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There is no denying that you will easily see people using your iPhone around you. In fact, more than a third of mobile phone users have iPhones. Hence, it is right to say that the iPhone is the most popular phone in the world right now. With its unique design and lots of different features offered, there is no denying that playing slots on the iphone gives you a very unique experience.

Iphone Slots

Online gambling websites on the iPhone are designed to be optimized with this device. As a result, you can access smooth and high speed online casinos. You will find different types of online slot games on either the web version or the casino app. Especially with casino applications designed and optimized for Iphone, you will have a longer and more enjoyable entertainment experience on slot machines.

Quality of Slot Games

In fact, when app developers create an app, they often start testing it with the iPhone. If you have ever used an iPhone, you will know that its graphics are amazing. The same is true for slot apps. In other words, every iPhone app has been running for longer than other mobile apps offered by the same casino. This is a huge advantage for iPhone users because they have almost all errors fixed.

iphones slots

In terms of graphics and sound, it is true to say that there is almost no difference between playing on the computer and playing on the iPhone.

Even the colors of the slot games look more alive on the iPhone. The sound is great too, and it is even better if you wear headphones.

Game Options

Compared to other phones, the iPhone has a reputation for being strict at censoring apps. Consequently, not all online casinos are accepted for Iphone while you can find them on Windows or Android phones.

In fact, in most cases, after passing Apple's app filter, the number of games offered by online casinos will be forced to drop

On the plus side, iPhone app developers have embraced all of their most popular games.

In general, no other casino game can be more diverse than slots. In fact, slots make up more than two-thirds of the game library of every online casino. In particular, if you like a favorite slot at an online casino, you will almost certainly find it on the mobile app of this casino.

Banking Options

You can easily make payments at online casinos using the mobile application. Any deposit and withdrawal options available on a computer will also be available on the iPhone.

Therefore, you can completely use your e-wallet, bank card and payment card from your iPhone. The security of the Iphone is excellent, so you can be completely assured of the security of your personal information.

However, if someone holds your phone while your phone is password free, they can play with your full money on any real money slots. Besides, if you lose your iPhone, and it falls into the hands of someone who knows how to unlock the phone, then you will face big troubles. It is therefore recommended that you put multiple levels of security on your phone to minimize the damage in these unfortunate cases. There are many security methods you can use such as facial recognition, fingerprint scanner or just a plain password. Please protect your money in any way!

In the Case of Disconnection From the Internet

As a matter of fact, you will occasionally get disconnected from the internet while playing at an online casino. In this situation, a lot of people tend to worry about their money going away. Do not worry, your money will be safe as nearly every iPhone casino app has disconnect protection.

Several leading game developers have also begun implementing their in-game software to bring you back to where you were before you were disconnected from the Internet.

However, in the event that you are disconnected and do not receive proper protection, contact the casino's customer service department you are playing with to request for help. Their staff will then be able to view your connection history and refund your bets.

Some Best Slot Games for Iphone

In the rest of this article, I will introduce you to some of the best slots for Iphone

Golden HoYeah

If you want thrills and excitement, Golden HoYeah is a great choice. Golden HoYeah offers some quite popular slots such as Rooster 88, Hello Doggy, Fortune Panda and Fortune Tree, etc.

Pirates of the Deep Seas Slot

Pirates of the Deep Seas has become famous for offering the highest payout amount currently available for mobile download on iOS devices. In addition, Pirates of the Deep Seas is a fascinating adventure for those who love the pirate theme. With its amazing graphics and the ability to play even offline, you'll love it for sure.

The Walking Dead Slot

Based on the popular TV series, The Walking Dead slot gives you the chance to be a part of the apocalypse survival journey. Here, you can find various memorable moments from the series of the same name.