Malta is a beautiful & compact European country that lies just to the south of Italy. Malta is most commonly known as a sought-after tourist destination but in recent years, Malta has become the hub for online casinos and, as a direct consequence, the focal point for online casino owners to obtain their licenses. Thus making it a popular component of the online gambling industry.

First established around early 2014 to late 2015, this regulatory entity was termed as the Malta Lottery and Gaming Authority (MLGA) before it was rebranded to  Malta Gaming Authority (MGA). The licenses granted by the MGA are highly coveted by online casino providers all over the world owing to the insurmountable faith international players have in their regulatory power. In a bid to make online gambling safe for players, the Malta Gaming Authority has developed a stern set of rules and regulations that all online casino owners must abide by.

These guidelines have been set in place to ensure that fair play and safe business practices are being utilized by online casinos who wish to obtain an operating license by the MGA. In situations where foul play is suspected at the hands of the casino, an investigation is launched and if the casino is found to have failed to meet the requirements set by the Malta Gaming Authority then strict action is taken and in some cases, even the operating license has been revoked. Currently, the MGA has granted more than 200 online casinos a license to operate whilst honoring the law.


Prior to the initiation of the Malta Gaming Authority, it was discovered that many ill-practicing casinos were scamming players, leaking their personal information, and misusing financial records but over time such cases have decreased to a staggering amount owing to the tireless efforts of the Malta Gaming Authority. This has, in turn, increased the number of players in the online gaming community. In addition to being highly attentive to players, this regulatory entity also pays heed to online gambling websites by making the requirements needed to obtain a license more flexible. Therefore, the services offered by the online casino providers do not hold much significance since the Malta Gaming Authority most probably has an operating license to authenticate the business. The sovereignty of the MGA is highly trusted upon and notorious for offering a select variety of operating licenses. Currently, the Malta Gaming Authority offers the following four variations of operating licenses to online casino owners:

CLASS 1: A remote gaming license (includes casino games, online lotteries, skill games) and is suitable for operators responsible for the risks based on repetitive games.
CLASS 2: A remote betting license (includes fixed odds betting, pool betting, spread betting) and is suitable for operators responsible for the risks of events based on a matchbook.
CLASS 3: A license to advance and/or aid remote gaming in Malta (includes poker networks, peer-to-peer/P2P gaming, and game portals) and is suitable for operators receiving commission from promoting games and/or betting on them.
CLASS 4: A license to host and manage remote gaming operators (this excludes the license holder himself), and is suitable for software vendors.

 Fair play is guaranteed to all players who choose to play at an online casino licensed by the MGA. This is due to the fact that all companies who wish to obtain a license through the Malta Gaming Authority are given a six month period during which they must prove their trustworthiness. A variety of independent auditing agencies such as eCOGRA, iTech Labs, and TST have been employed to regularly conduct tests so as to obtain genuine results.


Once a casino has been verified by the Malta Gaming Authority, there is little left to corroborate regarding its legitimacy. This stamp of approval serves as a relieving factor to members of the online gambling community all across the world who are now free to play their favorite games to their heart’s content. As firm as the Malta Gambling Authority may be regarding rules and regulations, it is also just as inclusive and flexible.

Online casinos from various different places have been approved for business therefore a large selection of online gambling services is available for players to pick and choose from as they please. Of course, all online casinos licensed by the MGA must possess a gaming library that is filled with exceptional games that do depend solely on luck but also require a certain level of skill. The Malta Gaming Authority keeps a public record of all the online casinos it has granted a license to so if you come across a gambling website that claims to have one of our operating licenses, please make sure to verify this information on our website.


In comparison to other regulatory authorities, the Malta Gaming Authority is extremely responsive to all complaints made by players. However, it is extremely rare for a dispute between a player and a casino to involve this regulatory authority since the MGA has made exemplary customer service a basic requirement for obtaining an operating license. In the event that you do need to lodge a complaint with the MGA, you can do so by indirectly filing your complaint with an ADR (alternative dispute resolution) provider. All the online casinos licensed under the Malta Gaming Authority have been instructed to employ independent and accredited ADR providers so players can choose freely whether to take their issues up with the casino itself or resolve the matter through an ADR service. In almost all cases, the MGA has succeeded in resolving the matter successfully.


If you wish to directly get in touch with the Malt Gaming Authority, you can easily find them at Suite 1 on the 3rd level at the TG Complex on Brewery Street in Mriehel. Their postal code is BKR3000. For those who would like a more modern form of communication, you can contact them through the phone or via their website.

Website: http://www.mga.org.mt/

Phone: +356 2546 9000