Anatoly Abram
Last updated: 27 May 2020

DraftKings has taken the initiative to secure the rights of live streaming of the renewed Bundesliga matches through its mobile app. Another pleasant news for the patrons is that DraftKings is offering both the current player and latest players a 50% profit boost that could also add on an extra bonus of $250 for winning wagers for the effort to highlight its services of streaming. Although, the services are only accessible to a handful of gambling legal United States. 

DraftKings is listed as one of the prominent names in fantasy sports and the latest addition to the USA Sportsbook. It facilitated  Bundesliga to make a comeback with the live streaming betting rights last week. The Bundesliga is amongst the few platforms that are offering huge sports tournaments and a source of entertainment in this ongoing global Coronavirus pandemic. A few weeks back, it offered the people with UFC and the K-league South Korean Soccer. Korean Baseball and table tennis are now also added in the list for live streaming. 

On its comeback, the Bundesliga is now on the top of a list of 5 prominent European Soccer leagues to dignify the stadiums again after a noticeable break of 66 days because of Covid-19. As there are no popular sports events occurring, it is expected to notice that Nasdaq listed fantasy sports brands and sports betting capturing this opportunity to interact with its audience.

Anyone having a DraftKings Sportsbook membership and an account balance of $0.00 will be eligible to stream the latest Bundesliga games through the mobile application of the sportsbook. Whereas, this service will only be accessible for the players of the States of the USA where online sports betting is considered legal. These states incorporate West Virginia, Indiana, New Jersey, Okayed Colorado, New Hampshire, and Pennsylvania. Eventually, it is a big opportunity to avail. Both the latest players and long time bettors will surely understand the worth of this and can utilize this opportunity. 

Live Streaming Rights Secured From Sportradar

DraftKings has taken an initiative to secure the rights of live streaming of the renewed Bundesliga matches through its mobile app.

DraftKings played a significant role to secure the live streaming rights of Bundesliga from Sportradar, which is amongst the most major and powerful sports and data content platforms all over the world. Adding on, Sportradar also made a commitment with Bundesliga to get the license of their live broadcasts of the league matches. 

In November of the previous year, DraftKings signed an agreement with Sportradar for the extension in an already ongoing partnership. This aspect allowed the platform to supply the variety of bet simulation content and official sports data as well. DraftKings also noticed a 30% increase in net revenue in the initial quarterly report despite the strong impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on the industry of sports. It is a really big target to achieve in current conditions. DraftKings also revealed that a billionaire, George Soros has facilitated the platform with investor support. Ahead of the current agreement, Sportradar in August extended the partnership with Germany’s DFL ( Deutsche FuBball Liga) to restrict corruption-related betting such as match-fixing. 

Sportradar is the major aspect in this entire show, providing international betting rights to Bundesliga following the four-season agreement that started in 2017-18 and it is open for the renewing after the ongoing season 2020-21. Although, the agreement excludes Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Liechtenstein, and Luxemburg. 

A Host of Market for Soccer Patrons

As 27 June is the scheduled date for the final game of Bundesliga, DraftKings is now offering a diverse collection of betting markets to the Soccer fans in the USA. The Offsides, Fouls, Double Chance, Correct Score, and shot based tallies are also accessible. Moreover, full-flavored choices of player props including Scoring Distance, Goal Scorer, and Assists are also accessible. All these prominent markets are offered on top of live-streaming capabilities to enhance the interaction of players while catching the Bundesliga action in real-time. 

For the very initial time, on top of the live streaming agreement, DraftKings will also be rolling out Fantasy Sports contests of Bundesliga to interact with the audience from all over the world.

Published: 27 May 2020 07:23