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Last updated: 14 August 2020

The Basic Penny Slot

Regarding the graphics, penny slots have well-designed and beautiful graphics. 

What is the difference between penny slots and others

Penny slots are usually referred to that high volatility. Because playing at slot games which are volatile will give players bigger winning than other games like low volatility ones. Therefore, it is necessary to find slots that help you to have big wins. 

Indeed, Penny slots have more paylines than other slots too, therefore there will be more free spins and special features landing on the wheel while you are spinning.

If you think penny slots sound interesting to you, then do not forget to check out our tips to be the master of this game. 

Penny Slots

Top 10 free penny slots

We have a list of popular penny slots for you to choose. In fact, you can find these slots at many top online casinos

These penny slots launch many bonus features and wild symbols which helps you increase your chance of winning. 

  1. Book of Dead
  2. Golden Colts
  3. Blaze of Ra
  4. Pirates Charm
  5. Vikings Go to Hell
  6. Divine Fortune
  7. Wild Wheel Big Money
  8. Valley of the Gods
  9. Gold King
  10. Temple of TUT

If you think penny slots are those required to sit down and drop each nickel than you are totally wrong. In fact, you can find those penny slots with amazing graphics from famous movies and series like Ancient Egypt, great sound effects, and sometimes surreal payouts. 

I know that you will love these penny slots as much as I do. 

These penny Slots are multi-line games allowing for more than one coin bet per line.

Some famous providers such as IGT also offer you a great game like Megabucks. 

All you have to do is pick your favorite and follow our tips to win more.

Bet On All Paylines that Penny Slots Offered

Penny slots usually offer you to its players more than 40 paylines which is a common configuration. However, you sometimes might find some games having only 20- and 30-line, they are old versions for sure. 

You can choose to set your bet, you can either choose to bet on all lines which mean 40 lines, 1 cent per line, in total, your bet ends up to be 40 cents or you can choose to the number of paylines and the cents you want to play. 

Always remember that penny slots already are high volatility games therefore, betting fewer lines takes the volatility to the extreme. You are not going to win much and it’s not fun to win on a single line. 

More than that, win combinations and free features such as free spins or special symbols appear only when you bet on multiple paylines. One payline will just take the chance to get a bonus and more profits. 

Understanding The Bonus Rounds At Penny Slots

Bonus such as free features like I mentioned above. They are very important and have great contributions to your winning. For penny slots, before playing and placing the bets, it is necessary to investigate their bonus round before playing. 

All kinds of slots offer you free spin bonuses, penny slots is not an exception. Understanding the rules of how bonuses are launched or is there going to have any winning combination soon? Or where they appear on the screen? 

Free spins will give you more chances to win, but sometimes, you can win nothing at all. 

Look for slots which have: 

Extra wild symbols during free spins

More high-paying symbols which help you to low down the bad chances such as A, K, Q, J and 10

Make Sure You Reach The Amount Eligible For The Jackpots

I like mentioned in another article on how to win slot machines, you have to make sure that you can afford to bet on a long journey with jackpots to win. 

Why I said that? It simple! Because penny slots also include many multilevel jackpots with labels such as mini, minor, major and grand, or bronze, silver, gold, and platinum.

Mini jackpots are my favorite because those slots are designed to keep you in credits for play. And you might end up sharing mini jackpots. 

Please keep in mind that, progressive slots do not just work like 40 cents to cover 40 lines, a bet might be 55 cents to cover 40 lines, 15 cents goes to a jackpot. When you decide on spinning, the button will say  “40 lines + feature”, which means you need some extra to make the jackpot-eligible. 

Therefore, the choice is yours. Be sober up to decide to stay or move to other non-progressive slots. 

Control your Bankroll

The rule of online casinos is only to play when you are ready to lose. In the penny slot, though you can find many bonus features, the truth is It’s easy to risk more money than you think you are.

All you can do is control your bankroll, do not be subjective to any rumors which might say that penny slots only cost you a few single cents. 

Slot moves rapidly, with each round takes up to 10s. It is easy to blow away 100 spins in 30 mins. 

Let’s make a calculation: 100 spins per 30 mins at 40 cents a spin totals a $40 risk, and at 500 spins that becomes $200. 

If you’re going to play, you need to know hơ to control your bankroll and understand the true nature of penny slots. 

Expert Verdict 

Penny slots are games where you can look for fun and earn some little money. 

Please check the house edge before playing. 

So play the games you enjoy and stay within your limits.

Published: 14 August 2020 08:12