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Thomas Andrei
Last updated: 02 July 2022

Overall, the Snowborn Games provider has many interesting things to offer players. They have available beautiful top-notch slots that give players a chance to win life-changing money if they're lucky. Furthermore, they have built up a good reputation in a short period, and that is often a sign of the good coming.

Company Overview

The Snowborn Games provider is a studio based in Stockholm, Sweden, and Helsinki, Finland.

This company mainly offers innovative and attractive slots for mobile and browser-based iGaming casinos. The company was founded by Anders Fredriksson, Per Larsson, and Björn Zethraeus in 2017. Larsson is probably the most familiar name with nearly eight years of experience working at NetEnt.

Since its inception, the creators have sold a majority stake in the company to one of the leading platform providers and game distributors in Asia. In early 2018 the company became a partner to QTech Games, their in-house game development studio providing them.

Software and Games

We could have noticed that most of the development happens on the Net framework and Net Core as an open-source development framework for porting Javascript and other code to the HTML5 version of the game. That allows you to access the web browser on your mobile phone or desktop computer.

For the user, the complex game mechanics can be perfectly delivered to any device. HTML5 markup makes it possible for your browser to render multiple layers of visual documents to create an in-game 3D environment.

The screen resolution, orientation, and other factors are pretty good, delivering a perfectly optimized gaming experience no matter what browser you're running.

Here are some ideal Snowborn Games provider‘s games for you: 

Miami Glow slot: This is a 3D art rendered in a 3D five-reel slot game. This slot is distributed as HTML5 to play on any device. The theoretical RTP rate is 96.09%, not bad for such a high volatility game.

Vault slot: this is a five-reel slot with three slots per roll and 20 fixed pay lines. It has an RTP rate of 96% and volatility is maximized with a 5/5 index. The game has a basic in-game respawn feature that is used to activate the main bounty. You just need to land two bonus symbols while playing a regular game to trigger the respawn time with the bonus symbols stuck in place.

Stellar Portals slot: This is a beautiful space-themed slot with a fusion of background music that makes it reminiscent of Starburst. This slot is fully bursting with bonus features, so you'll need to settle down during a long gaming session to activate each feature.