Treasures of Egypt (MrSlotty) slot MrSlotty

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Treasures of Egypt (MrSlotty) slot MrSlotty
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Treasures of Egypt (MrSlotty) slot MrSlotty

Game information

Min bet $0.01
Max bet $25
Reel 5
Lines 3
Release year 2014
Game Technology HTML5

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Treasures of Egypt (MrSlotty)

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Desktop, Mobile, Tablet
quick verdict
4.4 CasinoMentor Score
Quick verdict
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About game provider

Treasures of the Egyptian Slot Machine

Treasures of Egypt is a slot inspired by the mysteries and magic of ancient Egypt. They are also what has fascinated historians and treasure hunters for centuries. Now it's your turn to be the next generation that will break into the sacred burial ground of the Pharaohs in search of priceless treasures to bring back.

Hidden within the pyramids are ancient artifacts and precious jewels long forgotten. They will trigger the greed of anyone who wants to possess priceless treasures. Stay alert and keep your mind cool until the end of your spins to win a jackpot of up to 10,000x your initial bet.

RTP And Volatility

This game has a pretty low RTP, which is 94%. If you feel that this RTP level is not up to your expectations, try other slots with more attractive RTP levels.

In addition, this game possesses medium volatility. Small wins often happen in the base game, but not many adventurers make it to the end of the road to find what they want. Even so, their recklessness through the gambling feature can also make them smile, with the winnings being multiplied when they make the right choice.

World Of Pharaohs

Experiencing a royal life from centuries ago of the Pharaohs will become extremely interesting as this game possesses a rich and evocative setting of the underground tomb of mummies inside a majestic pyramid. Sand falling from cracks in ancient rock as hieroglyphs and paintings dance across the walls in dim candlelight will bring the treasure hunt to life like never before.

The background is made of stone, with the golden coffin on the left showing the exact appearance of a broken tomb. The reels are set against the wall and surrounded by many brilliant, beautifully crafted symbols, including a golden pyramid, a jade-like scarab, ancient scriptures, magnificent vases, and images of great and powerful Pharaohs.

Besides, haunting and eerie background music plays will immerse you in the magic of the game. The fusion of Africa and the East through the sounds of ancient musical instruments creates a perfect atmosphere for those passionate about ancient Egyptian culture.

Pharaohs’ Treasure Mechanism

To become a great excavator, you will have to understand the Ancient Pyramids' mechanics to successfully explore them and become as rich as the legendary Pharaohs.

This game offers 25 paylines, and you will have to bet a certain number of coins on all of those paylines to make any winnings. Although the betting range of the Ancient Pyramids ranges from 0.01 coins to 25.00 coins, it serves as a challenge to anyone who has the desire to conquer the Sacred Treasure.

Any treasure hunter has a strategy of their own. For example, you can play with fewer paylines to save on cost per turn. However, that will reduce your chances of winning.

Another alternative option is to reduce the number of coins bet on the total paylines, this will not affect the odds of winning, but it only gives a relatively low prize. So, consider the strategy carefully you will choose to optimize the efficiency of the excavation process.

Conquer the Great Treasure

Any winnings in Egyptian Treasures are generated by landing at least three symbols on an active payline. The paylines system in the game's settings is all you need to care about. No matter how many high-value symbols you land, if it doesn't match one of the available paylines, you'll walk away empty-handed after the turn.

You can find the ancient Egyptian system of paying symbols in the game settings. Please take a close look at them because it can result in different prize values ​​for your grid symbol landings. For example, the lowest value prize is just 10x the bet for three matching symbols, but the wins get more impressive with the top prize of 1,000x with five symbols appearing at once.

The wild symbol will, of course, have the image of the Pyramid seen from afar. They can bring up to 2000x your bet when all five characters appear at the same time. In addition, the supreme power of the Pharaohs also allows these symbols to substitute all other symbols to form winning combinations.

Bonus Round

If hidden inside the Mysterious Pyramid were only treasures, it would be boring. Therefore, the game's development team decided to support treasure hunters with two special features. They will become practical tools for players when they have trouble finding the supreme power of ancient Egypt.

Free Spins

To activate this feature, you need scatter symbols with an image of an ancient Sphinx. Landing 3, 4, and 5 scatter symbols on the same spin will land you 1, 3, and 10 free spins, respectively.

That is an excellent opportunity for those who want to monopolize that precious treasure for themselves. So pay maximum attention whenever these symbols appear because they can turn the game's tide and bring in unexpected wins.

Gambling feature

Any treasure hunt requires a great deal of risk on the part of the performer. In the Treasure of Egypt Slot, you can also bet your luck by participating in a 50/50 bet with the payouts from wins after each spin.

This game requires you to predict the color or deck waiting to be revealed. If you win, you will walk away with double or quadruple your cash, but you will walk away empty-handed if your prediction is incorrect.

That is a stage where you can have it all or lose it all after a random choice. Dare you take this opportunity to change the situation after just one option?

Coming Home With Pharaohs’ Power

MrSlotty's Egyptian Treasures is a perfect slot for those passionate about this ancient culture because it has beautiful graphics and is designed to perfection in every detail. The unlimited power of the Pharaohs is also clearly demonstrated through the special bonus features that the development team has brought to players. In addition, the gambling feature is also an interesting point when it allows players to bet their entire winnings after the spins. In short, this slot can not be missed for those passionate about the treasures of legendary Pharaohs and want to conquer them with their own hands.

Immanuel Alston
Author Guarantor: Immanuel Alston Last updated: 27 May 2022

Frequently asked questions

Can I play Treasures of Egypt (MrSlotty) slot on mobile?
Treasures of Egypt (MrSlotty) slot was originally designed to be played on desktop, mobile, and tablets. Thanks to that, you can play it on the go.
How many paying symbols does Treasures of Egypt (MrSlotty) slot has?
Treasures of Egypt (MrSlotty) game has {number} paying symbols.
How many betways does the Treasures of Egypt (MrSlotty) slot have?
Treasures of Egypt (MrSlotty) slot have 25.
What triggers a jackpot on a slot machine?
Slot machines contain RNG (random number generators) that can generate thousands of numbers per second, each associated with a different combination of symbols. Whether you win or lose is determined by the random number generated in the instant you activate each play — if it matches a payline, you win.
Where will I find a free Treasures of Egypt (MrSlotty) slot online?
You can play a free Treasures of Egypt (MrSlotty) slot machine on this page. Playing free demos is the best way to see if you like the gameplay and features, and it’s one of the thousands of free slots on this site. Therefore, using our filter to get you to your right choice.

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