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Last updated: 01 August 2022

The popular card game rummy might be misunderstood in connection to blackjack. In fact, the word "rummy" has two different meanings in the realm of blackjack, so the solution is more complicated than you may expect.

When it does, "rummy" is usually merely a side wager you may place at casinos when playing blackjack. However, it is a different card game with its own rules at other casinos.

Today's article will analyze both interpretations of this gambling term. However, we'll concentrate more on the side bet that employs rummy logic since you can probably play blackjack legally, whether online or at land-based casinos. Read on to find out. 

What Is Rummy in Blackjack? 

What Is Rummy in Blackjack? 
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As mentioned above, rummy covers two separate topics regarding blackjack. On the one hand, the term may refer to a well-known blackjack side bet known as 21 + 3, depending on where you play. On the opposite, it may refer to a distinct blackjack version exclusively played in jurisdictions where blackjack is prohibited.

Rummy in Blackjack Side Bets 

Although they are simple to overlook, side bets are available options when playing blackjack, both online and offline, alongside your primary game. The variety of side bets varies from game to game or casino to casino, but one well-liked variation is 21 + 3.

In 21 + 3, you attempt to create a set or a sequence with your two beginning cards and the dealer's upcard, similar to the rummy blackjack side bet. You have three cards with the potential to form a meld when you combine the first two cards in your hand with the dealer's face-up card.

The goal of playing rummy is to create melds. In other words, you're aiming to make a straight, flush, straight flush, three-of-a-kind, and suited three-of-a-kind.

Like in every card game, your chances of winning increase as the mathematical difficulty of your hand increases.

The main game in blackjack games that offer a rummy side bet continues as usual. The result of the rummy side bet is unaffected by how well you do in the blackjack game. So, even if your hand exceeds 21 and you lose your main blackjack game, you still can make up for the losses by winning the rummy side bet.

What Are Blackjack Rummy Payouts? 

These are the most typical 21 + 3 payouts. However, there may be minor variations depending on where you play:

  • Flush 5:1
  • Straight 10:1
  • Three-of-a-kind 30:1
  • Straight flush 40:1
  • Suited three-of-a-kind 100:1

So, for example, betting $10 on the rummy side bet and getting suited three-of-a-kind results in a massive payoff of $1,010, which includes your initial bet.

It's crucial to remember that even if your primary hand loses, you can still win on a blackjack rummy side bet. The fact that they get two chances to win with every hand and that the action is increased is one of the reasons why many players enjoy placing blackjack side bets.

All things considered, placing a wager on any of the various blackjack side bets is not advised because they have a higher house advantage than the primary game, which means you will ultimately lose more money.

What Are Rules of Rummy Blackjack? 

What Are Rules of Rummy Blackjack? 
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After you have understood everything involved in the rummy blackjack side bet, it is time to learn the second meaning of the term. We said earlier that the second meaning of the term refers to a separate casino game with its own set of rules attached. More specifically, the rummy game is popular in places where blackjack is illegal, such as Costa Rica.

Since playing traditional blackjack is prohibited in Costa Rica, they provide a rummy-based game that is close enough to blackjack to appeal to the country's 21-interested gamblers.

Rummy blackjack is played at a table with space for 7 players and a dealer, much as traditional blackjack. Four to six decks of standard playing cards are used in the game at the casino. Essentially, it's pretty similar to blackjack with a few modifications to create the new rules:

  • Getting a blackjack does not result in a bonus reward
  • Aces only have a value of 11
  • Any hand, including one that has been split, is open to double down.
  • Split and Re-split are allowed
  • You can’t draw to split aces
  • Any bonuses you get are paid out immediately.
  • Bonuses are applied to the total amount you bet if you get one after doubling.
  • You can choose to surrender early. For example, if the dealer shows an ace, you can throw away your hand without playing and get half your stake back
  • On a soft 17, the dealer must stand since aces are value 11
  • Using your first three cards to form a rummy hand will allow you to receive a bonus in the main game

In contrast to 21 + 3, this blackjack rummy game has different payouts:

  • Three-of-a-kind 3:1
  • Straight flush 3:1
  • Suited three-of-a-kind 5:1
  • Exact 21 total 5:1

Fortunately, the bonus pays out to players immediately, even if the third card they receive pushes them over the edge and busts. However, you cannot get a bonus if you play out two hands after splitting.


This article has clarified for you two different meanings of rummy for blackjack. As for the meaning of a side bet, you can take advantage of this bet type to increase your chances of winning if you feel your hand is not strong enough. The rummy game is a rather exciting blackjack variation in the second case. Still, you will rarely get to play it, as it is only famous in jurisdictions where blackjack is illegal.

Also, if you have any questions about online gambling, our website offers in-depth tutorials from experts to help you expand your knowledge and gamble effectively.

Published: 01 August 2022 16:29