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HalCash Service for Online Casinos

HalCash is a popular payment method used by Spanish and Polish citizens for online payments, including deposits and withdrawals in many online casinos. In this review, you can find reviews, information about bonuses for HalCash.

The Best HalCash Online Casinos

This service allows the withdrawal of cash from an ATM without having a bank account or a credit/debit card. The basic goal of this service is to come up with a fast, reliable payment system that will make the lives of online users easier.

Currently, the network has over 12000 ATMs, but they are located mainly in large cities and only in 2 countries. Like many other payment methods, it is cooperating with the online casino, which offers free spins and deposit bonuses for using the service. 

The truth is only a small number of online casinos accept this payment method. Because if you want to deposit or withdraw money, you have to visit the nearest ATM and share some basic information.

We provide you with a list of the best online casinos that accept this service for deposits and withdrawals.

  • Royal Spinz Casino
  • Ivi Casino 
  • Lord of the Spins Casino
  • ClassySlots Casino
  • SlotJoint Casino
  • All Wins Casino
  • ZigZag777 Casino

Why Should You Choose This Payment Method?

Here are some of the benefits of using this service:

This system might look a little bit outdated, but it’s completely safe and reputable.
The service allows you to withdraw money from your casino account.
One plus point when making withdrawal money through an ATM without having a card. Your recipient simply enters the code, phone number, and gets money from the ATM.

The person who receives money does not pay anything, all the fee is paid by the sender.

It’s a very simple and fast solution. This payment is processed instantly.

However, The service isn’t the most suitable for online casinos. Casinos will need to find an ATM and withdraw cash there. So, it is only a small number of online casinos that accept this payment method. 

How To Use HalCash at Online Casinos

If you want to deposit money, you have to visit the nearest ATM and share some information, including PIN code and specify how much money you want to send, your phone number, transfer size, reference code. It takes a few moments for a money transfer to be processed.  If the information is accurate, withdrawal is possible just seconds later.

There is no special fee associated with this online payment method; all you have to pay is the ATM fees, which are clearly stated. This service also has a promotion program. Online casino players would go to the closest ATM to get cash rewards, and it would make them much more loyal players. The bonus amount depends on the particular casino, so you should check it before choosing to pay online casinos.