How To Play Baccarat - All The Baccarat Rules To Follow

September 17, 2020

Explore the basic rules of baccarat in a matter of minutes and play top online baccarat without any deposit and registration at the best online casinos.

It is totally not difficult to learn how to play baccarat! Just read this article, and you will understand all the basic rules of this card game!


Do you dare to say that you are an expert in gambling? If yes, then just answer my question! Do you know how to play baccarat? What? Don’t you know how to play this game? Too bad! Baccarat is one of the most popular betting card games that you can play either in a LIVE casinos or online casinos!

So if you have not known the rules of baccarat yet, then you should learn them! Of course, you have us here to teach you those! Just scroll down and see our ultimate guidance right now!

How To Play Baccarat

We will now dive deeper into the main details: how to play baccarat!

Definition of Banker and Player in Baccarat

A baccarat game contains two sides. One side belongs to the Banker hand, and the other belongs to the Player hand. When you go to a baccarat table in a casino, or enter an online baccarat room, you will notice that the playing field is divided into three different parts which are Tie, Banker, and Player. To put it simply, we have given a picture of a common baccarat table below:

how to play baccarat

Keep in mind that Banker hands do not mean the hands of the game operator or the gambling house, and the Player does not refer to only the bettors. In fact, baccarat does not have a limitation of the number of players. Anyone can take part in this card game and put his bet on either the Banker part or the Player part of the table. However, there is a special player who is only allowed to bet money on the Banker. This player is the person who holds the "shoe" in the “full-scale” baccarat game. When the betting time comes, this player can only place his chips on either the Banker part or move the "shoe."

The Game of Baccarat

In a "full-scare" game, the player who has the "shoe" must take a card out of the deck and place it in front of the dealer. At this time, no one is allowed to know the card. In other words, the card must be placed facedown. After the "shoe" player moves the facedown card to the dealer, this man will then give the card to the person who has bet the biggest amount of money.

The second card (also the first one of the Banker) will be put beside the "shoe." At this moment, the bettor will make another deal by giving a playing card to the Player part. After that, the Banker also has permission to bring the second card out of his decks of cards. 

When everything is done, the dealer will start calling for the people who play on the Player part. The bettor who has bet the biggest amount of money will have the chance to check the cards firstly. After checking is completed, this man has to return the cards to the dealer. The dealer will now flip them up and tell the player the total point of the Player part.

Now is the Banker turn. The dealer will start calling for the Banker, and the "shoe" player will check all the cards. When the dealer receives the cards from the "shoe" player, he will flip them up and announce the hand totals of the Banker.

In third card rules, if the Player asks for a draw, the "shoe" person will move a card to the bettor. The bettor will then check and return it to the dealer. The dealer will reveal this card for all people to see. The process is the same if the Banker requires a draw.  After the third cards, no more cards are dealt.

Win Or Lose

The player who wins at baccarat is the one who bets on the table part of either the Banker or the Player that has the biggest point. Remember that the hand values are only counted in one unit. For example, 10, J, Q, K are considered as 0 points; A is one point, other cards are worth the same point as their number. In case the entire card counting points are more than 10, for example, 12, then two will be the point.

In case the points of two sides are the same, even after the third cards, then the dealer will announce: “it’s a TIE.” When this situation a, there is no winning hand. All players will get their chips back.

Tie Bets Win

In fact, the players also have permission to make their bet on the TIE part of the table. So when the tie situation appears, they can get the chips at a pay-rate of 8-1. However, the chance for this case is only about 9.5% - very low. So, we don't recommend you put your trust in it.


Every gambling game has its own etiquette. So does baccarat. If you want to take part in a baccarat table in a casino, then you must follow the following etiquettes:

Casino systems

Just like other casino gambling games, this baccarat table game requires you to convert your real money into chips. Using chips will help the whole players avoid fake money and criminal action.

Every time you request to change the cash, you have to place your money on the layout and announce the dealer. The dealer will take the cash, check it, and give the chips to you. Remember that you are not allowed to give the money directly to the dealer.

Time To Look At The Cards

If you play on the Player side, and you are the person who bets the biggest amount of money, then you have permission to see the baccarat cards. However, you are only allowed to check them if all cards have been given to both two sides. For example, when the Banker has not received its second card, you are not allowed to see your cards, in spite of the fact that you have already had two cards.

Follow The Previous Results

All people who play this table game can follow the results in the previous games. This will support them in counting and giving the bet on the part that has the highest winning chance.

Normally, a baccarat table in a casino will give each player a paper and a pen to note the result.

3 Baccarat Tips To Follow

Playing baccarat is fun, but it will not cool if you have a long losing streak. You can even lose all the money you have just because of this game. Therefore, if you want to play baccarat well, better follow these rules:

Never Play When Being Drunk Or Tired

Baccarat is not a lucky game. Instead, the game requires its players to have a good strategy while playing. That’s why there are people with a long winning streak, and there are ones who can not win even a single match. When you are drunk or tired, you can not think cleverly. Due to this reason, you can not make the right decision to make your bet.

Thus, whenever you are drunk or tired, you should take a rest first. When you feel better, you can come back later. Baccarat never leaves you behind! Remember that you can play this game anytime!

Know When To Quit Playing

You should give up when the time comes. No one can make winning bets all the time!

If you have made enough money on the day, you can stop playing and come back home. In case you continue to play, probably, your winning hand will lose its magic and you will turn your luck into a long losing streak.

On the other hand, if you have lost too much, you should also quit too. We believe that you don’t want to lose all the real money you have, not just chips, right?

Keep Calm

You don’t have to rush while playing baccarat. As we have mentioned above, this card game requires the player to have a good strategy and tactic to win. Therefore, you should think much before making the decision.

In case the other players tell you to do it quickly, just tell them to shut up. 

Or you can just tell the staff of the casino to kick the rushing players out of the table. Trust us! The casino does not allow its customers to rush or behave in a hostile manner.


Now you know how to play baccarat! Just remember all things in our guidance, and you can start playingin any baccarat table in the casino! Do not forget to practice and learn some tactics and strategies to play better!

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