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Gorilla Kingdom

Gorilla Kingdom
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Explore the Gorilla Kingdom Slot

Playing Gorilla Kingdom Slot makes you feel like you are diving into the horrifying and mysterious jungle. You are the only adventurer who is thrilled to meet all animals in the rainforest created by Netent Gaming

With the beautiful greenery surrounding the reels and a flowing waterfall in the background, jungle music is the big plus of this game. I can’t say anything about it. It is too real and beautiful for a slot game. 

The beautiful jungle is right at the foot and waiting for you to set the first on into. Play and be cautious about your goal, target, and collect them to get big wins at the end of the journey.

Why Not Gorilla Kingdom Slot in Demo Mode?

Gorilla Kingdom slot is a new brand game which is introduced by the giant in the industry - NetEnt. The game provider provides many sticky data regarding RTP, Volatility, and others. Therefore, to understand the game and get a big win, you will have to get familiar with the slot. 

However, Is it worth risking money just to get familiar with a game? I guess not! Rather than that, you should try the free play on CasinoMentor. On our website, you can enjoy the demo version of this game or other free online slots from several providers. 

Despite the fact that there is no real money or reward that you can withdraw, you can sharpen your skills. 

I make sure that graphics and themes are 100% matching with the ones that you play for real money. Therefore, all you need to do is to navigate to the top page. This NetEnt free slot is there and waiting for you. 

Please enjoy the game without any pop-up ads, no registration required, no personal information revealed. All processes are anonymous. Please enjoy!

RTP, Variance & Technical Data

When it comes to the RTP of these 5 reels slots from NetEnt, I should say that it is above the average, which is 96.03%

I love any game which has a medium volatility game. Because you still get big wins and the win frequency appears more compared to other high volatility slots. Combine 2 factors, the RTP and the variance, and I can conclude that this is an ideal slot to play. 

A win will appear in adjacent reels when you land three or more symbols. Gorilla is the most rewarding symbol, which pays 4x your stake. In this slot, you can expect to be paid out an impressive 4096x

Talking about mobile compatibility, the Gorilla Kingdom slot delivers a fantastic mobile version of the game. When the reel is spinning, the spin wheel disappears from view. Different from the desktop version, settings and options will be separate as a submenu. 

You can play this famous slot on both iOS and Android. Please update your device when it needs then you should not have any problem playing the game.

In-Game Bonus Features

Free Spins & Extra Free Spins

Let me explain the in-game bonus features which are very famous in Gorilla games. While it is so unusual that there are no wild symbols in this game, it is worth checking other highly rewarding symbols such as  Scatter Symbols. Collecting Scatter Symbols can grant you a reward of 10 to 20 Free Spins.

In the free spin round, you can trigger more free spins if more than 3 up to 5 Scatter Symbols are collected. This will give you 10 to 20 Extra Free Spins.

Symbol Transform 

As I said earlier to gorilla ancient masks will help you transform other animals in the totem stone into the Gorilla symbol. 

Once all 24 slots of totem stones are filled by the Gorilla mask symbol trigger the mighty Gorilla Symbol.

Play Gorilla Kingdom in the First Time

How to play the game is very straightforward, and the rule and secret to winning are easy to understand too. As I mentioned earlier, this game has a great payout. 

Along with the gameplay, you will need to collect the paying symbols such as The Gorilla. The more you collect these symbols, the bigger win you get. 

Free spins will be activated when you land 3 or more blue diamonds laying in the deep jungle. 

After you set your bet, you need to be ready to collect all Ancient Gorilla Masks which fly and transform other jungle animals such as the leopard, the hornbill, the okapi, and the pangolin into the Mighty Gorilla which promises a big win. 

Getting diamonds to earn extra free spins. Playing the game and collecting the paying symbols is the only strategy you should follow from the beginning of the game until the end.

Expert Verdict

The Gorilla Kingdom is a stunning and beautiful online slot that you should try. Like other slots powered by NetEnt, the graphics and theme are always outstanding. Fortunately, you can play them at many best online casinos worldwide including the USA

The game's medium volatility is the main point why we keep pointing out that it is worth it to play the game. 

However, I was a bit disappointed when there were no Wild symbols. So weird?! I hope NetEnt will consider adding it later. 

Collecting gorilla symbols sounds easy. I thought that at first hand too. However, the truth is you can never have enough time to collect all gorilla symbols. With 20 free spins, you need 6 gorilla mask symbols to transform other animals. However, it isn't easy to accomplish that.

Therefore, there are 2 minus points of the bonus features. I hope that NetEnt will improve them later to bring the best gaming experience to players.

Gorilla Kingdom: Reel Screen
Reel Screen
Gorilla Kingdom: Win Screen
Win Screen
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Gorilla Kingdom: Free Spins
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Gorilla Kingdom: Big Win
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Gorilla Kingdom: Symbols
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Symbols 2
Gorilla Kingdom: Features
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Game FAQs

Gorilla Kingdom Slot has 4 fixed paylines which can be won both ways. You can take advantage of this to increase your chances of winning and winning big.
The Variance of the slot is Med.
The slot has the Jungle theme theme.
The best way to win big with Gorilla Kingdom Game is to bet max or drop it down to the level that fits your budget If you can't make the maximum bet.

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