Everything needs a start! Not everyone becomes an expert when they first join the gambling industry. It takes time to contemplate, experience, and even stumble to learn the lessons. Before becoming a high-roller, every player needs to explore more about the system and information related to the game slots you are fond of.

For better understanding, you can ask us any inquiries that you care about. Once you have understood the definition of a betting game, you will be in for an exciting ride with it.

What is CasinoMentor trying to do?

As I mentioned in the “About us” post, after years of theoretical study at university, we have started to practice hands-on online casinos. After big wins or even significant losses, Richard and I have accumulated valuable experience and lessons for the online gambling industry.

With the online gaming sites that we have tried, not all of them always have a sound customer care system. Sometimes we have to wait for a few days, make many phone calls, or send emails many times until the issues can be resolved. It makes a tad annoying, and we can become impatient.

Knowing the mentality of someone in need, we have been trying to improve our gambling industry knowledge. We have built a team of leading customer care. We genuinely believe CasinoMentor will be the best online gaming website with the best customer care team, and it will forever be.

Reasons why do you need to contact us?

For newbies, the information about the slot games’ rules will be remarkably fresh and sometimes might be "overload.” If you have any wonders about slot games’ playing rules, withdraw money method or any questions related to the gambling games, please feel free to contact us. The customer support team is always available to support you in solving the problems enthusiastically and quickly.

If you find any errors or inaccurate information on the website, please let us know. This is precisely the best way to help CasinoMentor know about our flaws, and as you know ... nothing is perfect. So, please report website errors to us, and they will be processed soon.

Besides providing games, casinos, and bonuses, CasinoMentor also offers useful information and knowledge related to the game slots that players are interested in. We encourage players to question us when they have any issues. The CasinoMentor team will always do our best to support the players.

In addition to the frequent inquiries we receive, we are also happy and jubilant to receive praise for the customer care team from our players. This is considered the biggest motivation to help CasinoMentor become more and more perfect in all aspects.

What can we do for our customers?

For any questions related to casinos, games, or other knowledge and information you need to know, we are always available to answer quickly and clearly within 24 hours regardless of weekends or holidays.

For system-related game malfunctions, withdraw bonuses method, etc., CasinoMentor will actively contact the player quickly after receiving a report.

With any issues, we will always respond distinctly and instantiate. CasinoMentor has a dedicated and attentive customer care team. Our staff are equipped with helpful knowledge and are still available to help customers 24 hours.

How to contact

Question us to get the best overview of gambling entertainment. For any inquiry, please feel free to contact our support team via Email or Facebook. For quick support, you can send a message via Ticket message.


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