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Why Is Playing Free Important?

While free slots games can be fun and enjoyable, gamblers should understand that they won't receive any winnings from these games. They are purely played for entertainment and will not provide any monetary returns to players. Red 7 Mobile's free gameplay, however, will allow gamblers to preview what the casino has to offer. The free-to-play games will also enable gamblers to understand how the games work and understand the cash flows and bonus rounds.

Red 7 Mobile's free games also benefit when gamblers compare casinos and software choices. Since each online casino will offer different casino games, bettors can play a few free games at other casinos to help them decide where they want to bet cash.

Gamblers can use free games as a way to learn about each software vendor to decide before starting to bet cash on casino games.

Some attractive free games of Red 7 Mobile that gamers should not ignore:

  • Book of Relics slot;
  • Gremlins slot;
  • Shadow State slot;
  • Prism Blast slot;
  • Lucky Lanes slot.

About the Studio

Red 7 Mobile was initially founded in 2011 in Bristol. The studio initially started working with other software developers to create products and services before offering a wide variety of slots and table games.

One of the most remarkable things Red 7 Mobile has brought about in the past decade is turning old Flash versions or land-based casino games into HTML5 optimized software. These conversions are of great importance in today's modern gaming world, as more and more gamblers choose to move away from Flash. The HMTL5 software allows developers to bring games to an online browser without the need to download any casino apps or technology to play.

Another big area of ​​Red 7 Mobile that is not widely known is the company's role in creating sports apps for online bookmakers. Some of these apps incorporate groundbreaking technology like live score tracking to let players know what's happening in a match or game in real-time. The company has also introduced more accurate predictions for games and messaging apps as part of the software.

Since the Red 7 Mobile is already well known in the iGaming market, it has been able to build up some very impressive partnerships across the industry. Some of the famous brands that this studio has collaborated with include Betfair, William Hill,, etc.

High-Quality Slots for Everyone

Despite its small portfolio, the products that Red 7 Mobile offers are suitable for everyone. These slot machines are designed with different creative themes from other software developers. All slot machines from Red 7 Mobile come with five reels, and this studio strives to make sure it offers rich and enjoyable gameplay for gamers to enjoy from start to finish.

One of the most popular slots from this game provider is Dragon vs. Unicorn slot. The game features two prevalent fantasy creatures and depicts a battle in cartoon style. Besides, gamblers can also explore the Jurassic Park called Dinoworld slot, which is also very cute and attractive.

Also, many gamblers voted for the Jelly Bear Athletics slot as their favorite game. This classic slot features a candy theme that takes place at an Olympic-style sports event.