Up to the present time, slot games have gone through various stages of development since they were first created in the late 19th century.

Since their first launch, slot games have constantly been evolving and creating new genres over time. At first, the supposedly new slots were simply added with more pay lines to create more ways to win. This comes with the condition that the player needs to have enough budget to pay for all the pay lines.

However, in recent years, the concept has been more innovative, as evidenced by the introduction of the 234-way slot machine, which opens up hundreds of ways to win every spin, all for one single price paid upfront.

How do 243 Ways Slots Work?

243 ways slot machines are the same as most typical video slots in almost every respect. Players will be playing on a slot machine with a 5-reel layout, with three symbol positions visible on each reel.

Players can choose how much to bet and how many coins per spin. The difference in this type of slot is that you will not be forced to choose the number of lines you want to bet. 

Instead, winning combinations will be made from adjacent symbols from left to the right. This means that you need to land these adjacent symbols anywhere on the reels that will bring you some cash.

Why Called 243 Ways Slots?

This name is taken from the number of lines or winning ways of this type of slot. So why 243 and not some other number? Very simple! Each reel has three visible symbol positions, and each can be combined with one symbol on every other reels.

Thus, if it is a 2-reel slot, that means you will be able to have up to 9 combos: 3x3. If it is 3 reels, then the possibilities to grow exponentially will be 3x3x3=27. So for the 5-reel model, that will result in 243 winning combos, which means 3x3x3x3x3.

Why Should You Play 243 Ways Slot?

NetEnt and Microgaming are the two casino game publishers that paved the way for developing the 243 ways format to win into the slots they release. And then, other software providers followed suit, so the number of these types of slots is rapidly increasing, leading to players having countless good options for themselves.

So what are the advantages of 243 ways slots that make you want to play it?

Many people often misunderstand that playing 243 ways slots costs you more money because it offers more chances of winning. However, in reality, players will not be required to pay for all 243 ways to win but just bet on all activated lines.

Example: If you play with 15 payline slots and place ten coins with a value of £0.02, your spin will be up to £3.00. But if you play 243 ways slots, you will be able to cover all possible ways to win with the same amount of bet. At the same time, you will get a significantly increased number of winning combinations and a greater chance of getting the payouts.

In addition, another advantage that can be realized in this slot is that players will not need to keep track of any pay lines to see whether they win or lose with their bets. As long as the same symbols appear on the adjacent reels, you are guaranteed to get the payouts. Therefore, 243 ways slots will be very suitable for less experienced players.

In addition, wild symbols can also earn more profitable payouts.

Besides that, the majority of 243 ways slots tend to offer a lot of decent extras or other types of bonus games that are capable of making a player's betting session exciting and rewarding.  

The Shortcomings of 243 Ways Slots

Any slot will have its pros and cons, and so will 243 ways slots. In the above article, we talked about its outstanding advantages. In this section, let's discuss the disadvantages that you will encounter in these slots.

In general, the most apparent drawback is the payment amount. Because these slots offer more winning chances than other regular slots, the payouts for each winning combination will be of a smaller value. The same goes for their jackpots; the value is also not surprising. 

In short, the 243-way format doesn't suddenly make you more likely to win big on the machine; it simply offers a fresher and more exciting style of play - a style that will appeal to some casual players more than others.

Some Most Popular 243 Ways Slots that You Should Play

If you are interested in this 243 ways format, don't miss the slots we have to offer below!

Immortal Romance Slot 

This is a classic slot released by Microgaming since 2011, but it still looks great and fresh as ever. This game has a max win of up to 12,000 times your stake and comes with features including the Wild Desire bonus and four unlockable free-spins bonuses.

Thunderstruck II 

It is also an attractive 243-way win format online slot launched by Microgaming. This game includes 4 different free-spins bonuses to choose from. Loved for its high winning potential and exciting special features, it's also a firm favorite among thousands of players.

Jurassic Park Slot

The Jurassic Park slot was adapted from the 1993 hit movie into a 243-way win format game with a Jurassic Park theme and encountered with some majestic dinosaurs. With an RTP of 96.67%, players will enjoy features with wilds, multipliers, stacked symbols, and free spins on offer, all of which keep this slot highly entertaining. 

Final Thoughts

Above is all the information about 243 ways slots you need to know before spending money to play them. Overall, 243 ways slots represent a new way of online play that gives players more chances to win. They are also relatively easy to understand and play for all types of players. And now, you can draw up a specific plan for yourself to earn handsome payouts from these slots!

Published: 29 September 2021 08:55