Alfred Disnard
Last updated: 05 June 2024

From its roots in 17th century France to its global presence in online casinos, roulette remains a beloved classic. The magic of spinning the wheel and trying to guess which number will be your lucky one still makes the game a favorite of 78% of players in emerging and great markets alike.

The world of online gambling is experiencing exponential growth driven by technological advancements and shifting consumer behaviors. As broadband access expands and smartphones become ubiquitous in emerging markets, the industry is aiming for new tools to keep the popularity of roulette at high stakes.

To illustrate how players feel about the online roulette games, here is some data shared by KTO since the beginning of 2023:

  • The Biggest Net Win in live roulette at KTO in a daily session was R$ 381,496.
  • The Biggest Payout on a single roulette spin was R$ 500,000. This win was achieved with a R$ 5,000 bet.
  • 500x (occurred 9 times) is the Biggest Multiplier in a Win on Brazilian Lightning Roulette.

Other TOP payout multipliers in 2023 include:

  • 300x (twice)
  • 250x (6 times)

In the Brazilian market, the presence of Portuguese-speaking dealers and visually appealing settings contribute to an immersive experience on the online roulette. However, the potentially lucrative outcome is clearly among the primary reasons for choosing these roulette tables.

Online roulette thrives with high stakes and immersive experiences
Online roulette thrives with high stakes and immersive experiences

In total, data states that 26% of the population gamble. It means 1.6 million people gamble regularly, and almost 4 million at least once a year. Roulette involves more strategy and offers a wider range of betting options than other favorite casino games, even when considering fast-paced versions or tables with multiple wheels. Additionally, live dealer games are more immersive in terms of ambiance and visual features. That’s why in the current year, Brazilian roulette tables have moved from the 15th to the 20th position in terms of game rounds in the KTO Casino.

This growth is just a sparkle of the potential that online casinos can achieve with technological improvements. One of the predictions for online roulette live tables is to make dealers more connected, reading comments and making jokes while playing with users. Using the VR glasses to turn your environment into a casino is also on the plans. Imagine walking through your living room and see a roulette popping up!

Accessibility is bound to evolve alongside technology. Utilizing cryptocurrency and voice-activated bets can promote safe gambling, while features like changing colors in roulette or making cards shine can assist color-blind individuals. Enhanced screen-readers and sign language are among the many ways to improve the interactive experience for everyone.

It may seem too futuristic, but these improvements are right around the corner. Players can help it come true by just feedbacking their favorite casinos and exploring different titles to understand how most of them work. 

Finally, don’t forget that roulette is, above all, a game and should be played for fun. Choose a responsible casino and have your best time at the roulette!

Published: 05 June 2024 14:14