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Behind the brilliant halo of any company’s success, there is always a story to be told. If you are here at CasinoMentor site, we wish to express our thanks to YOU, as your visit to our site considerably contributes to our success, and you are also the one who supports us to create our tale.

What are you waiting for? Let’s see how CasinoMentor has been growing up every single day!

The idea of establishing a casino site has been an ever-burning flame in my mind for such a long time, as my parents had worked in a famous land-based casino before. It was them that gave me a brief idea of how this multi-billion industry works. Unfortunately, due to the economic downturn in 2008, my parents were out of job and left with less-than-average income. As a result, I was left with the only choice: helping out my family in the fastest way I could - go to a college and get a good job. My childhood dream had been forgotten since then.

At that time, the booming of Internet had opened up countless opportunities for youngsters like me. Many people abandoned their jobs and pursued more lucrative occupations, especially in the field of Information Technology, or IT for short. I was no different from them, so I decided to become a web designer and join the College of Southern Nevada. And this is where my life took a new turn.

I met Richard in college a while back, and we have become friends since then. For four years, we shared with each other everything, even our smallest secrets and our wildest dreams. I was astonished when Richard told me that he wanted to learn about the gambling industry, together with everything related to it. Then, I wondered: “Why don’t we combine our goals, and create a single website that provides first-hand knowledge about the iGaming business and its sectors?” That was when the idea of CasinoMentor first came into my mind.


Life, as we know, is not like a dream, especially when we started from scratch. Richard and I had made every attempt to equip ourselves with the necessary competences by enriching our understanding with anything possible such as SEO, marketing, web design, and everything that could be applied to our objective. However, plain theories weren't enough; putting those concepts into practice is what matters. Richard and I quickly realized the trouble that we got into and strived to gain experience by working as web designers in an international company, from which we earned our very first salary.

Richard and I began to place bets at several casinos with this money. Our initial thought was to research the gambling industry and explore the system behind a casino site. Looking into competitive rivals took up all our time. Eventually, everything seemed transparent: the edge always belongs to the casino. Hence, finding the most trusted and distinguished platform to play at, as a result, presents such a tricky problem for a majority of gamblers.

Understanding this, Richard and I created our first website called CasinoMentor in 2018, three years after we stepped into the gambling industry. We scanned, verified, and updated information, especially in terms of trustworthiness and fairness, from many casinos on a daily basis to help gamblers choose the most appropriate destination for themselves. However, things went wrong somewhere along the line, and it seems that success was beyond our reach.

Without giving up, we continued to research and optimize our strategy. Little by little, our site CasinoMentor was reborn and had ongoing traffic day by day. More interestingly, our team received several positive responses, most of which appreciated what we had provided on our site. At the moment, we can proudly claim that we are working for the benefit of all gamblers by providing the most reliable online casino reviews about online casinos, as well as giving punters a place to try all the best casino games ever, on the house. And it’s all thanks to you, our beloved readers, for your continuous support and confidence in us!


It is evident that when you lose trust, you will not place your confidence anywhere. Our casino site relied on this essential base to make our site a prestigious address, on which aspiring gamblers can perfectly count to ponder a casino if it is worth a try or not.

To do this, we had thoughtfully complied with the difficult conditions and procedures imposed on online casinos by the United Kingdom, which is one of the most strictly gambling commissions in the world in terms of licensing a fair casino.

According to these strict rules and regulations, players from the United Kingdom are not allowed to participate in our website sampling activities. Besides, players must confirm that they are old enough to play responsibly. Only over 18-year-old players are eligible to benefit from our online casino’s facility.

How We Earn Money

As an affiliation website, CasinoMentor only focuses on promoting unbiased and trusted online casinos committed to providing you with a safe and healthy environment. Affiliation is no longer strange with the gambling industry, especially when it presents a useful way of doing marketing online.


Our compensation mainly comes from the traffic of players to our website, or in other words, when you log in and play games at a casino via our site, we will earn some commission.

However, affiliation doesn’t mean that we break our promise of giving a trusted, knowledgeable guide for players due to financial reasons. All the information about online casinos offered on our site is updated, scanned, and verified strictly daily with staff’s e intensive contribution who are quietly working behind the website. Therefore, there will undoubtedly be no frauds, no scams, nor wrong evaluations on our site.

What We Provide

Best Online Casinos

Our target is that players can have great casino experiences without worrying about any security factors. This is why we take all our time to review and evaluate online casinos with more than 40 criteria. Taking advantage of the most advanced tools, our team continually brings up to date the most trustable information about these online casinos. Our team tests them manually, such as registering, placing a bet, playing for real money, or even contacting a random online casino site’s customer support team.

Bunch of Fabulous Casino Bonuses

When it comes to bonuses and promotions, players’ benefits take priority over any other matters. CasinoMentor is making every effort every day to provide gambling enthusiasts with exclusive rewards that are entirely tailored to players’ desires.

Our team has been negotiating and dealing with many online casinos to supply the most exciting rewards for all players. All bonuses and promotions offered here are one of a kind and incredibly generous.

To be precise, when coming into our site, you can undoubtedly benefit from a bunch of fabulous casino bonuses that are provided on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. They include welcome bonuses, free spins, match deposit, exclusive bonuses, high roller, tournament, free play, loyalty program, and free cash offered by lots of trusted online casino sites.

Widest Casino Games

We always think about providing an endless entertainment source that can quench any punter’s thirst, especially casino games. The variety of online casinos on our site leads to the tremendous selection of games at CasinoMentor, where you can enjoy the experience that exceeds reality.

We are mostly immersed in slot games, which is quite strange to the Asian gambling market. It is likely to seem that you seize an excellent chance to be absorbed in a massive universe of reels and spin buttons with appealing RTP, various volatilities, and a user-friendly interface.

Understanding that any gambler can be overwhelmed by the enormous number of games, we narrow the selection by classifying free casino games by their popularity, the most played, and even more.

Job Opportunity with Us!

Intending to expand our reputation amongst members of the gambling community and enhancing players’ experience at our website, we are truly looking for professional and passionate partners, especially those who are able to go with our team on the long way ahead.


From the bottom of our heart, we are looking forward to hearing from skillful web designers, web developers, graphic designers, UX - UI specialists together with a creative and prospective content team.

Should you are fond of the gambling industry and find yourself the right answer to our question, don’t hesitate to send us a CV to our mail address.