Suppose you are a familiar player of land-based casinos. In that case, you may have experienced an unpleasant situation: you eagerly head to the tables of blackjack, your favorite game, and realize that all available seats are taken. At this point, you only have two choices. One is that you will wait in vain, hoping someone will stop playing to give you your seat. Second, you give up and are forced to find another game to entertain.

Fortunately, casino operators have recognized this problem and have found a way to please players who can't find a seat at the blackjack table: Betting Behind.

Today's article will explain everything you need to know about this unique type of blackjack betting, starting from scratch. We will go over how it works, its advantages and disadvantages, and the notes and tips to make good use of this betting strategy.

What Is “Betting Behind” in Blackjack?

What Is “Betting Behind” in Blackjack?
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Most live blackjack tables have seven seats available, with players from around the world vying for them. So, if you're unlucky enough to lose out, don't panic; betting behind gets you into the game.

Betting behind blackjack tables allows you to bet on each player's hand while waiting for a vacant spot. This unique function allows you to play blackjack while waiting for a place at the table, and it has several benefits. Via betting behind, you can gamble on any of the players at the table and participate in the game vicariously.

One thing to notice about betting behind is that you can't influence the player you bet on's choices. So you're stuck with their pick if they do something stupid, like dividing tens, maybe. However, if you bet on a skilled player, it might be a good route for you to pursue.

Therefore, the essential thing to utilize this strategy effectively is that you need to choose the right players to trust and bet on. Once you have selected someone to apply betting behind, you have no choice but to follow their progress and pray for them to win the game. So, look to the most experienced and well-versed players in blackjack to improve your odds of winning your betting behind wager.

Today, many blackjack titles on online platforms also have the betting behind option, so if you have to wait for a seat, why not try this fascinating betting option and make some money while you wait?

What Are the Benefits of Betting Behind in Blackjack? 

With that said, betting behind can bring tangible benefits to players and keep them entertained when all the seats are filled. Below, we will list the main advantages of this unique strategy.

Huge Payout Potential

Betting behind works like a type of betting in blackjack, so it can help players win potentially big payouts. However, this depends on whether the seated player you choose to believe in actually wins the game. If you choose the right people to bet, you can easily increase your bankroll without touching the cards.

However, what if everyone bets on the best player on the table and wins? Casino operators simply won't let that happen. Typically, each seated player is only allowed a maximum of 3 waiting players to bet on them in the form of betting behind, and this number can vary depending on the casino you are playing at.

So, to get the most out of this strategy, you need to quickly identify who is the most skilled on the table and lock your picks on them. If you are late and only players with poor skills are left, betting behind will backfire and cause you to lose more. In this case, the best advice is to simply watch the game or choose another game to pass the time.

No Waiting for a Seat

This is the most significant advantage that betting behind gives you. In the meantime, while waiting for an accessible seat, you can still participate indirectly in the game through this betting strategy. Although its outcome does not depend on you, at least you will still find a thrill when watching other gamblers play.

Lower Stakes 

Typically, betting behind allows you to wager with a lower minimum than those directly sitting at the table. In addition, this strategy may not require extra wagers if the player of your choice decides to split or double.

Back Hot Players

As we mentioned before, if you select players with high skill, you will likely win your betting behind the bet. That can be seen as the easiest way to make money from blackjack, as you don't have to beat the opponents directly. Instead, choosing the “hot” players to follow may seem much easier.

Excellent Stats

How do you quickly identify the best players to follow? Fortunately, advanced technologies have emerged to assist you. The finest blackjack sites give reliable statistical information about players to determine if you want to gamble on them, including who is on the best winning streak.

More Chances to Win 

Instead of focusing on just one game of blackjack with a single chance of winning, betting behind allows you to win from multiple tables at once. More specifically, you can enter a game directly and place a bet and another player's hand on a different table simultaneously. That will give you more chances to make money from blackjack.

What Are the Cons of Betting Behind in Blackjack? 

Besides the positives, this blackjack strategy has some cons you cannot control. That makes sense when, in essence, betting behind is a strategy where you have to depend on other players. Therefore, before using this strategy, you need to understand its risks.

What Are the Cons of Betting Behind in Blackjack? 
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House Edge May Be Worse

Relying on other players can be a double-edged sword: in the worst-case scenario, you won't be able to do anything if the seated player doesn't do what you think they should, and they lose the game. You will feel even worse if you have deep blackjack knowledge, and the player you bet on is not, and they would have won the bet if they did what you think. 

Lack of Control

This disadvantage is consistent with the nature of betting behind. You will not be able to control your odds of winning, as the decision is in the hands of another player. Therefore, you can only hope that they will be intelligent and determined enough to make the best decision concerning their hand.

Lose More 

You can win twice as fast if things go well by betting behind. But, on an unlucky day, you will lose twice as fast when using this same strategy.

Can Players Get To Choose Whether, To Split, Double Down, Or Surrender?

While you do not influence what a player does when you choose to bet behind them, you may be wondering what happens if the seated player decides to surrender, split, or double down. 

Things are relatively straightforward when it comes to surrendering, and as with ordinary play, the destiny of the person or players behind is related to the controlling player. Those betting behind will lose half of their stake if they choose to surrender, whether that is a sensible decision.

When it comes to doubling or dividing, things get a little more complicated (and re-splitting if allowed). Of course, the controlling player must raise their stake and gain more if their hand or hand beats the dealer's. But what about the behind bettors who are behind such a move? Do they have to put down more chips? Do they have any say in what happens? This is the only moment someone falling behind has some degree of independence to make a decision that will affect their outcome.

The laws in these cases differ from one land casino to the next. So, for example, some will require a player in the lead to double their bet, and when it comes to splitting, some will allow players to choose which hand they want to play (before the second cards are dealt, of course), while others will automatically assign them the first hand made from the split pair. This rule variant is applied in most online casinos.

To begin with, as previously said, hardly all casinos, including live dealer ones, provide betting behind. Those that do will have a few slight peculiarities, such as how splitting and doubling work and who can bet behind. Some sites allow just one individual to bet behind, while others allow many. Furthermore, some will only allow unseated players to bet behind (while they wait), while others will only let seated players wager behind other players. However, most live dealer casinos will allow both.

Many casinos automatically match the primary player regarding doubling/splitting and subsequent stakes. Most, however, let you change this, mainly through game settings and maybe particular bet behind settings. Where it is not the default option, most live casinos allow you to choose whether or not to match the controlling player's bet on a case-by-case basis. That being said, certain online casinos may only allow, or compel, the player behind to increase their bet.

Some Tips and Strategies to Help You Get Started With Bet Behind  

To be honest, there aren't many golden rules for effective betting behind. It's basically a game of luck, and all you have to do is hope that you select the right player to bet on.

Some Tips and Strategies to Help You Get Started With Bet Behind  
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Follow the Appropriate Players

This is apparently the first factor to consider. If you gamble on a newbie to blackjack or someone who uses dubious techniques, things are unlikely to go your way. On the other hand, betting behind on the most skillful player can result in you winning the game easily. 

You can tell how well a player is performing by looking at their individual metrics, which can help you determine whether or not they are "hot players."

Show Some Restraint

In reality, your staking strategy when betting behind should be the same as your usual play at the table. If you stake too much on a player and they do something insane, your bankroll will be destroyed in an unneeded way.

Similarly, many people are attracted to wager less while playing this strategy. That's understandable if you don't trust the player you're following, but don't forget that value bets may be placed whether you're in the table or not, and they are actually the wagers that allow huge potential payouts for you. 


And that is all you need to know about betting behind in blackjack. In addition, if you have any questions about strategies and in-depth terminology in the world of online gambling, you can consult our website. Our dedicated experts are available at all times to answer all of your academic questions.

Published: 05 August 2022 17:54