Cool Jewels

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Cool Jewels
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Cool Jewels Slot Review

Cool Jewels by WMS Gaming impresses players with the robotic sound “Welcome to Cool Jewels” upon entering the game, just like in a real science fiction movie. The in-game music is also impressive, with some amusing tunes looping in the background. The graphics are on par with most jewelry-themed slot games, nothing too surprising here. As you may have noticed, the merit of this slot doesn’t lie in the graphics or audio, but in the original gameplay itself. How cool is that?

Cool Jewels Slot RTP and Variance

Let’s have a look at what made Cool Jewels slot so challenging for most spinners.

RTP and variance: There’s nothing wrong with the game’s RTP. In fact, it’s even slightly higher than the industry average, at 96.1%. The volatility is considered to be medium, which is also fine to me as it keeps the game exciting enough without stuffing too many bonuses into it.

Betting range: The wager setting is a bit different here. The usual bet per line is replaced by the bet multiplier, but the overall result is essentially the same. With a base bet of 0.5, you can multiply it by 1, 2, 3, or up to 400 times, meaning that your total stake ranges from 0.5 to 200 credits per spin.

Paylines: There is no payline in the game. Instead, this game uses the Bejewelled-style system, which means every group of 4 or more identical icons connected to each other will trigger a win. Well, it does not exactly resemble Bejewelled, but you know what I meant.

Highest payout: There is no fixed jackpot in the game, as this gem-themed slot is no ordinary slot like Kronos Slot or Jumpin Jalapenos Slot. Instead, the game uses the Pay Per Symbol, which is essentially a “win more pay more“ system. The maximum “price” for each icon in the winning line is your top bet, but you need to fill at least 63 slices or destroy 63 symbols in another word.

Playing Online Slots for Free

Cool Jewels is the first WMS casino game that utilizes the Exploding Pays feature. Typically, the game is very reminiscent of Candy Crush Saga and Bejeweled in terms of gameplay and bonuses, which are no strangers to some of us. Just remember, this 2014 release is not an easy game to play and win. You have to put a whole lot of effort into it, and some serious luck of course. Are you ready to take the challenge head-on? Then feel free to try out online demo versions, right here on this page.

How to Play

Playing online slots is easy. There is nothing complicated to be concerned about, except the Bet multiplier. As I mentioned earlier, the total wager starts at 0.5 and scales up to 200 credits per spin, and you can choose the Bet multiplier manually or use the Quickset setting for faster configuration. Afterward, press the Spin button to set the reels rolling. For additional information regarding the game rules and bonuses, use the small icon on the left of the Spin.

In-Game Bonus Features

In Cool Jewels, there are a plethora of bonuses and features, literally. The special bonuses consist of 4 different Wilds with 3 unique combinations, a Premium 10x that awards 10 times the cash value, and a Scatter. Let’s have a look at each of them.

The Wilds

The 4 Wilds in the game are: Unstable Wild, Shocking Wild, Shattering Wild and Persisting Wild. They act as regular Wilds which can form with other symbols to create a winning combo.

  • Unstable Wild: Destroy all adjacent icons when activated.
  • Shocking Wild: Destroy all diagonal icons when activated.
  • Shattering Wild: Destroy all horizontal and vertical icons when activated.
  • Persisting Wild: Similar to Unstable Wild, which will destroy all adjacent icons when activated. However, they can only appear when two or more Wilds form any group. The Persisting Wilds won’t disappear unless they reach the bottom, or they do not take part in any combination.
  • Unstable + Shocking: All space affected will turn into Green Watermark. All symbols on the Green Zone will be treated as regular Wild in the next evaluation.
  • Shocking + Shattering: All space affected will turn into Blue Watermark. All symbols destroyed on the Blue Zone will grant 10 times the current Pay Per Symbol value.
  • Shattering + Unstable: All space affected will turn into Pink Watermark. All symbols on the Pink Zone will be destroyed regardless of being in a group or not.

The Free Spins Bonus

4 or more destroyed Scatters will trigger the Free Spins bonus, starting at 8 spins and scaling up to 20. Every additional Scatter above 7 will grant 5 more spins. The rule in the bonus game is the same as in the base game, but the Pay Per Symbol will not be reset during the entire session.

Should I Play?

Cool Jewels is very addictive with all the features and bonuses if you are in for the entertainment value only. But, if you pursue more lucrative goals, then I suggest trying out other WMS games such as Montezuma Slot or Kronos Slot. Nevertheless, this six-reel online game is a nice title to play and a nice addition to your favorite list.

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Game FAQs

Whenever you land an expanding wild on the reels, you will get a re-spin.
Unfortunately, the Cool Jewels game doesn't offer free spins. However, you can unlock respins which can continue up to three times.
By clicking the Advanced Settings link, you can choose to stop Autoplay on any win, if a single win exceeds a certain amount, if your balance increases or decreases by a selected amount.
Cool Jewels Game was introduced in 2014
The best way to win big with Cool Jewels Game is to bet max or drop it down to the level that fits your budget If you can't make the maximum bet.