To fulfill its commitment to building a healthy and safe gambling environment for players from Canada, the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario has approved the licensing of online operators to operate in this area but comes with several requirements. One of them is the commitment to join RG Check before sending its paper to get vetted. The approval of the licenses which went effective on April 4, 2022, is an important step in introducing the gambling experience to players from Canada.

Joining Rg Check Is the Very First Requirement From Ontario

As the new document passed on March 30, 2022, all iGaming operators in Ontario must be RG Checked. This requirement is intended for accreditation to ensure sustainability and responsible gambling.

In addition, this legal agency also wishes to achieve the following important objectives:

  • Provide gambling safety standards to prevent problem gambling and help players gamble responsibly.
  • Helping operators to self-identify players' behavior, so that they can prevent and minimize potential harms caused by gambling.
  • Helps increase the trust and value of licensed operators from the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario. 

Based on all targets included, operators are required to obtain RGC accreditation before receiving their license.

Benefits of Cooperating With Responsible Gambling of Online Operators

In addition to supporting and promoting gambling safety for citizens, online operators also receive a number of benefits when pursuing the criteria of this safe gambling organization:

  • Registered and recognized as a safe and high standard gambling institution
  • Identify strengths as well as increase public confidence
  • Assure gamblers that gambling providers take their safety seriously
    Increase your reputation and prove that you are a legitimate gambling organization and put the player's interests first

During the build-up to launch, some operators like Bet10 or Unibet, Bet365 received their licenses, allowing them to start gambling from April 4th.

Published: 07 April 2022 03:20