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Lucky Hot

Lucky Hot
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Lucky Hot Slot Free Play

Lucky Hot slot is another addition to the already enormous collection of classic slots from EGT. Being a fruit theme game with a 3-reel, 3-row setup, it cannot get any simpler than that. Is Lucky Hot the same as its close siblings, or is it gonna be a totally different version than the rest of that collection?

The answer lies in the game itself, and we suggest you play the slot to find out. Knowing what our readers want, we have added a demo version of this game on our site just for you. Try the Lucky Hot free slot and read through the rest of this review once you have finished playing.

RTP, Variance and Technical Data of Lucky Hot Slot

The following section is about the game’s technical data, which heavily impacts your overall win rate. Hence, it is best that we explain to you in detail every relevant factor in the game.

RTP and Variance

Lucky Hot slot has an RTP of 95.32%, lower than the industry standard by nearly 0.7%. It could have some serious impacts on your decision if you are in for the coins, but if you are a fun lover then you shouldn’t worry about it. With a low to medium volatility nature, Lucky Hot gives you plenty of chances to win small prizes as well as some infrequent big wins, accommodated to all types of casino players.

Betting Range and Paylines

Unfortunately, there are only 5 betting options to choose from in this game, which is either 5, 10, 25, 50, or 100 diamonds per spin. Obviously, with only a few options to pick, some gambling strategies will not be available here, and you should decide carefully before making any bet. The paylines are also limited to 5, which is very difficult to grasp a win in any other slots, but it fits well with the 3x3 layout of Lucky Hot. After all, the maximum paylines possible with this layout are only 27, not too big either.

Highest Payout

Besides the Progressive jackpots, the highest payout possible is 15,000 diamonds with 3 Lucky 7s on a payline, which is not too great compared with its sister slots.


There are 8 symbols in the game, with neither any special icons nor images. Staying true to its classical theme, all the symbols are very familiar to casino gamers: the Lucky 7, the Star, the Bell, the Bar, and the fruit.

  • The Lucky 7: Pays 150 times your stake for 3 per payline
  • The Star: Pays 40 times your stake for 3 per payline
  • The Bar: Pays 12 times your stake for 3 per payline
  • The Bell: Pays 1 times your stake for 3 per payline
  • The Fruit: Pay 8 times your stake for 3 per payline

EGT has simplified this slot to the point that all the fruit has the same payouts, just different types. There are no Wild, no Scatter, nothing special at all. Easy to play and easy to win.

One notable point is that if all 9 boxes are filled with one type of fruit, the end result will be doubled, which is 8x5x2 = 80 times your stake, not too bad if I must say.

How to Play

There isn’t much to say about Lucky Hot’s gameplay. There are only two things to do: pressing on the preferred bet to start the reels or clicking on the square orange button to turn on the Autoplay function, freeing your hand to do other stuff. The other functions on the options bar include Information, Fullscreen, and Audio on/off.

It’s All About Being Lucky

The only features in Lucky Hot slot are the Gamble and the Progressive jackpots, as most slot games from EGT. 

The Gamble

Each win can be gambled in a double-or-nothing game. You have to choose the correct color of the face-down card. If you guess it correctly, your stake will be doubled. If you guess it wrong, you lose everything. It’s a 50-50 game, so have fun!

The Progressive Jackpots

You have a chance to roll out the Jackpot card, which gives you access to the picking card game. There are 4 types of jackpots: Club, Diamond, Heart, and Spade. Among 12 face-down cards to pick, the first 3 cards of the same suit will be your jackpot.

Theme and Graphics

All the icons in the game are colorful and easy on the eyes, highlighted by a small white line surrounding the shape of the image. Especially, all the symbols are in pairs, which makes the reels seem less boring than they may sound. There is no audio either, except for the spinning and the winning sound. Generally speaking, Lucky Hot slot is not a game for the young generation, as they may not understand the charm of those vintage styles.

Expert Verdict

Overall, there is nothing to complain about Lucky Hot slot. Well, “nothing” to complain about at all. The slot is basic to the core, with a 3x3 layout, 5 paylines, and no special features or any bonuses. But it is this simplicity that attracts all those retrophiles, including myself. If you share the same feeling as I do, then Lucky Hot is a great game to spend time with.

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Game FAQs

Unfortunately, this feature does not give you any chance to win.
Of course, they are the exact same games.
Not for EGT games.
Absolutely not! You should always follow the golden rule of gambling: only gamble with money that you can afford to lose.
This slot is suitable for players who want to enjoy simple gameplay on a classic slot game that won't break the bank quickly.

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