Just recently, 888 Holdings provided a current transaction update, as well as financial details for the 12 months to February 2022. For the first time in 2022, 888 Holdings provides a financial audit of its financials. 

888 Holdings Published Its Trade Update and Financial Details

In about 12 months, company 888 generated £690 million ($840.8 million) in revenue as of February 2022. Adjusted Earnings Before Interest and Tax amounts to £109 million Older brother. And for the 52 weeks ending February 22, 2022, William Hill's international business was recorded as the most impressive, with sales of £1.36 billion and adjusted EBITDA of £238 million. pound.

As noted by 888, the increase in revenue of gambling operations is positively impacted by the reopening of retail and strong operations in a number of regulated countries such as the UK and some US states. It was this positive performance that was offset by the closure of the Netherlands and the impact of additional safer gambling measures in the UK Online segment of both businesses.

In the coming months of 2022, sales of 888 are also expected to report £330-335 million in revenue. In particular, William Hills alone is expected to increase to £ 620-630 million. This is a well-founded expectation given the current betting situation even with the withdrawal from the Dutch market and the fact that the UK has put a lot of gambling safety measures on the branches of 888 Holdings.

Also on the same day, 888 also announced that 888 Acquisitions Limited and 888 Acquisitions LLC - brought to market a combined £1.02 billion of premium secured debt. This loan includes a US dollar term B loan maturing in 2028 and Euro Premium Secured Fixed Rate Coupons due 2027 and Premium Secured Floating Rate Coupons in euros due in 2028.

Published: 24 June 2022 14:13