There are many reasons why slots, throughout their development, have been so favored by gamblers. Entertainment, eye-catching visuals, vibrant sounds, and excitement after the spins are all possible reasons. However, it is undeniable that most players look to this genre of online slot with one sole purpose: the chance to win big with a small investment. So, which symbol will the player have to take advantage of in the symbol system of the slots to win impressively? The answer is Wild symbols.

Today's article will give you everything you need to know about this symbol genre. They are considered the soul of slot machines with their irreplaceable role. 

What Are Wild Symbol Slots?

Wild symbols are one of the four most common types of special symbols found in slot games, alongside multipliers, scatters, and bonuses symbols. Their most important function is their ability to substitute other symbols in the game's symbol system for the player to get a winning combination. Therefore, if you are missing a symbol to complete your winning combination, the appearance of a Wild in the place of that lost symbol will land you a valid win.

As its name implies, Wild symbol slots are slot machines that provide Wilds symbols in their paytable. These games are always preferred by gamblers over titles without Wilds because they have a higher chance of winning. On a lucky day, owning the necessary number of Wilds can help you do the unthinkable: trigger the game's jackpot and take home a huge fortune. 

How Do Wild Symbols Work?

You can imagine the Wild acting like the highest premium symbol in the paylines of slots. Whenever they appear, these symbols can substitute for any remaining symbols in the game to help you complete unfinished winning combos. 

You will not have much trouble recognizing every time a Wild symbol enters the screen. They usually come in the form of an image of a specific character from the game's theme or video footage associated with that particular title. Sometimes they're just "wild" written in a stylized font and eye-catching colors. Even so, the game providers always make things clear when a player lands a Wilds symbol with flashing animations or twinkling lights to inform the player that they have just got a win. 

However, substituting other symbols is not the only function of Wilds. For example, in some slot machines, wilds can be designed as a bonus for players and pay them out the same way that the rest of the game's symbols do. If a slot's Wild has this ability, they will almost certainly be worth more than any other regular symbol in the game, and a win made up entirely of Wilds can lead to some enormous payout. So this particular symbol is definitely something you should be looking for if you want to maximize your payout on any given spin, and always check the game paytable to see if the Wild can pay the player itself.

How Many Types of Wild Symbols?

The function of the Wilds symbol is not always the same on all slot machines. Starting from the basic function of replacing other symbols, game providers have shown their creativity in enhancing the role of Wilds in slot games. As a result, you will see more powerful Wilds with their increased impact on the game. Here are the most popular Wilds genres in today's titles. 

Random Wild Symbols

This is the most basic form of the Wild symbol. They can appear randomly on any reel at any time and help players generate winning combinations. 

Stacked Wild Symbols

Stacked Wild symbols are Wilds symbols that expand themselves vertically whenever they appear. In other words, they can expand to cover an entire reel, making the entire reel Wild. This type of symbol will give players more chances to win, where more Wilds equates to more chances to create a matching combination.

Sticky Wilds 

If every regular symbol resets after every spin, then a sticky Wilds can stay where it is on the reels and survive the next spin. Thus, they guarantee that you will get at least 1 Wild on the next spin and increase your chances of winning.

Moving Wilds 

This type of symbol can move its position from reel to reel as soon as the spin ends. They have the ability to change the layout of the entire grid with their movement, which facilitates a winning combo to take place. If you select a slot machine with moving Wilds, these symbols will automatically move to suitable positions on the other reels to help you win the spin. 

Expanding Wilds

If Stacked Wilds can only expand vertically, Expanding Wilds can increase the number of Wilds in any direction, depending on the vendor's game construction. As such, they are the most versatile Wilds and can even expand to take up the entire reel to trigger slot games' jackpots. Typically, you can see expanding Wilds with 2x2, 3x3, and 4x4 sizes compared to the 1x1 size of regular symbols.

How to Trigger the Wild Symbol Feature? 

All outcomes in the slot game are decided by the RNG (Random Number Generator) program. As a result, there isn't any strategy available to control the appearance of wilds, and they land in the grid at random. Whether or not you collect Wilds and whether they help perfect any winning combinations is not up to your decision.

Even so, you should still check the game's paytable for the Wild's ability and influence on your prize pool. For example, in some slots, Wilds appear only on certain reels. Therefore, you should only focus on those reels if hoping to see any Wilds in your spin. 

Also, checking the paytable makes sense to let you know what wilds can and cannot replace. Some titles, as noted, allow the Wild to appear as a payout symbol and can substitute for both Scatters. This will vary greatly between slot machines, as they are produced by many different providers. So don't neglect to consult the paytable before playing any game for real money.

Why Should We Consider Playing the Wild Symbol Slot?

Wild Symbol slots offer undeniable advantages to players. First and foremost, they make it easier for players to land winning combinations. While the value of the prize depends on many other factors, RTP and volatility, to be exact, seeing more wins on the screen will make you feel more excited about the game. That's how Wilds complete its mission. 

Besides, in specific games, you can see Wilds come with multipliers. In other words, this Wilds can multiply the payouts you get for any winning combination you create. 

Top Online Slots With Wild Symbol Features 

We have compiled and selected a list of games with the most impressive Wild feature. If you are looking for simple options to get started with Wild Symbol slots, the names below are worth trying. 

Jammin Jars Slot

The first on the list is a top-rated product in the market and has made a breakthrough in the world of slot machines: Jammin Jars from Push Gaming. With a unique 8x8 grid system, a combination of fruit icons, and a fun disco theme, this game will keep your eyes on the screen. 

However, without mentioning the highly respected RTP, which is an RTP of 96.8%, that is the most remarkable point of the game that its Moving Wilds. More specifically, if a Wild is part of a winning combination, it will move to a new empty position created when the previous symbols disappear, and it adds one more unit to the multiplier. So, you will significantly increase your chances of winning. 

Leprechaun's Coins Slot

Leprechaun's Coins is an interesting slot machine from the famous game provider: Platipus Gaming. The game has an Irish theme with an elf in the lead role, who also acts as stacked Wilds in the paytable. Every time Wilds appear on reels 2, 3, 4, and 5, they can expand to fill a hand and increase your chances of winning. 

The game's grid is designed in a 5x3 size. Its RTP is 95%, and volatility is specified as average. In the end, the biggest prize in the game is 2500x.

Leprechaun Long Story Slot

It seems that not every Platipus is interested in the goblin from Ireland. Provider Inbet Games also tells its story in their latest product, Leprechaun Long Story. Of course, by sharing the same theme, you will find the interface and other elements in these two games to provide a nearly identical experience. However, this slot shows interest when it comes to its Wilds. 

Precisely, the Wilds of this game has the potential to pay out to the player themselves if more than 3 of them participate in a winning combination. Also, every time they appear as part of a winning combination, your prize will be doubled. It is the most important feature and directly affects the player's prize pool. 

Baseball Grand Slam Slot

Baseball Grand Slam from Urgent Games is a famous sport-themed slot. The game will take you to the largest baseball stadium in America to enjoy the game of the top players. This slot comes with an amazing RTP of 97% and high volatility. Its biggest prize is worth 3,000x your bet. 

Speaking of Wilds, this game has a base Wilds randomTheir role will improve as you step up to the free spins, though. Here, the Wilds will become sticky and stay in place on the grid until all the free spins are over.

Buffalo Blitz Slot

Buffalo Blitz is a product created by Playtech, and it is inspired by the beautiful wild nature of the Indians. The game's setting is set on a verdant meadow at sunset, with a beautiful contrast between the bright green of the grass and the deep blue of the sky. The game is designed on a 6x4 grid, with a total of 4096 paylines to win. Its RTP is 95.96%, and volatility is regulated as low/medium.

Wilds of this slot are designed in combination with multipliers. During the base spins, they only appear on reels 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6. However, a multiplier will apply when you hit the free spins. Here, they can randomly apply x2, x3, and x5 multipliers to the wins you generate. 


We have compiled some of the common questions asked by players about Wild Symbol slots. If you have any questions about this topic, chances are the answers you need will be available right below. 

Do All Slots Feature Wild Symbols?

The answer is that most slot machines have at least one wild symbol used, regardless of their function. Even so, there are exceptions where the slot doesn't have any Wilds, but they are rare. You will see this in slots that are outdated and have been in production for a long time. In these games, a 3x3 grid is used, and it has only one payline to win. 

In other rare cases, you will find two Wilds with different functions in one game. More specifically, the base game and the free spins will apply different types of Wilds, and the Wilds used in the bonus round will have a larger role to play in enhancing your prize pool. So always remember to consult the paytable to understand the role each of them plays.

How Do I Know if a Game Has Wild Symbols?

You can read game reviews from reputable platforms or consult its paytable to know firsthand if your game has Wilds symbols. In fact, most games now offer Wilds in the paytable as a way to attract players and make the game interesting. So you don't need to worry too much about this.

Is It Difficult to Get Wild Symbols?

The answer is that this is neither difficult nor easy. The reason is that you cannot interfere with it in any way. The appearance of Wilds is completely random as it depends on the RNG program, and all you can do is hope you get lucky to collect as many Wilds as you can.