There are several ways to win in the challenging casino game of craps. The Iron Cross craps strategy is something you will know of if you've been playing for a long time. Some professional gamblers argue that this betting strategy is unconquerable, while others believe it is too good to be true.

This betting technique has received much attention throughout the years. The appeal of this betting strategy is that, aside from the number 7, you will be rewarded whenever any number rolls.

Today's article will deeply analyze this technique and how it works. You have a chance to go home with some additional cash in your wallet if you play craps using this approach carefully and without making any blunders.

What Is the Iron Cross Strategy in Craps?

What Is the Iron Cross Strategy in Craps?
The player is rolling white single dice (Source: Freepik)

The Iron Cross craps wager is well-liked because it gives you the chance to earn money on any roll other than a losing 7.

The majority of players enjoy the constant winning aspect. In addition, most recreational craps players find it quite appealing because it is a straightforward bet to play.

There are two crucial considerations for craps players when putting up combination bets:

  • The house edge is calculated as the weighted average of the house edges across the whole set of bets.
  • The overall house advantage can never be lower than the combination's greatest individual wager.

The second point occasionally causes seasoned craps players to raise an eyebrow and inquire, "What about the Iron Cross?"

It is stated that The Iron Cross, also known as Darby's Field, can do the inconceivable. Place bets on the numbers 6 and 8 have a 1.52 percent edge apiece, making them the component bets with the lowest house edges. However, it is claimed that the combination has a 1.14 percent house advantage.

How is it possible that's true? The place bets in the combination are multi-roll bets. Therefore, the 1.14 percent percentage on the Iron Cross represents the house advantage on each roll. The house edge is 2.37 percent of all bets are played through to a conclusion.

If you are wondering why this strategy gives players so many advantages, refer to the mentioned usage below to see things more clearly.

How to Use the Iron Cross Craps System

How to Use the Iron Cross Craps System
How to use the iron cross craps system (Source: Freepik)

One of the betting strategies that covers practically all possibilities at the table is the Iron Cross craps technique. With such a technique, you won't often lose, but the winnings you get on most bets will be modest. 

But how exactly do you employ the Iron Cross when playing craps? Firstly, you start by making a field wager. If a 2, 3, 4, 9, 10, 11, or 12 is rolled, this field wager wins. The bet pays even money if it triumphs. The payouts are higher on the other numbers; typically, they are 2-1 on 2 and 3-1 on 12.

Additionally, you make a place bet on 5, 6, and 8. Now, you’ve simply covered all the possible roll dice outcomes, except for the 7. When wagering a place bet, you are wagering that the shooter will roll your number before a 7. On a placing bet on 5, winners are paid 7-5, and on either 6 or 8, they are paid 7-6. In addition, you should always place bets on the 6 and 8 in multiples of $6 because of the 7-6 payout on those numbers.

Only if the shooter rolls a 7 will this combination of bets lose. You will forfeit all of your wagering money if that occurs.

However, you win if any other number appears before the 7. That is simply everything. 

So, mathematically, the Iron Cross would first include betting $5 on the field and placing the 5, and $6 on the numbers 6 and 8, for a total wager of $22. Bets can be multiplied by heavy bettors.

The field bet loses when the place bets triumph. Place bets are still active, though, if the field bet triumphs. Thus, you can remove your place bets and leave with your gains from the field wager.

How Would the Payoffs Work for Each Possible Number?

Based on standard bet amount calculations when using the Iron Cross strategy, we have estimated your profit in all cases of dice outcomes using this strategy. Possible cases include:

  • 2: You are paid 2-1, and the game is won. That implies you may keep all $22 of your bets for a $10 profit and have $10 in wins.
  • 3, 4, 9, 10, or 11: you'll receive an even-money payment on the field, $5 in wins, and keep your $22 in stakes for a $5 profit.
  • 5, 6, or 8: A successful place bet will pay you $7. You make a $2 profit overall, or $5 loss on the field, but keep the $17 worth of place bets.
  • 7: Your whole $22 wager is lost.

The most frequent role is the loss 7, with six of 36 two-dice combinations producing that outcome. The home still has a slight advantage, but just how much depends on your viewpoint.

The Iron Cross was initially created for customers who wanted to place one last wager before leaving the casino. They were wagering that the upcoming roll would not be a 7. Any victory at craps would give the bettor enough money to eat out in the old days when even $1 would purchase ham and eggs in Las Vegas.

They could be curious about the house advantage for just the upcoming roll. The house edge on the field bet with the aforementioned payouts is 2.78 percent, while the house edges per roll on the place bets are 1.111 and 0.463 percent on the numbers 5, 6, and 8, respectively.

The 6 and 8 are assigned 1.2 times the weight of the other bets in determining an overall house edge since you bet in multiples of $6 on the and 8, and in multiples of $5 on placing the 5 and on the field.

The Iron Cross's one-roll advantage is 1.14 percent. Contrary to what has been asserted, it is not cheaper than the best component bet in the combination. On the 6 and 8, the one-roll edge is 0.463 percent, while on the 5, it is 1.11 percent.

Because of the house advantage, some players believe the Iron Cross is an excellent wager to make for periods lasting more than one wager. Before placing one, they must know the total advantage of any crap wager. Under those circumstances, the field has a 2.78 percent edge, the place bet on number five has a 4 percent edge, and the place bets on numbers six and eight have a 1.52 percent edge.

When all pieces are used in a game of Iron Cross, the house edge totals 2.37 percent, which is larger than the 1.52 percent on the numbers 6 and 8.

Regardless of your perspective, the Iron Cross is not a sure thing. Despite having a more considerable total edge than its lowest-edge component, it is a better combination than others that feature one-roll bets. That is precisely how it must be since it cannot defy math.

How to Have Even More Fun With the Iron Cross System

How to Have Even More Fun With the Iron Cross System
How to Have Even More Fun With the Iron Cross System (Source: Freepik)

You'll go on repeated streaks when you win after every roll of the dice, and the wins will appear to accumulate, as we've already demonstrated. Of course, if you get a few consecutive 7s, your winnings will disappear.

But by sometimes placing bets, you may make the Iron Cross method much more entertaining. In other words, when you win, you increase the amount you wager rather than keeping your earnings.

How many times you push your bets can be limited in any way you want, but three is a popular quantity. The benefit of pushing your bet and succeeding three times in a row is that you will win a significant sum of money.

Let's examine an illustration:

You place a $10 wager and prevail. You place your gains and the remaining $10 on the table, making your new wager $20. You win once again, giving you $40 to use. When and if you win your last wager, you will get $80 as compensation, which is a fantastic return on a $10 wager.

Because you are earning more than even money on each bet when you start pushing your bets on the place bets, you stand to see much more significant winnings.


You now thoroughly explain how to use the Iron Cross craps approach. We trust that the guidelines in the article will enable you to make the most of this system.

It won't ensure that you win every time, but it will help you reduce your risks and leave the craps table with more cash in your pocket, assuming you play it correctly!

About the Iron Cross system, does it work? Unfortunately, the answer is no if your definition of success includes beating the house edge and beating the casino.

However, the Iron Cross is as excellent as any other craps method and better than most if your definition of success is having fun as an active player and witnessing several briefs but significant winning streaks.

Published: 03 August 2022 14:53