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Last updated: 08 January 2021

Most online casinos have developed a mobile application for the website, while others have a custom mobile experience in the form of a website in a browser. Regardless of which version players choose, they can confidently find a wide choice of games, including free roulette, baccarat, and blackjack and a lot of other games.

Our team of experts has reviewed many of the best Roulette apps, and this article will have detailed instructions to help users find the best applications.

the best Roulette apps
The best Roulette apps - Source: Freepik

Ipad Roulette App

Mobile gaming allows online casinos to get closer to more users than ever before. With native apps, casinos now have access to gamblers who love to play on the go. Roulette software on the iPad is an app built for playing roulette games on an Apple tablet. Most casinos will have an app with access to the entire catalog of games, meaning gamblers can play more than just roulette on tablets.

Besides, safety is an essential factor to consider when it comes to this roulette software. Online gambling has risks, and players must be careful when spending money. Mobile roulette sites are very safe if players choose the correct registered and licensed casino.  

Android Roulette App

Although there are many variations of roulette, only a few are supported on Android mobile devices. As a result, mobile casino games are still evolving. Players can find plenty of Android roulette casinos that offer a few roulette variations, such as European, American, and French roulettes. Most of the mobile casinos are offering European and French options as they have better odds.

For Roulette real money apps running on Android operating systems, players must have a real-money account. Use a credit card or e-wallet payment methods like PayPal and choose a roulette variant to get started. Users can also enjoy many other Android games for free right on our site.

Roulette iPhone App

Roulette iPhone App
Roulette iPhone App - Source: Freepik

Many casinos have games optimized for play with the iPhone. This is done through an app and a mobile casino. Many are found on the iTunes and Apple app stores, while others are downloaded from the parent casino website. These applications are compatible with different iPhone versions on the market. As a result, every iPhone user can download and install apps with ease. If you are looking for more casino games on iPhone, you can refer to our top list of iPhone titles.

Things to Know Before Playing 

The online gaming industry is booming with gaming apps aimed at attracting more bettors to join online casinos. However, gamblers should be wary when downloading games because some applications with low-quality graphics can affect the gaming experience. Therefore, gamblers should take advantage of the free game mode to evaluate these features. 

Remember that roulette is a game of chance, so players should not be fooled by the electronic scoreboard showing the most recent winning numbers. The trigger uses random generation software to generate sequences of random numbers to determine results.

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Tips to Find the Best Roulette App

There will be specific criteria for reviewing the best roulette apps, and here are some of the features you might consider:

Quality of Graphics

Graphics may not be as clear as the desktop version due to the smaller size on tablets and smartphones. However, a great mobile roulette app has to show the essential features, i.e., animation and wheel. Most apps display two factors on separate screens to allow gamblers to bet correctly.

Freeplay Availability

Most casinos do not offer a trial mode. If you are not ready to play real money roulette, consider looking for a mobile casino that offers free games to try out new strategies before splashing your money.

Roulette Freeplay Availability
Roulette Freeplay Availability - Source: Freepik


Mobile devices with a resolution of 1280 x 720 or higher will have a better image than devices with a lower resolution. Tablets are preferred for mobile devices because gamblers will have a more incredible view of the game and make it easier to bet accurately.

Minimum Requirements for Mobile Devices

There are no minimum requirements for the operating system related to an Android device; devices running on Android 2.3 and above have enough power to support an online roulette app. IOS devices running on version 6.0 and above are best for installing the roulette app.

Why Should Gamblers Choose Online Roulette App?

Online Roulette App
Online Roulette App - Source: Freepik

Playing games on mobile devices will save time and bring more convenience compared to the desktop version. With the online roulette wheel app, gamblers can make money with just a few clicks. Other benefits of playing roulette on mobile devices include:

Ability to Play Quickly

Gaming from the desktop requires players to invest a considerable amount of time. The roulette wheel app allows players to enjoy on the go, allowing players to explore all the game's features and take advantage of bonuses and other incentives.

Ability to Interact with Other Gamblers

The Roulette game app features a social feature that helps gamblers interact with other players in real-time.

Earn Bonuses

The roulette real money app allows gamblers to join promotions and bonus offers just like the desktop version. Bettors will receive sign up bonuses, regular bonuses, and big bonuses.

Compatibility with Mobile Devices

The best roulette apps should be compatible with devices running Android, iOS, and Windows operating systems. Gamblers should look for casinos that offer native apps as they are designed for small screen sizes.

The browser-based mobile roulette version still offers the ultimate mobile gaming experience, but the interface isn't optimized for mobile use. As such, the graphics can be compromised. Besides, gamblers run the risk of losing in-game opportunities in case the internet connection is lost.

Published: 08 January 2021 09:42