For those who have never been gambling, Bingo might be just an expression of what excites them. The fact is the game started as a game rather than just an expression. This game is said to originate in Italy and evolve from its ancestor called “Il Giuoco del Lotto d'Italia” in the 1500s. In its journey to develop and expand, Bingo was first in France in 1700, where it is called “Le Lotto.”  Later, it spread to the whole of Europe, and the LATAM region, and the Asian region. Therefore you should not look for any other outdated name as the result might be wrong, and strategies might not be useful for your current gameplay. 

How people from the play Bingo was also slightly different from region to region. British Bingo version has 27 squares with 3 rows and 9 columns, while American Bingo has a layout of 5x5 grid and many other types of bingo as well. We explain them all in the section below. 

Understand Bingo Glossary for Beginner

Bingo is an easy game to play so that everyone can enjoy this game to the maximum. Everyone here means “all players above 18 years old”. However, this game is not like those for slots or table games. Therefore, if you are new to this game of chance, you must spend time reading this precious information that is exclusive on our webpage. 

Alert ball is a number that players draw before the main game starts. Players can buy a Toonie Pot or Bonus Line Bingo ticket. If you win by getting a straight line of numbers on the number drawn after the Alert ball, wins will be  bigger than a regular Bingo Book. 

Bingo Board: this is an electronic board located right in front of your eyes, which shows the called number of each bingo machine.

Bingo books are created by numbers marked from 1 to 90 in different colored sheets mix together with each new section. The number of books will also contain the number of Bingo cards per card. For example, “9 up means 9 cards per page. 

Bingo Card: 5 columns that contain the random number of bingo cards. Each card has 24 numbered spaces and one blank space. Therefore, there are 25 squares with 5 rows versus 5 lines. 

  • The column B contains between 1 and 15
  • The column I is the next 15 cards from 16 to 30 
  • The column N features from 31 and 45
  • The column G from 46 to 60
  • The column O is from  61 and 75

Blackout does mean you lose, but that is a pattern where you have to cover the whole card to get a win. 

Blower: The device that helps to draw the outcome of the games. 

Buy-in is another way of calling deposit to the gameplay. 

Free Space: Functioning like a Joker in French play card. This free space is actually the blank card which does not contain any number on it. 

Reno number is the number that has 2 digits. The last digits are called the Wild number, which is called by the dealer, 

Types of Bingo and How to Play

Although there are many types of bingo, the core of bingo remains the same. All you need to do is buy or pre-buy a card and wait for an announcement from the caller to know the outcome. How you win depends heavily on each type of bingo, I have stated clearly the rules of winning for each version of the gameplay. 

There are more advanced rules for experienced bingo players, but I have made that into another article. This article mainly targets newbies only. Please follow this article to know more about the bingo game types. 

What is the American Bingo With 75 Balls?

American Bingo with 75 balls is played in many places, not just in America. There are 25 squares consisting of 5 rows and 5 lines. Players win when they get 5 numbers in a row and yell out BINGO to the caller to inform them that she wins. 

What is UK Bingo With 90 Balls? 

British also have different versions too. This time, the numbers found in this version are 90 numbers and 27 spaces with 9 columns and 3 rows. Tickets are called in instead of cards like in American Bingo. 

Players get winning combinations by getting all 4 corners, a horizontal line, 2 lines, or a full house.

What is Online Bingo With 80 Balls?

This is a new type of the game created by the recent trend of playing online casinos. Their layout is also a bit different, with a square consisting of 4X4 grid and has 16 numbers. 

What is Bingo With 30 Balls? 

The game rule is exactly like Bingo with 80 balls but with a faster round. This game has 3x3 layouts. Therefore, each card has 9 numbers on it.

Bingo with 30 balls is chosen to play by many players because of its speedy nature. 

What is Blackout Bingo?

Blackout Bingo is quite different from other types of bingos. Players win when all squares are covered, not just 5 in a row. Therefore, the strategies with customary vertical, horizontal, or diagonal lines do not work in this case. 

What is Progressive Jackpot Bingo Games

In this world of gambling, the word progressive does not belong to only slot machines. In Bingo games, a progressive jackpot bingo brings you a huge prize for a week or a month.

Like progressive slots, to get progressive jackpot bingo is very tough with high volatility. 

Bingo is Bingo

While there are many types of Bingo and they are played by players from different countries, the game is still “ BINGO” and keeps its same core of being fun, easy with huge prizes. Are you ready to play this card game with your friends? 

How to Buy Online Tickets?

Buying online tickets seems to be very convenient. Players are allowed to pre-buy bingo tickets online at top bingo casinos with any number of cards. After each purchase, players are provided a betslip, which indicated all details regarding the upcoming games. 

There are few steps that are away from you to buy a bingo ticket: 

  • Create and account and log into your account at bingo sites or online casinos
    Deposit to your bankroll, and make sure that you have enough credits to buy your bingo number cards 
  • If you need help, please chat with agents
    Some Bingo Strategies
  • There are actually many strategies that a bingo player needs to grab to win, especially when there are many types of Bingo across the world. Today, we would like to introduce 4 tips that you can use at almost all type of Bingo: 

You Should Not Play Bingo at Peak Hours

The higher chance of winning will come when you engage in poorly attended gameplay.  Because the odds of each gameplay depends on the number of cards played. Especially when it comes to jackpot bingo, you will be faced with less competition because there must be a winner for each gameplay. When you play online, please pick the gameplay with a low number of players. 

This statics is more useful when you play at land-based bingo halls. However, the fact is you cannot find any time on a regular day that you can sit quietly their play and the hall itself will let that happen as well for their profits. There are some good ways to test out, one of them is going there in bad weather or a storm. It sounds kind of ridiculous, but it does work. Please try it once. Low volatility bingo is also a good choice that you can go to play because small prizes do not seem to attract many players. Then fewer players grant you more chances. 

Choose Cards That Don’t Duplicate Numbers

Each card of Bingo has the same odds of winning. Each number contains your lucky charm. Therefore, you should not choose duplicate numbers on cards. For example, you have 6 different cards, then your chance of winning is 6. However, if you have 6 cards, including 4 different cards and 2 duplicates, your chance of winning is only 5.

Can I Play Bingo for Free?

If you are not familiar with Bingo, then you should play free bingo on online casino sites or right at the free version on our website. You can read our latest online casino site to find out the best casinos or try out the new casinos in 2022 on the market to play bingo for free and many other exciting games, such as free roulette, free baccarat, free online keno, free casino slots games, etc. While free bingo does not pay great prizes for you, you should not look into that aspect. 

What Are the Benefits of Free Bingo? 

You do not need to worry about the credits and your loss. All rounds are free. 
You are able to sharpen your skills and practice all strategies that you learn by yourself or from us. 

Expert Verdict

Bingo is such a game of chance and easy to play. Following our guide for newbies will help you somehow to start playing bingo games. You can both play free and play for real money at the best online casinos. 

However, if you think bingo is not your type, there are still many other game types that you play, such as Blackjack and Roulette and free slot machines with no download and no registration