American Roulette, one of the most popular casino games worldwide, offers an exhilarating experience for players seeking excitement and thrill. This fast-paced game, characterized by a spinning wheel and a bouncing ball, captivates gamblers with its unpredictable nature and potential for big wins.

Exploring The History of American Roulette

Around the end of the 18th century, some French immigrated to Louisiana in the south of America to flee the ravages of the French Revolution, bringing roulette to the land. At that time, New Orleans was the gambling capital of the southern United States.

In New Orleans, the roulette game did not receive a warm welcome because casino operators did not like the low house advantage that European roulette offers. So, to tweak the game, they added another zero so that the American roulette wheel had slots 0 and 00. Early versions of the American roulette used only numbers 1-28 and had an American eagle icon.

If the ball falls on the eagle symbol, 0 or 00, bets on these slots win while the casino takes the remainder. This variation gives the casino a house edge of 12.90%. The operators then added more numbers to reach 38. This variation is what you might come across at current casinos with a house advantage of 5.26%.

The popularity of American roulette spread from Louisiana, where it started, to the rest of the country, and beyond. To find out why American roulette is of great interest to worldwide gamblers, you can try the demo version of this roulette variant.


How To Play American Roulette

In case you are playing live roulette, your wheel will be with the dealer on the live stream. In case you play virtual American roulette, it will be computer generated graphics. Whichever way you choose, you will find that there is a betting mat under the wheel where you pull the chips you want onto the bet you want to make.

No matter which version of roulette you choose, you will find similarities and differences between them. All betting mats will contain main numbers 1-36 arranged in ascending order.

At one end, you will easily find the numbers 0 and 00 marked in green as they appear on the wheel. At the opposite end, you will  find three column bets. You will find the first, second and third dozens, followed by the odds and evens, red and black and the high and low bets below the main numbers.

Graphically, although there will be variations due to the casino house style, the layout will be the same no matter where you play the American roulette.

American Roulette Betting Types

In fact, one of the reasons so many people play roulette is because of the variety of bets you can bet on. For American Roulette, there are many different types of bets but they are mainly divided into two categories: Outside Bets and Inside Bets. Although inside bets give players higher returns but less likely to succeed while outside bets are the opposite.

Outside Bets 

The simplest form of betting and is mainly based on the 50/50 rule. For example, you would bet that the ball falls on red or black, odd or even of low or high numbers. You get a payout of 1-1, which means you will get back what you bet. For this form of wagering the odds are somewhat favorable for the casino, namely 46.37%.

Also, you can also find other outside bets which are the dozen bets, 1-12, 13-24, 24-36 bets. These bets are at 31.58% odds with 2-1 payout. That means you will not get a big return on your bet, but you are more likely to win than outside bets.

Inside Bets

You can find six types of inside bets that offer bigger payouts but are harder to achieve.

  • Single Number: Payout 35:1, Odds 2.63%
  • 2 Number Combination: Payout 17:1, Odds 5.26%
  • 3 Number Combination: Payout 11:1, Odds 7.89%
  • 4 Number Combination: Payout 8:1, Odds 10.53%
  • 6 Number Combination: Payout 5:1, Odds 15.79%
  • Bet on 0,00,1,2,3: Payout 6:1, Odds 13.16%

Play American Roulette for Real Money

At the present, there are hundreds of online casinos in the market that you can choose from, however, not all of them are safe. In order to choose a safe roulette site, there are many factors you need to consider.

First, you must ensure that the operator of the casino you choose has a good name and reputation. They should have an extensive game portfolio and generous bonus offers.

Furthermore, you should also check if your chosen casino site holds all the necessary licenses. Does it support the payment method you want to use?

I find that choosing the online casino most convenient for you can be a difficult task. Hence, I have listed the best roulette casinos to play.

  • Betvictor  Casino
  • 888 Casino
  • PlayAmo Casino
  • Party Casino
  • King Billy Casino

Play American Roulette for Free

It is great that most online casinos offer a number of free demo versions of roulette. If you want to learn how to play roulette before effectively making real money, read the basic gameplay rule of roulette and try free online versions. The same is true if you have a clear understanding of all roulette strategies and rules. If you are given the option to play for free, take advantage of them. After using them, you will have a graphical and technical assessment of what to expect.

Some American  Roulette Tips

Playing with a strategy is always wise. Choosing your betting systems carefully can improve your chances of winning, but they do not guarantee that you will make any profits. Therefore, a large investment in strategy will be very beneficial to you.

If you are a frequent player on a limited budget, the following tips I share will be of great help to you. While nothing can yield guaranteed results for you, here are some tips that will help you get the most out of your favorite roulette game.

  • Play with roulette version has RTP high
  • Select Single-Zero roulettes
  • Place even outside bets
  • Only play at licensed and safe online casinos
  • Play with bonuses
  • Play online roulette for free with a demo version
  • Make sure the game you are choosing is fair


Honestly, American roulette is one of my favorite casino classics. It's great that we can experience them without having to go to a real casino. Modern technology allows you to enjoy high quality American online roulette at the best conditions. Whether you enjoy playing on your laptop or on your smartphone, American roulette is there for you. Remember that you don't have to spend your real money to play American roulette. Most of the online casinos offer great bonuses with convenient wagering requirements. So, are you ready to try your luck?

Published: 26 December 2020 09:36