What is Hi-Low Blackjack?

Blackjack is undoubtedly the top casino game on the planet and also among the most exciting table games for all levels of players. This is because the exciting and action-packed game of blackjack can be played conveniently even by novice or even by inexperienced players. If you are a blackjack fan and have an interest to learn more about playing the exciting game of blackjack, then you should play the high low counting card game on free blackjack. This game type is another exciting way to enjoy playing casino games.

In case you are not familiar with how the game works, then it is advisable that you first learn more about it before you play any of the hi-low blackjack games.

The factor that makes this technique popular is that it is simple and easy to apply. Each card in the deck is given a value of either -1, +1, or 0. The overall worth of a 52 card deck is absolute no.

The system also referred to as the +/- system was originally presented by Harvey Dubner as a remake of Edward Thorp's slightly more engaged Ten-Count blackjack card counting system. This system isn't commonly used by expert blackjack players, but also for enthusiasts, and also for casual players that can apply at live blackjack tables.

The Hi-Lo Count method is basically a simple way to track high cards left in the deck. This system is called a 'balanced system'; if every card in the deck was counted down the equilibrium would be an absolute no.

The smaller sized cards in the deck are offered worth +1 (cards 2-6). The center cards 7-9 are offered a zero value, or +0. The court card, or big cards, 10, jack, queen, king, and also ace are all given a -1 worth.


Short Background of the Hi-Lo System

The Hi-Lo system is just one of the most preferred methods utilized at many land-based online casinos and online casinos and also it has prompted several warmed conversations amongst professional gamers. Throughout the years, it has been confirmed to be very reliable as well as exactly which is the reason why it is the first-choice to numerous gamblers. This method was established in 1963 by the mathematician Harvey Dubner, the system expanded in popularity very quickly, and ever since it has been a center of interest in the gaming sphere.

High Streaks Blackjack: How to Beat the House Edge

Basically, a casino will offer you two different kinds of games namely video blackjack and then live dealer blackjack. In the live dealer game, you can opt to play with the real dealer, the video game on the other hand accepts a low betting amount and you would be able to play the game with the advantage of having the same amount in your bankroll as you would have if you had bet on the live dealer game.

When playing the hi-low blackjack, it is important that you know how much should be set and at what odds. It is important that you have an idea about the aces and kings and jacks that are being dealt with in the deal. By keeping this in mind, you will know how much to bet and at what odds.

On your turn, you may call for the base game. In this case, you will get to choose a hand that you think has greater chances of winning. After choosing the hand, you would then get to make a counter-bet of one to two crowns depending on how certain you think the hand is. If you think the aces or the kings are better than the queens, you can make a counter-bet of three crowns or more. If you think the three crowns are better than the eight, you can make a counter-bet of nine or more crowns. If the aces are better than the queens, you can make a final bet of all aces.

Is the Hi-Lo System Suitable for Beginners? 

In order to use this technique efficiently as well as make it function, the first thing that beginners require to do is to take their time to bear in mind the different values of the cards. It is actually essential to manage to comprehend this system as well as have the ability to remember it in the blink of an eye when required due to the reality that counting the cards is a massive obstacle in itself as well as there is no time for thinking about what was their assigned value. Players shouldn't let themselves get confused in the counting process as this may lead to losing a considerable quantity of money.

Discipline, as well as a high level of focus, are additionally obligatory for the gamers' efficiency as a result of the fact that even if they understand the system up and down if they do not have the required focus, they will not have the ability to remember it in time. These two capacities should not be underestimated as they play an important duty in card checking as well as players must constantly attempt to create and improve them.


There is no specific house edge when playing the blackjack with high limit games. The only edge that there is at your end is your winnings from your side bet. Therefore, it doesn't really matter if you lose or win with these Hi-Low Blackjack plays. The only thing that matters, in this case, is that you have beaten the house edge. When you beat the house edge, you have beaten the game and this will bring you to another level in the blackjack world.

Published: 15 January 2021 07:21