It should be noted that the blackjack game has never failed to keep players engaged in years and years. Things get clearer when nowadays, there are a lot of blackjack variations and variations on the market, which allows any kind of player to add decent vivid colors to their gambling adventure. Naturally, different variants and variations of blackjack lead to the disparity in terms of blackjack rules and strategies. New players can get overwhelmed when setting their foot in a rich-mixed collection of numerous blackjack types and even have no idea of how to play blackjack or how to apply blackjack strategies in an efficient way. 

All of these reasons account for this article. Despite the great number of blackjack games out there, the way the game is played still remains. You will find the common rule variations as well as some important pieces of information of several popular blackjack variants in this article. 

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The Standard Rule of Blackjack Variations

Blackjack rules are determined by blackjack variants and casinos. For example, according to some casinos’ rules, dealers have to hit when they get a 17 when they have to stand on a 17 hand at some others. The aspects that almost all casinos and variants apply are

The number of decks

Almost all blackjack variants and casinos use multiple decks, which vary from two to eight. Single deck blackjack can also be found elsewhere, but just at few land-based casinos, as online casino sites only offer multi-deck blackjack. Using many decks of cards simultaneously increases the house edge advantage and considerably refrain card-counters from cheating during the gameplay. The more decks are used, the higher the house edge is!

The dealer’s hand of soft 17

When getting a soft 17, casino dealers have to stand on the hand. However, in a few blackjack variants, they are allowed to hit another card, which increases the edge in favor of casinos by about 0.2%.

Double down

Some blackjack variants allow players to double down on certain hands, which significantly reduces players’ profits against the casinos. 

If you are interested in double down, read double down strategy to know when is the best time to make use of this playing option.

Doubling after Split

Generally, the majority of casinos do not enable players to use the double down option after splitting a pair. However, there are exceptions at certain casinos. Players can make use of this to gain an advantage over the casinos.


Resplitting can be beneficial for players to choose when playing certain blackjack variants. If you are not allowed to resplit after an initial split, the house edge increases by 0.1%.


When players find that they do not have a good hand and wish to give up playing, they can use the surrender option. This option allows players to take half of their initial bet back instead of playing with a bad hand hopelessly and losing all the original bet. Players can take advantage of this option, but the house edge is significantly affected in the casino’s favor.

Dealer Peek

After dealing the cards, the dealer checks for blackjack if his upcard is an ace or a ten. It is called “dealer peek.”  In case he hits blackjack, the hand ends promptly. This rule may benefit gamblers, as it prevents players from losing any extra losses. Besides, the house-edge reduces about 0.1% if blackjack variants allow this playing option.

Blackjack’s payout

Some casinos reduce the payout for blackjack players by offering a payout of 6:5 instead of 3:2 as the vast majority of modern casinos nowadays. Players should check the payout of the blackjack table they intend to play before blowing money in the game.


What Are the Most Popular Blackjack Variants?

There are a lot of blackjack variants nowadays, which definitely quench players’ thirst. After thoughtfully researching an assortment of blackjack, we find the most popular blackjack variants that you can give a try:

European blackjack

The number of decks used in this variant can vary up to 6. Dealers will stand when they get a soft 17. Players can choose to double down when the dealer’s exposed card is either 9, 10, or 11. After a split, players can still make the double down option. Other standard rules, including doubling after the split, resplitting, surrender, and dealer peek are not allowed in this blackjack variant.

Is it possible to play European blackjack for free? Yes, try the European blackjack demo from top providers right now.

Atlantic City blackjack

This variant uses 8 decks of cards in-game. When hitting a soft 17, dealers will stand on the hand. Players can double down on any 2 cards and make other rules such as resplitting, surrendering, doubling down after split to take an advantage over the casino dealer. Dealer peek is allowed in this variant when the dealer shows he has a ten or an ace.

Discover how to play Atlantic City blackjack here!

Vegas Strip blackjack 

There are four decks of cards used in this blackjack variant. Similar to the Atlantic City blackjack, this game type allows players to double down on any 2 cards, double after split, resplit, and surrender. The dealer will also stand on a soft 17 and when his face-up card is a ten or an ace, dealer peek is available.

If you want to have a closer look at each variant, you can read everything you need to know about European blackjack, how to play Atlantic City blackjack and an overview of Vegas Strip blackjack.

There are many other blackjack variants you can choose from to play, such as progressive blackjack, blackjack double exposure, blackjack switch and so much more.

Play and Win Big

If you are new to blackjack, play it for free. This will allow you to have an in-depth look at the basic game before immersing yourself in various variants and variations out there. Moreover, playing online blackjack for free is truly a good chance for you to apply your strategy to beat the game. 

If you have not had an idea of the blackjack strategy, read it right now. You will certainly find out how to play and how to win the blackjack game in a matter of minutes.

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Published: 01 December 2020 10:56