Learning how to play craps is just a piece of cake, as long as you have our ultimate guidance besides! So, join us in this article and see our guidance now! 


Craps is a gambling game that you can easily play in either a live casino like in Las Vegas Casino or on digital platforms (online casinos). The game law of the craps are so simple that anyone can learn. Of course, if you have good craps strategies, you can use craps as a method to make a lot of money!

That's why nowadays, more and more people want to learn how to play craps. If you are here, reading this article, then you surely are looking for craps guidance. Are we right? It's ok because we will teach you how to play this gambling game right now! Slide down to see!

How to play craps

As mentioned above, it is not difficult to learn how to play craps. You can start playing this game right after you remember these following things!

Craps rules

The first thing to memorize is the game law of craps. Right below, we explain all the basic rules of this game for you. Have a look!

When do you win or lose?

At first, you have to bet money on a pass line. After you make a couple of dice rolls, the sum of the numbers shown on them is the whole point that you have. If your point is the winning number, you get the money.

how to play craps

Technically, a Craps player will attempt to make a 7 or 11 point in the first turn (known as the come-out roll). The reason is, 7 and 11 are the two winning numbers. On the other hand, this player will avoid 2, 3, and 12 points, because this number means that he loses the bets in craps. In technical language, the losing points are known as craps numbers.

What to do in the come-out roll?

When the come-out roll begins, you need to make your bet on the pass line on the table and throw the dice. At that time, the base dealer (known as the operator of the game) will place a disk on the playing field to give signs to all players. In detail, if the disk shows "OFF" on its black side, this means that the turn is happening. After you get the number on the dice, you will know who the winner of this first turn is.

Things to do if no one wins the come-out roll?

If you get 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, or 10 points, this means that you do not win at craps or lose anything. If all the players on the table do not win in the come-out roll, they will continue to roll the dice. Before you and your rivals make the roll again, you must wait for the sign of the dealer. Specifically, the operator will flip his disk to the white side, with an "ON" written on it.

However, in this second turn, anyone who gets a 7 point will lose the round. In order to win this new turn, you have to roll a number that is the same to your point in the come-out roll.

Craps etiquette

We want to tell you that playing live craps is not like when you play online craps. If you play craps in a live casino, you have to comply with the gambling etiquette. There are some important points of craps etiquette that you have to notice, such as:

Determine the operators of the craps table

  • Gambling means putting your money on the line. We are talking about a huge amount of money. Therefore, any craps table requires many different operators in order to keep the game fair. To keep track of the craps game, you have to determine these operators.
  • Normally, there is a team of 4 operators who control the craps table. Each employee will do his specific work. In further detail:
  • The box-person will stand on one table side. He checks the whole table to see if any cheating is made. Also, this person has to stash and protect the chips used for betting.
  • Stick-person stands oppositely to the box-person. He uses a stick to deliver the dice to every player on the table. When the rolling is completed, he will also be the one who calls the result.
  • Dealers will take care of the players betting money as well as conducting currency exchange (from cash to chip) when being required. On a craps table, there are usually two dealers.

Place money on the pass line or don't pass line

You can begin your craps game by putting money on the pass line. This line is the nearest area from the very edge of the playing field. It has a big word written on it so that every player can see it. If you make a pass line bet, you have the permission to roll the dice. At that time, you are called a shooter.

On the other hand, the "don't pass" line is a line that stays right above the pass line. Anyone who bets his money on this line will play against the shooter. This means that he wins if the shooter loses, or he will bet loses when the shooter wins.

For example, in the come-out roll, if the shooter makes a 7 or 11 point, the player who bets money on the don't pass line will lose. 

Use chips for Casino Online

Hardly anyone feels comfortable with passing real money online casino of huge amounts around, especially in a crowded place like a casino when familiar faces are nearly non-existent. Therefore, rather than real cash, players and dealers place bets on chips - the currency of casino’s betting systems.

Before you start crap casino games, make sure that you change your money into chips. Although there are a lot of payment methods, people usually pay with real money. The person who does the exchange with you is one of the two dealers on the craps table. Of course, when you do the money converting, the dealer will check if your money is real or not. After that, he will give you the number of chips that values similarly to your money. 

Remember that you are not allowed to bring money directly to the dealer. Instead, you need to put your cash on the table, then make a requirement for money converting.

Show enthusiasm to your opponents

It may be ridiculous, but that is the etiquette of the game of craps. When the shooter makes a roll of the dice, you should cheer for him. Just hope that the shooter will get the right number that he wants. This will help the dice game to happen peacefully.

However, if you bet on the "don't pass" line, you should not say anything. Of course, you are playing against the shooter. It is surely weird if you want the dice-roller to win, right? 

Receive five pieces of dice but only use two.
Before you make the dice roll, the stick-person will use a long tool to deliver five pieces of dice to you. However, you only need 2 of them to play. At this time, you will need to choose two pieces that you like most to play.

Tell the craps operators to place chips on the off-limits areas

Another essential point of the table game craps etiquette is how to use chips and lay bet. Typically, you have to make your bets by leaving money on the betting area of the table. For example, the pass line or don't pass line. If you want to make a propositional bet in the middle of the playing field or place your chips on the side of the stick-person, you should put your pass bets into the open space and tell the operator to bring them to a proper area.

Since the field bet's chips have been put down, you should take all of your hands out of the playing field. Don't forget to place the rest of the chips on the rail. 

And then, follow your chips on the field. 

Make sure that you know where your craps bets' s money is. Otherwise, you may place your hands on the chips of your opponent by mistake.

The player can give questions to the operators when something is unclear. 
Whenever you have a problem, feel free to ask the operators. Their job is to support all the players on the table in order to make the craps game fair. 

For example, if you need support in placing the bets, or moving the chips, you can ask the stick-person to do that for you. 

Or if you have anything unclear, you can require the operators to answer for you. They will explain everything about craps for you, including game law, odds, signs, positions of the employees for you.


As you can see, learning how to play craps is very simple, right? If you have remembered all things in our above guidance, you can start playing craps. Don't forget to train craps on top sites such as poker sites or crap sites in order to improve your gambling skills!

In case you have any questions about this topic, don't hesitate to contact us. We will give you the answers in the shortest time.

And now, our article has come to an end. Many thanks to you for having read!

Published: 17 September 2020 08:07