Keno is a gambling game similar to the lottery at modern casinos, and some lottery companies also offer it. The game’s name is a borrowed word from French or Latin, but it originated in China more than 2,000 years ago. According to legend, the birth of Keno brought a better opportunity for the Chinese people in the poor countryside and no small part in the construction of the Great Wall.

The Chinese name is báigē piào, meaning white dove ticket. The Chinese play Keno using sheets printed with Chinese characters, usually the first 80 of the classic thousand characters. In the 17th century, báigē piào gradually became popular in the United States, and the name has been westernized ever since. By 1866, this game had become popular in Houston, Texas.

How to Play Keno Online for Real Money

Players are not forced to understand keno games to play as it has straightforward gameplay. If you've ever played the lottery, it's not difficult to understand the rules of playing this game. The standard version displays balls printed with numbers placed in a circular container, and the balls will spin until 20 of them are drawn. Each online casino will have different drawing procedures and features.

Here are step-by-step instructions on how to play:

  • Choose a reputable online casino and create an account;
  • Then deposit by using Bitcoin, Visa, Amex, etc.;
  • Choose a game type from different options;
  • Every minute or so, draw real money;
  • The standard version has 80 numbers, and players can choose up to 10 times. Some versions allow players to select up to 20 numbers;
  • After selecting the number, a lottery will begin, and the bettors will win if at least a number matches. The more matching numbers are, the bigger the victory is.

With that said, this game is easy to play. All players need to do is choose numbers that you believe will bring good luck!

Lots of Keno Types

If you have been playing the traditional version for a while and you are slowly losing interest in it, try playing the variations available at online casinos. Don't worry about the gameplay as they are all the same, and familiarity levels are maintained.

Let's take a look at the variations that add flavor and variety to your gambling time.

Single Card 

This is the oldest variety and is widely available in most casinos. The rules of the Single Card Keno version are not complicated. In general, the theme and features are not too new.

In the number selection, if wondering about the numbers, the computer will also help players choose. Just remember the number of digits selected will affect the overall odds. Therefore, it is beneficial for players to select fewer numbers instead of choosing up to the maximum allowed level.


Similar to Single Card type. The only difference is that players can choose up to 20 cards simultaneously to increase suspense and deliver higher wins. Players can play 10 cards and circle 5 different points for each card. In Multi Card Keno, bettors have a chance to get a few lower payouts and allocate individual blocks to each card. In addition, the overlapping technique can be applied in the Multi-Card version.

Progressive Jackpot 

As the name suggests, gamblers can have a chance of winning a substantial amount of money. In the Progressive Jackpot Keno, the prize pool increases as more gamblers participate in the game and place bets. Lucky players will have a chance to win $1.9 million.

Golden Bonanza 

The standard format in Golden Bonanza Keno includes 80 numbers, and players can choose up to 15 digits. This version was developed by My Bet and is a top-rated game across many online casinos. Golden Bonanza version is a combination of Bingo, with stakes ranging from $0.20 and up to $ 20.

Power Version

Similar to the Single Card type, players need to choose from 2 to 10 numbers. Besides, there is an interesting difference that if players grab the last number, the winnings will increase by 4x.

Super Version

Super Keno is similar to the Power one, but it is a reverse version. Specifically, the winnings will increase if the first number of players are drawn. The total amount is still 4x as the Power version.

Keno Video 

The variant of the video version is similar to the standard version. However, bettors are allowed to customize the experience for a game that is somewhat personal. Bettors can play in larger numbers to increase their chances of winning.

Keno Slot

Based on the slot machines’ theme, this version allows players to choose more numbers than the basic table session. This version has faster laps to increase your chances of winning.

Caveman Keno

It offers some creative ways to increase your bettors' chances of winning. When the balls are drawn in Caveman type, more dinosaur eggs will appear on the card. If a catch hits any two, the winnings will quadruple. If three shots are grabbed, the winnings will be multiplied by 8.

Keno Roulette

Inspired by Roulette, Keno Roulette has received a lot of popularity at online casinos. In this category, bettors have to match the winning numbers or groups of numbers.

Cleopatra Keno

Players can win several free spins if they grab the last ball, and players will get 12 free games. Besides that, in some casinos, winning will be doubled.

Keno Betting Types

The most popular types of Keno bets include:

Straight Bets

This is the standard form of betting. If no numbers are drawn on the last time, the casino will provide a payout.

Top or Bottom Bets

Instead of picking specific numbers, bettors reserve the right to bet on more numbers from the top 40 or bottom 40 digits. Besides, gamblers can also bet that all balls will be drawn from top to bottom or bottom-up.

Odd or Even Bets

More even or odd numbers balls will be selected based on the bettors' bets.

Combination Bets

Bettors will bet on a certain number of groups, usually involving a combination of 2 or 4 numbers. Players will receive a bonus based on the casino's odds if all numbers in a combination are selected. If playing at an offline casino, bettors need to go to the Keno booth to monetize the winning ticket. However, at online casinos, the winnings are automatically transferred to the casino account.

Keno Strategies

First of all, if you are attempting to cheat at this type of gambling game, then don't be a fool to think so. Since this gambling game is played in computer software and the numbers are drawn randomly, you won't have any physical interactions with it. Hence, there is no way of knowing how to win, but each player can still formulate a beneficial strategy. Here are a few techniques you can try, even though they don't guarantee the expected victory.

Choose the Number

You should choose between 6 and 8 numbers for the best odds.

Check Payments

Check the payout amount to decide the stake and selection, as each casino will have different payout amounts and costs.

Take Advantage of Bonuses

If you get a cash welcome bonus, use it to try out free keno games without any risk.

Start Small

Start with small bets to avoid losing money, unfortunately.

Buy Multiple Tickets

The more tickets you buy, the more chances you will win. However, this strategy will cost more money, so I do not recommend anyone with a limited bank account apply this tip.

Play Repeated Numbers

As a rule, a specific group of numbers appears if played for a long time enough. This is a common tactic among the game and lottery players.

Play Free Keno Games

If you have never played before, then free keno games are the best choice to get familiar with the game to understand the rules and the payments before playing for real money. In addition, playing free keno no download will help players understand the chosen casino software before deciding whether that casino is right for them or not. If you have not a leg to stand on, please check our best online casinos with honest and continually updated reviews and find out the most generous welcome bonuses.

While many gamblers will love the real experience of playing at land-based casinos while drinking beer, chatting with friends while waiting for numbers, playing for free at home on online casinos will bring more benefits. Free playing will allow gamers to choose to gamble multiple types of versions at the same time without any distraction if your wagering money is limited.

If you're curious about what the game can offer, penniless free play will expand your horizons while playing as many times as you like.

You can try many free keno games without any download app and explore many other games, such as free online bingo, free online blackjack, online roulette no download at our @ct site.

In a Word

Since its launch, báigē piào has stormed the iGaming market and has become one of the best casino games. The game is mainly based on luck, but gamblers still have the right to hope for great prizes. This fun, fast-paced game offers attractive jackpots without requiring players to have any professional skills.


Frequently asked questions

What are Keno’s odds of winning?

The odd of keno will depend heavily on the number of numbers you choose and catch.

If you hit 1 number among the 4 you choose, then the odd is 1 in 4.

However, if you want your all of 4 numbers to hit, the chance for this to happen is very rare which could be estimated at 1 in 326.43 chance of winning.

The odd for 2 number appears is practical odds of 1 in 4.70 while the odds of hitting 4 number out of 8 number is 1 in 12.27.

Each keno table will have different odds, therefore you need to review the table of odd to decide. 

Can I play online keno on my mobile or tablet?

You can not only play on PC, but an online keno game is also available for the mobile enthusiast. You can play keno on an iPhone, Android, or Windows device.

Please take this advantage to have fun anywhere and anytime. The only thing that you need to make sure is to have a table internet connection and secure one. 

Are online keno games fair?

Yes, but only online casino games that are played at the secure operator’s will be safe and fair. Because they must use an audit third party and a random number generator.

You have to play at our highly recommended casinos with clear reviews and local tester evaluation. 

Can I apply Keno strategy? 

The nature of playing keno is a game of luck. However, there are some existing strategies for players to use to balance your budget such as betting more when you are in a hot streak and bet less when you are in a cold streak. 

Should I get the bonuese while playing online casino keno?

When you register at online casinos, you will be awarded an amazing new welcome bonus. However, you have to read the terms and conditions carefully before deciding to claim the bonus. The reason for it is the terms and conditions. 

However, the keno game has a little contribution to the bonus. Therefore, we would not recommend you to use the bonus.