Have you ever heard of Russian Roulette? It is considered one of the deadliest games in the world and has long been a popular myth among gambling enthusiasts. Because of its danger, Russian Roulette has been banned in almost every country. However, you can still experience its heart-pounding sensations without endangering your life (most likely). We are proud to present Shot Roulette - the "drunk" version of that deadly game, where the loser is the winner.

What Is Shot Roulette?

what is shot roulette?
Shot Roulette Drinking Game - Source: homewetbar.com

Before going further, we must warn you: Shot Roulette is not for underage persons. So, if you are below 18 in most regions across the world (or 21 in the US), please look for another article.

First of all, the game is called Shot Roulette, not because you will get shot if you get the wrong number. “Shot” here means a shot of drinks - alcoholic drinks like vodka, whiskey, rum, or anything of such. The goal of the game is to get drunk at parties with your friends, so there should be no win or lose.

Similar to the best online roulette games, Shot Roulette has the same rules and setup. All you need is some shot glasses, a shot drinking wheel, and a ball. The gameplay has many different variations, but they are still based on roulette. The only difference is the layout: add more water, change the drinks, add extra prizes, etc. In the following section, we will guide you through the basic gameplay of Shot Roulette.

Shot Roulette - How to Play

In general, the rules of Shot Roulette are pretty relaxed. You can change them according to the preferences of the players. If you still don't know where to start, here's a version we use at every party.

 how-to play shot roulette
How to play shot roulette - Source: Freepik


Before you start, you should choose your beverage carefully. If many people can’t drink too much alcohol, add more water and leave out the strong liquor. If the players are more likely drinkers, choose "lethal" spirits such as vodka or gin. Partying without getting drunk is boring, isn't it?

However, you should remember to choose drinks that are difficult to distinguish from each other, for example: having the same transparency or smell. If that's troublesome, put on some magic trick: play Shot Roulette in a dimly lit place, and cover the shot glasses with colored paper.

Playing the Game

Before spinning the wheel, choose the order of play for everyone. Arrange people clockwise to make it easier to remember. A small hint: those who go first will often benefit the most!

To start the game, the first player will have to spin the wheel and drop the ball inside. Then, if the ball stops at any pocket, that person will have to drink the shot with the corresponding number, put the empty glass back on the wheel, and give the turn to the next player.

If someone hits the empty glass, that person won't have to drink (poor guy). However, if someone hits the number 0, everyone has to drink. I’m drunk; you’re drunk; everybody’s drunk!

Finishing the Game

Shot Roulette ends when one of the following occurs:

All the alcohol is empty: You can then start playing a new round or do other activities. You could also carry the "casualties" out of the battlefield and make room for others.

Someone passes the checkpoint: If you set up a target point to play beforehand, e.g., whoever reaches five shots first, then the game can end at that time.

Someone drinks the shot: This happens when there’s only one shot of alcohol on the wheel, and some poor guy spins on it. Again, end the game and start a new one.

As mentioned before, these rules are subjected to changes, and you can create your own version of Shot Roulette. Just go with whatever you feel comfortable with.

Tips When Playing Shot Roulette

So far, we have learned about how to play Shot Roulette and what are the basic rules. To make the game more fun and exciting, below are some of our tips when playing Shot Roulette.

shot roulette tips
Shot roulette tips - Source: Freepik

Drink whatever you hit on: Remember, this is a game designed to make parties more lively. So try not to refuse any glass, and don't drink too much before the game actually starts. No one wants to hang out with a drunk guy (or some kill-all-the-joy person).

Don't sniff the shot glass: The second thing we want to remind you is never to smell the glasses you pick up. There are only two things you can do - play properly or stop playing. Some people will get annoyed when you don't give your best, and that's not very fun, is it?

Know your limits: The most important thing when playing games like Shot Roulette is your own health. If you feel like you are already drunk and can hardly drink anymore, let your friends know and take a short break. Don't push yourself too hard, or you will end up in the hospital for alcohol poisoning!

Have Fun With Shot Roulette!

Shot Roulette is a very cool game, suitable for almost any party involving alcohol. This article has guided you through all you need to know about Shot Roulette, plus a few tips for playing the game with friends. So, if you're going to party this weekend, don't forget to spin the roulette and take some shots!

Published: 31 July 2021 07:45