Why Are You Here?

Once you've read Casinotutor’s post reviews, we believe that the only thing we have in common is that we are passionate about exploring various online slot games.

Therefore, we are always happy to provide information to help you find out which slots games are popular and which ones will give you the full experience. Consequently, we recommend that you do not miss Fazi slots, as they will make you feel attracted and make your betting more alive. But first, let's find out about Fazi Games provider information.

A Trustworthy Game Brand

Fazi Interactive is a manufacturer of online casino games, as well as a manufacturer of electronic devices. The company started operations in 1991, and, by 1995,  Fazi games provider began production of a fully automated bingo system distributed in Southeast Europe. The Fazi Company released its first electronic roulette game under the Byron name in 2005, and Fazi games have installed casino management systems in more than 500 locations as well as more than 700 land-based slot machines, video poker, and table games. Fazi Gaming is also one of the leading electronic roulette camera manufacturers in the Balkans.

Fazi Games is confident that the company's products of award-winning slots will make players happy and excited to play. Try and experiment Fazi those video slots either by playing for free or playing for real money on any electronic device. However, we still recommend that you try the free versions first.

Valued Name 

Fazi roulettes have affirmed their quality and uniqueness not only in the European market but also in the world. Fazi games have a modern graphic design with the quality of animation and creative content to delight players. Fazi company also created a casino management system that collects data from all slot machines and processes progressive jackpot systems across multiple terminals and games.

Fazi gaming is a large-scale manufacturer that many operators around the world rely on. Although not often mentioned widely, Fazi company always has a stable number of players. Some impressive Fazi slot machines you can check out are the Bursting Hot 5 slot, Crystal Win slot, Dice of Spells slot, Cubes and Stars slot, etc.