A Brief Introduction of Microgaming 

Microgaming is a private, UK-based gambling software firm based in the Isle of Man, the smallest part of the world. It boasts of being the world's first real internet casino software at that time. At its core, it uses random number generators, or RNG, to generate each hand and game in the casino slot machines that customers can play in. Microgaming's website states that the generated outcome of each card that is rolled and landing on a pay line in a Microgaming machine is completely random. Customers who feel that they have won cannot contest the outcome. The claims are that all online casinos are completely transparent and fair - there is no way for anyone to manipulate the outcome of all Microgaming slot machines.

In this article, we will discuss the promising collaboration with Aurum Signature Studios and other facts and issues regarding this provider. Let’s continue to read. 


Microgaming Announced a Partnership with Aurum Signature Studios 

This Christmas 2020, Microgaming revealed that specialist Aurum Signature Studios has actually joined its growing network of special independent game developers for online slot machines. This aims to increase the variety of gameplay from the provider. 

Aurum will certainly come to be Microgaming's initial dedicated provider of many latest online slots, developing game styles and also themes that are tailor-made solely and distinctively for Microgaming players.

Microgaming collaborates with a selection of independent workshops to bring the freshest skill, ideas, and also creations to its system, ensuring the network stays at the reducing-edge in regards to development and also a variety of material.

Aurum is a proven pioneer, with over 20 personalized games already created for drivers in markets around the world. As well as developing bespoke titles, Aurum will supply Microgaming with an exclusive series of online slot games for network-wide distribution across its client base.

One such title is A Story of Elves, a festive 243-ways port loaded with piled wilds and also complimentary rotates. Now offered exclusively by means of the Microgaming system, the video game guarantees to delight slots followers this Christmas.

What Should You Try All Microgaming Elite Products?

Microgaming casinos are offering many new slot games in their slot machine list, including slots with jackpots of up to two thousand pounds, as well as new slots with bonuses up to one thousand dollars. There are also promotions of special offers with bonus money on offer for customers who deposit a minimum amount. Each game has separate cashouts that are affected by whether the player has betted and won previously, the game's reels, as well as the dealer's odds. Microgaming casinos are not fully-fledged with casinos, with all of the slot games that are available, and customers must read the specific casino rules to be certain that they are playing according to the regulations.

With this promising partnership, Microgaming is rapidly expanding as more people become familiar with online casinos and slots. However, it is important that both experienced and inexperienced players understand the risks that are involved. This is especially true of progressive slots, which, like all other slot machines from other providers, have no maximum reels, and depend entirely upon the luck of the draw. 

What are the Real Issues for Microgaming Casinos Players

The biggest problem with Microgaming casinos is that sometimes the bonus itself will not give the player enough of a chance to win. Because no other bonuses are being used to boost the player's bankroll, often they will play with a goal in mind of winning the bonus and then coming back and playing with a much smaller bankroll in hopes of hitting that huge jackpot the following night. This can lead to financial problems, where players rack up thousands of pounds in bonus balances, only to run out of cash before the next bonus is due to arrive. In some extreme cases, Microgaming casinos have even resorted to changing the withdrawal rules on the fly, so that people are not forced to make an immediate withdrawal if the bonus is not forthcoming.

In response to this issue, Microgaming casinos have started to implement features that attempt to combat this situation by making it possible for players to receive their deposits even when the bonus period is not active. This eliminates the problem that arose when bonus withdrawal was necessary, where players were forced to get rid of all their winnings by the end of the specified bonus period. By allowing players to keep their money from the casino's coffers in real-time, this feature helps casinos retain a loyal customer base.


Microgaming studios are now home to the best slots games and one of the most popular slots rooms on the web. Both of these online slot gaming establishments are constantly upping the ante on exciting new promotions, and many Microgaming players have turned to online slots as a result. With the partnership with Aurum Signature Studios, there are sure to be many game opportunities that will provide players the best gaming experience. 

Published: 06 January 2021 10:24