Thomas Andrei

Thomas Andrei is an American freelance writer who loves all things about gambling, especially game providers. In fact, he was interested in gambling as a phenomenon when he was a student at university. He has a sociology degree and he regularly writes essays about gambling as a recreational activity. After graduating from university, he is increasingly going into this topic more and more. He decided to investigate online slots and everything around them and everything around it including what people are looking for when they choose a slot, the features of the slot and how to make the play experience positive, etc.

The fact of the matter is that Thomas Andrei is a seasoned reviewer in the online gambling industry. Currently, he writes content on many famous websites and CasinoMentor is one of them. Thomas Andrei has gradually improved his skills in analysis, data retrieval, and critical thinking. As a result, nowadays, he is a real expert when it comes to slots. He knows how to test and evaluate slots, explaining all their aspects to both new and regular players.

In his free time, Thomas Andrei also enjoys picnics, jogging, and gym. He believes positive emotions underlie a happy life. He is happy to inform you about the latest slots trends, rules, and secrets. Thomas Andrei has written a lot of articles, but has lots of questions and topics he wants to discuss! You will find his new articles on our website.