggestions for experiences where you felt you were unprotected while playing at the online casinos that we recommend, you can let us know so we can check and reassess the safety ratings we give those platforms.

Last but not least, you should not rely solely on the tools we have suggested in this article to combat the effects of gambling. Gambling addiction is much more dangerous than you think, and if your situation is more serious than you can handle on your own, you should consult Problem Gambling article or seek solutions from experts.