Made 100% in Italy!

In 1987, Capecod Gaming software officially was admitted to the casino software house with an initial modest scale. Capecod Gaming is awarded a significant achievement after a while of trying, which it absolutely deserves with its engagement. To be notable in the crowd, Capecod makes the decision to go deeply into the development of first-class online gaming slots and the iGaming platform. 

Thus Capecod Gaming has a base office in Italy. Capecod is proud of each of its products, which originated 100 percent of Italy. Considering Italy’s market, Capecod is so successful that Capecod cooperates with more than 80 gaming casino customers in Italy and be on the top three powerful operators in Italy in 2016. 

Back to the current time, similar to other components, Capecod gaming is continuously innovative in many aspects of visuality, soundtrack, and mobile features. In particular, Capecod gaming‘s turning-point is stable accessibility to multiple devices such as Android and iOS platforms. Gamblers can enjoy Capecod Gaming slots wherever they are. 

Enjoy Capecod Slot Free play demos

Although you fall in love with the romance of Italy, you can’t afford to buy flight tickets. To make your dream come true, you can try the Capecod free version, which is home to Italy’s most original slots with no effort.

Besides the mission of maximizing the benefit of both company and players, Capecod aims to bring Italy culture into the world, so free slots are considered as a perfect move to spread. Moreover, Capecod's free slots fit everyone’s taste and budget because it is diversified with a variety of themes. 

Significantly, with no payment, no registration, players won’t have to worry about any interruption during your experience with Capecod gaming slots. Just by internet connection, Capecod free slots are always available to access 24/7, which respond to the rising demand of players in the world. 

Capecod Slot Machine Games to Play in 2020

Despite being specialized in Italy culture in each of the slots, Capecod slots are fascinating with many fans outside the Italy border. To get this spread, it is required to renovate and 100 percent of attempts from all of Capecod’s team. 

Below, we would like to suggest three unique games that receive a big welcome from the customer’s side. 

Chicken Hatch is evaluated to be an innovative product from Capecod's side, which has 20 paylines and a generous welcome bonus deal. 

Black Gold Texas Riches slot is a 5x3 game with 25 the way to win, especially it has a high RTP percentage beyond expectation with exactly 97.3%.  

Titanic 1912 slot: Only by reading the game’s title can we imagine first in our head with a famous movie that we have ever seen. Symbols and background in Titanic 1912 slot are close to the movie’s scene such as a boat,  iceberg.