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Twin Happiness

Twin Happiness
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Twin Happiness Slot Free Play

Twin Happiness is a slot game inspired by Asian culture. This game offers you 243 ways to win, and you will have a chance to get precious prizes with the biggest prize up to 1000 times your bet. 

However, the most remarkable feature of this game is Synced Reels. It allows players to land between 2 and 5 reels showing all the same symbols simultaneously, increasing the odds of a player's payline successfully landing.

Themes, Graphics, and Sound

Like its Chinese two-word compound name, the game's central theme is Asian culture with familiar symbols such as a gold bar, a bell, a red lantern, and typical fruits of this continent. With two primary colors used, red and yellow, combined with bright and eye-catching images, Twin Happiness will bring players back to China's Lunar New Year holidays.

An important factor that players cannot ignore is the game's soundtrack. The game's dev team has used a lot of traditional instruments combined. The most typical ones are the monochord and the lute. Together with the famous pentatonic scale, they created an entertaining and exciting carnival atmosphere for the audience. The fast and cheerful rhythm of the song is an excellent addition for those who have chosen to come to this slot to have an enjoyable experience, like walking the streets on New Year's Day.

Basic Information of Twin Happiness

This slot tests your luck by hiding 243 ways to win in five reels on the screen. The volatility of the game  is around mid high level which means players have an equal chance to win and lose during the play time.  During the gameplay, the player can minimize the loss by setting a bet ranging from minimum 0.25 coins to the maximum of 125 coins per spin.

For those who feel lazy to spin one by one can consider the Autoplay Feature, this feature can help you to speed up the process. You can choose between 10, 25, and 50 automatically spins by pressing the button on the leftmost of that bar.

RTP of the game

This game has an RTP of about 96.45%. That is considered average compared to other slot games. It offers you the chance to win quite often to ensure you enjoy a rewarding experience spinning the reels on this slot.

Play Twin Happiness on all your smart devices

This game supports players on many platforms, such as on mobile devices or desktop computers. So no matter what device you're using, you'll still have a great time enjoying vibrant graphics and great chances to win valuable prizes.

How to Win This Slot

That is the most significant difference of this game compared to other slots of the same type. Players must land potent symbols on adjacent reels to create a winning combination instead of combining them into paylines. You can find details of these symbols in the game's info.

The adjacency of the lines containing the paid symbols is the most crucial factor. No matter how many paying symbols you land, you won't win if they don't land on at least three consecutive lines from left to right. So please note this carefully before participating in the game.

Twin Happiness Bonus Feature

Now it is time to talk about the only bonus round and also the most extraordinary feature of this game, the Synced Reels feature. Each time you hit spin, two or more reels will fully sync and show all the same symbols at once.

Watch out for this. The game requires you to create winning combinations by landing potent symbols on at least three adjacent reels. But with this feature, you will always default to at least two synchronized reels per spin. So is it obvious that your chances of winning have significantly been increased?

Even the maximum number of coils that synchronize at the same time can be up to five. If you are lucky enough to land them successfully, the amount you get can be so large that you can't even imagine it. That is also the only regular round of this slot, but it is well worth playing with a high win rate and a massive prize pool.

Overall Review

That is a very elaborately and meticulously invested slot from Netent's production team. Participating in the game will enjoy a festive atmosphere with lots of chances to win on every spin. The top prize available is the gold bar symbol, which brings out 1000x your stake. That follows a maximumly of 270,000 coins if you are lucky enough to fill all the reels with stacked symbols. So, if you are a lover of Chinese festivals, you should give Twins Happiness a chance.

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Twin Happiness
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Game FAQs

You can fully enjoy this NetEnt game for free with the trial version. All you have to do is click on the tab “Play free slot” on the top page and start enjoying it.
Of course, you absolutely can play Twin Happiness with real money.
Yes. You can play Twin Happiness Game with real money and leave with big money. Look for a reputable casino that offers an extensive welcome bonus as well as an impressive package of bonuses and promotions.
No. The slot game doesn't have any element of skill or strategy. Because the games are just for chance.
This slot is suitable for players who want to enjoy simple gameplay on a classic slot game that won't break the bank quickly.

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