Green Jade Games is one of the leading software providers in the gambling market at the moment. Their main operating markets are Japan, Thailand, and Sweden. With a vision for the future, this game development company has created a unique combination of classic slots, knocked-out slots (K.O.), and arcade games in their projects.

Preliminary Information About The Provider

Launched in 2017, this Malta-based company is part of the Mr.Green online casino, a fully licensed quality platform. Although its age cannot be compared with other giants in the industry, with only a short operating time, it is still strong enough to leave a memorable mark. Specifically, two years after its official establishment, the platform was licensed to operate by the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) based on transparency in its business process. Just one year later, Green Jade was shortlisted for the B2B Virtual Awards 2020, which honors the best service providers in the online gaming industry.

So what makes a new contestant like Green Jade Games so successful? The answer lies in the vision beyond the box of its operators. They have always been looking for ways to add new and more unique features to their products, especially in the player's real-time interaction with slot games. As a result, they have created a whole new genre of slots and can compete with any game publisher.

While it is still too early to claim that they are the pioneers of the next generation of gambling games, at least with their concept and early successes, this company shows strong potential to change the iGaming market in the future completely.

Catalog Of Quality Games And Potential Ideas

Returning to their game catalog, we find more than 20 titles with high-quality visuals, compelling stories, and entertaining gameplay. While it's not the most massive collection we've ever seen, each of them stands out with its unique mechanics, exciting interactive story, eye-catching interface, unique gameplay, and gives us many good impressions.

Not much needs to be said about traditional slot games anymore; it is already familiar to gamblers. Instead, we are here to research K.O. slots and Arcade games, genres that promise to make significant breakthroughs from this moment forth.

When it comes to K.O. slots, the essential feature of this genre is that it gives players control by allowing them to turn losing lines into winning lines. Depending on the theme of each game, a special widget will be selected to promote special symbols to land in your desired position on the grid to form winning combinations. For example, if you cannot complete a paying combo because of a landing symbol right next to the payline, you can use this K.O. feature to remove the unwanted character and win the spin. It will give you more chances to win valuable prizes.

On the other hand, Arcade games, or skill-based games, will be an interesting destination for young players because you can really increase your winning potential if you have a good performance, instead of waiting for luck in spins like traditional slots. So this is a great opportunity for those who want to get rich through gambling through natural gaming intelligence and promises to be a more modern game trend that developers will aim for in the future.

Green Jade Games Featured Games Available At Casinomentor

The operators of CasinoMentor have gone out of their way to bring the best quality products of Green Jade Games to you. Here, we've selected 4 of this developer's best titles so you can try them out for free. They are listed below for your reference.

Candy Prize

Candy Prize is a skill-based arcade game with beautiful graphics and super simple match-3 gameplay. Your task is to combine all the lovely candy symbols of various shapes with a limited number of moves to complete the winning combinations.

Using your skills, you'll combine what others have missed and new symbols fall from the top for a maximum multiplier of 10,000x, which will land you huge prizes. Defeat other players with the right tactics of moving pieces of candy, pepper, eggs, chocolate, and grass and go home as the ultimate winner.

Neon Lights

This game is a classic slot with a dark disco theme and electrified reels with glowing tokens in the night that feels like the '80s. You will once again enjoy the icons that made this series famous, like fruits, lucky 7s, BARS, and bells. However, modern looks, unique bonus features, and exciting new interactions will be added to give you a whole new experience.

This game allows you to try your luck with 50 win lines and a regulated RTP of 95.09%.

Gladius K.O.

Going against the above modernities, Gladius K.O. will bring you back to the old mighty Roman empire through a unique 6x4 grid and an RTP level of 96.1%. In the game, you'll defeat all the other kingdoms, claim tons of glittering loot chests, and combine them for valuable victories.

The biggest multiplier in this game is up to 4000x. If you're lucky enough to hit this number through overcoming the 50 paylines and engaging bonus rounds, you have great potential for a massive prize pool.

Hammer Of Fortune

Similar to Gladius K.O, Hammer of Fortune will let you participate in a medieval adventure. Here, on every Full Moon, the villagers will become frightened by stone trolls attacks. You will play as a young hero named Brin, use his mighty hammer, defeat hideous monsters, and keep everyone in the village safe.

It is one of the most interactively powerful slot games ever. Your task in the game is not only to create winning combos but also to create a reasonable strategy about when to use precious Hammer charges to maximize potential rewards. Any decision you make will directly affect the outcome. Therefore, hone your skills in the free plays to conquer this medieval wonderland.


Green Jade Games is one of the game providers that we consider to have great potential for future growth. We greatly appreciate the efforts of the platform's creative team to improve the player's casino games experience. In the article, we have introduced some of their impressive products available on CasinoMentor for you to try. Feel them in your own way and find out for yourself whether they can lead a new trend in the future.