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Play Free Games with Demo Version

Thanks to modern HTML5 technical technology, all SuperlottoTV provider games are compatible with your mobile devices. Just ensure internet connection, you can completely experience all kinds of games on your Android, iOS, or tablet.

In addition, this provider also brings you more surprise that is the demo version to play. With this version, you are completely safe to practice, plan, and strategy before entering real matches.

The collection of casino games from this vendor is not merely a catalog of games around numbers. Besides, it also integrates into the classic and modern graphics to create impressive game slots.

Some Information about the Provider

SuperlottoTV provider was established in 2014 and is headquartered in Vilnius, Lithuania. They are official members of the World Lottery Association (WLA). This unique lottery provider streams live and live results to lottery operators worldwide.

The service pack of this provider includes all the information of the lottery game administration, which is completely integrated and fully integrated through the API.

With an engineering team of more than 25 years of industry experience, this provider offers you a wide range of lottery games with lots of features and chances to win prizes. The games are installed with a frequency of betting every 5 minutes and are capable of wagering 24 hours a day. They always strive to provide you with the best services possible.

Some Outstanding Games

SuperlottoTV provider offers two types of games in general. The first group of games is the company's flagship games and these are live lottery games. These games include 5/36 Lottery, 7/42 Lottery, Interjackpot Lottery, and Jokerjackpot Lottery. Lottery games are played live and available directly on the online casino platform.

Examples of games supported by this provider are instant winners like Lucky 7, Arabeska, Fortune, and Royal Riches.

5/36 Lottery

5/36 Lottery is one of the top lottery games in the portfolio from SuperlottoTV Game Developer. This game has gone through a number of changes over the years to make it even more appealing. You can try your luck five times a day and seven days per week.

Lucky 7 Slot

With 3 reels and 1 single payout, Lucky 7 Slot has extremely easy gameplay. You can play with as low as $0,10 per spin, with luck you could win 5,000 times your staked amount.

Besides, this slot also has great offers such as bonus free spins and a little welcome bonus for your first registration. If you like a classic slot game but want a little more color in your life, then Lucky 7 Slot from SuperlottoTV supplier might be what you are looking for. What is more relaxing than playing the game while listening to its extremely catchy sounds?

Royal Riches Slot

This is a pretty outstanding game from this game developer. It will give you four great prizes, two of which are progressive. The lower two are at $1,000, while the higher one at $5,000.

The Ring symbol is a special wild symbol in this slot game. It does not just substitute for other symbols for creating winning combinations. It also has the function of doubling your prize. So whenever this symbol appears in a winning combination, the prize will be doubled and give you a great payout.