Casinos understand the value of brand loyalty just as much as any business that promotes services, fast food, laundry detergent, or anything else. As for the operators, the most crucial question they have to answer is how to entice players to visit frequently. 

The player rewards program, or casino comps, is one strategy for promoting brand loyalty. Comps at the casino elevate your experience. The word "comp" stands for "complimentary." In the context of casinos, it refers to free services and goods that customers may utilize while they are there.

In today's article, we'll learn what casino comps include, how they work, what types of comps are available, and what tips and tricks players have to make the most of these free bonuses. Read to find out.

What Should You Know About Casino Comps? 

What Should You Know About Casino Comps? 
What Should You Know About Casino Comps? (Source: Freepik)

As mentioned above, comps are freebies that casinos offer to patrons in an effort to boost gambling. The number and caliber of comps a player receive often vary based on the games they play, their stake, and their duration of play.

These gifts are given away by the casino and vary from player to player. They might be in the form of drinks, concert tickets, luxury meals, discounted flights, hotel stays, room upgrades, or limo services, among other things.

Understand How Comps Work? 

Every gambling venue is different, but there are a variety of things that determine what you're entitled to. Visitor "gifts" will be generally computed depending on your betting habits, such as how frequently you play and for how long, how much you lose, and what games you choose to play.

Your gambling card will typically keep track of all of this and transmit a wealth of data to casino analysts in the background.

The term "activity" should be understood while talking about comps. To be "in action" is simply to have money invested in any wager. However, "activity" can also refer to the sum of money you have a bet. It may also be used to describe the total sum of money you gamble over time.

Casinos may calculate the long-term predicted losses based on your hourly activity using the payout odds and game odds. They can then choose what portion of it will be given back to you as comps.

What Are the Different Kinds of Comps Available? 
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Every casino offers a unique comp program. Additionally, there are several varieties of comps. To give you a general idea of what gamblers receive as they request casino comps, we've provided a complete outline below.


While a super casino high-roller will at the very least anticipate a gratis beverage upon arrival, new or casual players will nevertheless appreciate the novelty of a drink in the house.

Slots players often receive free beverages on the casino floor, but if you spend enough money on other games, you may take advantage of this perk elsewhere in the casino.

Finally, don't forget to leave your hard-working waitress a large tip if you want prompt service and a friendly gambling experience.


From a cheap beverage, you'll advance to complimentary meals when your gambling card reaches a higher level. 

Your meal gift will often arrive as a ticket to be used at one of the on-site eateries or cafes or, more frequently, at a buffet.

High rollers may even receive free reservations at well-known fine dining establishments or special meals that fit their appetite at some casinos.


One of the most sought-after comps is free rooms. If you show to be a talented player or have wagered a lot, your casino may put you up in other nearby accommodations even if it doesn't have a hotel. However, to be eligible for free lodging, you must have thoroughly earned your stripes at the roulette or blackjack tables.

The next stage is getting an upgraded accommodation or maybe a suite. Since there are more likely to be unoccupied rooms throughout the week, you could have a better chance of getting one.

Contrary to luxuries, the casino will pay almost little to distribute your private rooms, especially during off-peak hours. But they'll have to think you'll be spending, or have already spent, more on the floor than it's worth.

High-Roller Comps

The incentives that high rollers receive are the ultimate casino rewards. The freebies are a reflection of the many hours and dollars you invested to achieve that level.

High-roller or casino whale comps can include a variety of red carpet treatments, including airport transfers in private cars and limos, as well as airfares or a bump up in ticket class to get the gamblers to the casino floor. These comps are frequently tailored and bespoke due to the data the casinos collect on promising patrons.

Live entertainment can also be added to entice high spenders to extend their stay or possibly invite the whole family.

Concerts, magic shows, plays, dances, and athletic events, many of which are held within the casino complex, can all be comped with free or discounted tickets or access to the best viewing areas.

How Can You Get The Most Use of the Casino Comps? 

How Can You Get The Most Use of the Casino Comps? 
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Many participants are unaware of how to maximize what is provided in exchange for their comps. Check out our advice on obtaining the finest casino bonuses if you fall into this category below.

The most remarkable advice you'll receive is that comps are often only worthwhile as a time and financial trade-off for frequent players or those willing to spend a lot of money. Small, occasional expenditures will yield little to no genuine value to the casino.

So, only use your gambling card if you plan to spend a lot of money. Otherwise, your value to the casino decreases.

Therefore, only use your reward card when making a sizable purchase. The most straightforward approach to maximize your comp point earnings is at the slot machines.

However, if table games are more your style, just make sure you only sign in when you're prepared for a lengthy game of craps or to spend a lot of money playing blackjack. Or, even better, pick a game with a smaller house advantage.

Remember that your losses could benefit you when it comes to comps if you're on a losing run. Losing is never desirable or the goal, but it might not be all bad if you ultimately receive a room in exchange.

Here Are Tips And Tricks To Help You Get Better Casino Comps 

Below, we'll show you some tricks to get better casino comps for minimal money. However, be careful as they can upset the dealer if they find out that you are intentionally abusing the free casino bonus.

Make It Appear as Though You Are Spending More Money Than You Are

Make a good first impression by starting with larger bets for the first three or four wagers. Then, alternate between larger and lesser sums as discreetly as you can. The casino employees will be grading your play. Everything is about their outside looks, so maybe this trick will work.

Give The Impression That You Are Playing For Longer Than You Are

Play at packed tables during holidays and busy times like weekend evenings. Because of this, it's challenging for the dealer to monitor your gameplay. Retract before the bets are closed every third or fourth time you place chips or credit down. On a linked card, this works considerably better when done with a partner.

Go to the Restroom Frequently

Playing table games makes sense that you'll lose less while the casino assumes you're losing more if you play fewer rounds or hands than the casino expects.

Play Alongside a Friend

Couples receive rewards on cards. Offsetting bets allow you to play it safe by placing twice as many wagers but theoretically losing less of your shared budget if you bet in the opposite direction, such as red or black. Many casinos also let couples or members of the same household link their card accounts so you may split expenses and winnings.

Make It Appear as Though You Are Losing

As the casino will want to grab on to a large spender who also seems like a huge "loss," play the role and let everyone know when you lose. To give the impression that you are leaving with less money than you are, it's a somewhat more cynical "trick" to put chips in your pocket as you leave the table. But be cautious with this one. You don't want to annoy security even when you aren't cheating.

Be Generous

Any purchases you make within the complex, including those at restaurants, bars, and hotels, may qualify for reward or players' card points in some but not all casino resorts. If you go with a group, make a huge impression by ordering a round or purchasing supper. But keep in mind that each casino will decide whether or not to consider these costs when determining comps.

How Gambling Companies Do the Math That Makes Their Comps Program Profitable

Most casinos provide incentives based on the amount of time you spend playing. When determining how much to give you and when to offer the bonus, they consider how many bets each hour you place and at what stakes.

However, comps aren't determined by how much money you really lose. Instead, casinos base their comp calculations on your predicted loss. This depends on the house edge for the games you're playing, how long you play, and how many bets you place every hour.

For example, the casino estimates that if you play slots for an average of 4 hours each day, you will lose $360 per day. Then, a portion of that $360 daily is used to calculate the comps they provide you. The casino calculated that if you play slots for an average of 4 hours each day, you will lose $360 per day.

Then, a portion of that $360 every day is used to calculate the comps they provide you. That’s how casinos estimate your worth, and they will offer you worthy comps for your dedication.


Comps in casinos and gambling establishments are fantastic, but they're also tactics casinos employ to encourage you to lose more money than you otherwise would. The first step in ensuring you don't be taken advantage of is understanding how those comps operate.

Ultimately, making stakes will bring you bonuses in casinos the quickest. Casinos are businesses, and they want you to gamble. All bonuses are intended to reward you for doing so and to entice you to spend more money.

So take advantage of your well-earned freebies, but remember always to exercise caution, stick to your spending plan, and remember that nothing is actually free.

Published: 29 July 2022 10:06