iDeal is one of the most common and popular ways to process payments online in the Netherlands. It has been around for years and has established itself as one of the primary methods of payment processing for online purchases and transactions. It is simple, straightforward, secure, and speedy, and this is why it has become so popular with online casinos since the legalisation of online gambling and the rise in online casinos since.

What is iDeal?

iDeal was launched back in 2005 and has provided Dutch consumers with a safe and speedy way to purchase foods online through their own bank portal. It provides real-time notifications of guaranteed payments. This makes it a safe way to process payments for online transactions and removes the risks of chargebacks for companies. It has become very popular with online casinos, as there has been a growth in online gambling since legalisation in the Netherlands in 2021 and a gap to fill in terms of payment mechanics and processes. It is the ideal way for casinos and customers to interact, keeping players happy that they can quickly deposit funds and play with safety, a top concern of the casino. 

How does iDeal work with online casinos?

With iDeal, all you need is to already have an open account with a Dutch bank and have access to their online banking services. iDeal is the perfect service for online casinos to work with, as it offers security of personal information and data, and makes for fast and simple transactions for all customers. As the majority of Dutch people favour iDeal for all online purchases and consumer transactions, this makes it an easy fit for this new frontier of iGaming in the Netherlands. iDeal provides the safe foundation for responsible transactions, and when you align that with online casinos that favour responsible gambling practices, it is the perfect relationship.

Reasons iDeal is popular with Dutch gamblers

iDeal has cemented its place within Dutch life as a trustworthy payment companion for many years. Once the legalisation of online gambling was confirmed, it made complete sense that iDeal would be used by online casinos as the payment option. As a growing number of Dutch gamblers play at their favourite online casinos, iDeal provides them with security, safety, and familiarity in a landscape that might have been unfamiliar at first.

Legitimacy of service

iDeal is responsible for over 70% of all online payments in the Netherlands. This makes it an authority in the field and immediately provides legitimacy to those signing up to an online casino and looking at the deposit and withdrawal processes. For the best online casinos in the Netherlands, partnering with iDeal makes sense as it speeds up the process of securing new players, as they are likely to trust iDeal as a payment option immediately.

Faster process

There is no need to go through an exhaustive registration process. Instead, iDeal can be used for simplicity and speed. This helps customers make deposits, and withdraw winnings from the online casino, through a familiar personal bank portal. 

Stay within responsible limits

Using iDeal provides you with instant access to your payment and bank account statement, as it is processed through your personal bank account portal. This helps you to have greater control over your bank balance and to stay within safe limits. 

Quick and easy mobile payments

All payment details are automatically pre-filled, and you’ll instantly see if a payment has been successfully processed or not. You can also access it through your mobile phone, making it faster and easier than ever before to deposit funds and start playing at the online casino. 

No fees

There is nothing worse than losing some of the money you’ve got down to play with and have fun through banking fees and transaction fees. This has been the case with some online casinos, but with iDeal there are no transaction fees to worry about. It’s all for you to play with! 

Secure data

Every transaction through iDeal to and from your online casino is processed through your online banking page. This means there is no data or payment information being shared with the casino, adding that extra layer of data security to the process.

The number of benefits above points to the reasons why iDeal is such a popular choice with online casinos in the Netherlands. It brings safety and calm, a familiarity to proceedings which is likely to bring great comfort to customers when they first sign up to a new online casino. Making sure that you offer trust and integrity to your customers is important, and in a world where data security and financial security is thought of more than ever before, a relationship between your chosen online casino and iDeal makes it more likely that you’ll sign up and play with that casino. It offers peace of mind and fast, secure access to play the games you love, without worrying about your payment details and data security.

Published: 03 February 2024 16:28