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Last updated: 02 November 2020

Online Slots gambling makes up for around 70% profit of all the casinos in the United States. Thousands of gamblers flock to land-based casinos each day just to have a chance at this risky game, meanwhile the total visits to the online sites could be a hundred times more! However, not all of them are crazy enough to blow up thousands of dollars in a few spins; most players have a limited bankroll instead. The question is: How to maximize profitability from just a few hundred dollars, without going home empty-handed?

The First Rule: Choose the Right Denomination

Open your wallet, take a look inside. How much is your money, and how long are you going to play this slot? If you are from the latter group with small bankroll to invest, then maybe you should go for the low denomination slots. Have you ever heard of the term “penny slots”? Those are the slot machines that can be played using a single cent only. Slotters love these kinds of betting, as they can keep playing a penny slot for thousands of times, with just a few hundred bucks. There’s only one downside: The smaller your input is, the lower your output will be. If you want to up your game, then choose the nickel or the quarter slot. Basically they are the same as penny slots, just different bet values. There’s only one thing to remember: some slots require betting on multiple lines, or with a higher amount to be fully functioned. 

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What about the high denomination slots - dollar and high limit? Dollar slots are the ones with a minimum wager of $1, while the high limit ones are those with higher min bet. For a slot with 25 paylines, activating all of them will cost at least $25 per spin, and that’s without any additional in-game features. Do you want to risk your chance and go for some costly spins with an extremely rewarding prize, or just enjoy the game as much as possible?

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The Second Rule: Denominations Do Not Pay Equally

Reports on casino paybacks have shown that penny slots tend to have the worst payouts, while those $25 machines are the most generous of all. For some reason, $100 slots do not offer as much as the smaller ones, but it could be due to the gambler's tendency, or due to how rare those slots are on the market. The thing is, do the higher denominations pay more than the lower denominations, as we have studied in our Slots 101?

The answer is yes, but there is something to be concerned about. Generally, a slot developer will offer a few payback options for the casino to choose. And since the payback tiers are less than the denomination range, some denominations will have to share the same payback rate. Casinos, therefore, tend to set the same payback for the low denomination group, and another rate for the higher ones.

It is almost impossible for the player to realize those tiny discrepancies, as how casinos apply their payback settings differs from one another. Hence, we will advise our readers once again: the higher your investment is, the better your potential rewards are.

The Third Rule: Always Go for The Maximum Bet

The maximum bet is the most stake that you can put on any spin. Most gaming developers incorporate a Max Bet button in their games so that players don’t have to change the bet manually. 

So, why should you go for the maximum bet? There are two main reasons. 

The first one is that a maximum bet allows you to get the highest payout possible in the slot. Some games even have an inconsistency between each layer of betting. For instance, a 10-credit bet can award you with 10,000 credits payout, but a 20-credit bet can triple that amount to 30,000. Weird, but understandable.

The second one is that some features can only be unlocked with the maximum bet, i.e. the progressive jackpot. If every spin gives you equal opportunity toward the jackpot (and that should be the case), why won’t you bet $1, or even $0.01 instead of $10?

The Bottom Line: Bet Wisely

There’s no such thing called “How to Break a Slot”, or “How to Win in Every Slot Machine Games”. If such a guide exists, the gambling industry has long crumbled to dust. The best thing that you (or every other slot lover) can do, is prepare as carefully as possible. How? You have already read them all.

Published: 02 November 2020 07:59