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Beecashpay payment is an online voucher that works exactly like a famous Paysafe card or Moneysafe. It can be purchased at one of the hundreds of partner stores.

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Beecashpay payment is an online voucher that operates in the Greek market. Its sales network has constantly expanded and is now present in several kiosks, small markets, boutiques, and similar companies across Greece. It is also available in some OPAP dealerships.

Currently, I found just the only casino that applies this payment method. It is BetRebels Casino.

Should You Use This Payment?

Although Beecashpay payment method is not popular with many players around the world, it still has some outstanding advantages, including:

  • No additional transaction costs. 
  • Your deposit is deposited into your account instantly
  • Since the platform is licensed and controlled by the Financial Services Agency in the
  • UK, its security and safety are very high.
  • It maintains the anonymity of the player.
  • Ideal for players playing with three-digit amounts

With some pretty outstanding advantages above, I think this method is also quite useful. You should consider it in your collection of payment methods.

How to Use Beecashpay Card for Online Casinos

Each Beecashpay voucher has a unique pin code to completely secure your transactions. So, when buying its voucher, you need to check if it has the PIN and serial number. If you cannot read the battery number clearly, contact its customer service directly now:

 +30 (0) 211 7907700 (Greece)

 +44 (0) 20 3318 2303 (brother)

Or, you can email [email protected] with information about the serial number of the BeecashPay Coupon. From the moment you buy your prepaid card, you've got the full time ahead to use it. After 365 days, the voucher is no longer valid and you will lose money.

Speed ​​in transactions of this payment: you buy a voucher, transfer it to your account and play now. 

However, the best way to use it is to contact customer service directly to let them guide you. Avoid unnecessary risk errors.

It is important that this payment method is both usable for deposit and withdrawal services. When making a withdrawal, you can also convert it into vouchers and resell it to the agents to receive cash; Or place a bet on each face value of that voucher. Withdrawals via this payment method may take 5 to 7 days, while deposits are instant.

Beecashpay payment also does not charge a fee when you withdraw money. Deposit, withdrawal, and associated fees all limits depend on the casino of your choice. So please read carefully its payment instructions along with the banker assistance of your choice.