Triple PG (TPG) Games company was established in 2014, and their path to success has not been easy either. With a clear perception that players are looking for a genuine and user-friendly cross-platform experience, TPG has made every effort to match its name of bringing triple profits to players.

Although, from the beginning, TPG only focused on Eastern customers, it seems that Triple PG Gaming's popularity is moving internationally. TPG's products are available in various languages ​​such as Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Thai, Vietnamese, English, etc.

System Behind

Known for developing top HTML5 products certified by the International Games Laboratories, according to the IOM standards, TPG has successfully designed games with attractive graphics, theme, and sound. The company offers a wide range of different betting games, including video slot games, table games, keno, casual betting games, and more.

The company's Triple Profits games are very appealing to the subject, although the features are still considered pretty standard. TPG has a rich and secure game library. TPG’s betting games can be played on PCs or smartphones.

Triple Your Luck

With a diversified list of games provided to players, many people will undoubtedly be overwhelmed because they do not know which game to choose that is right for you. We always advise bettors to try the trial version, to learn the full game rules and features in the game. Maybe you will multiply your luck three times on the paid games after playing the experience version? You can refer to some of Triple PG's games below:

Super Baccarat by TPG

There are standard rules, with Banker winning stakes paying 0.95. Super Baccarat by TPG offers several side bets, the same as the bet on Super 6 Baccarat. The bottom line is that the house's advantage over Banker bets is 1.06%.

Journey To The West Slot

There are 25 fixed pay lines. Players can adjust bet value from 0.10 up to 40 credits. Journey to the West slot focuses heavily on giving players a real experience. The theoretical RTP is around 96%.

Zombie Slot

The slot offers 25 paylines. Attractive features are available such as Bonus Games and Free Spins along with Wild and Scatter symbols. Last but not least, Maximum Jackpot can win up to $5000.