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Last updated: 14 November 2023

I have often wondered how online versions of games, sports, and pastimes that I am used to enjoying in person compare when enjoyed online. For me, it’s an ongoing adventure as the virtual world becomes more and more advanced and increasingly awash with options for enjoying iGaming in all its wonderful guises. Perhaps one of the most globally popular online gaming revolutions has occurred in the world of casino. Before the dawn of the internet, those who wanted to enjoy the thrill, excitement and experience of casino games would have to visit a casino. 

From the venues up and down the length of the Las Vegas Strip to the shores of Atlantic City or the glamor of Macau, casinos have offered everything from poker to pontoon, roulette to the slots - but now, the world of the online casino is offering the same, without the need to travel to a bricks-and-mortar location. Of course, there are millions who still love the thrill and pleasure that casino floors deliver, and the real-world experience they provide, but for many, online casino games are more accessible and available, a more realistic option. 

So, let’s focus. When it comes to casino games, notwithstanding the in-person versus online experience debate, how do they actually translate and are they genuinely replicated or merely well-imitated online based on their origins in real-world casinos? On one level, it’s obvious that the general rules are the same: from poker to the roulette wheel, the game is the same, and the regulations mirrored. Beyond that, though, how are online casinos delivering these games in the virtual world compared to the bricks-and-mortar versions? 

Playing Online Widens Both Accessibility And Opponent Opportunities

To some traditionalists, the thrill of looking a poker opponent in the eye or watching the ball cascade around the roulette table cannot be matched, but even proprietors of world-famous casinos are now harnessing the pleasure of playing online, marketing their online casino platforms with more enthusiasm, and marketing budgets, than ever. Some of the traditional names in the casino world are not only leading and innovating their establishments, but they are also starting to deliver some great online experiences, which have garnered enthusiastic reviews

Let’s look at this from a purely marketing perspective for a moment. In marketing 101, the aim is to reach as many potential customers, users, clients, or consumers as possible. Factoring in demographics, global advertising regulations and various other considerations, the online casino industry has a potential audience in the billions. All over the world, people love casino games, and to be able to bring them to people in a way that is accessible is revolutionary in terms of audience-building. 

Another reason that casino games translate well, in my opinion, is the potential for more opponents. When you are at a physical casino, you can only face opponents and fellow players who are there in person too. With the online casino, you can be playing people from across the globe, rather than across the table. The opponents become both innumerable and global, giving online play a distinctive lure and perhaps even advantage. 

Why Some Dedicated Casino Players Are Also Committed Online Players 

Much as I love to attend soccer matches in the Premier League, I also love watching games on television. These games are often from around the world, different leagues, at various times of day and night in my time zone. My point is a simple one: my affection for in-person soccer action in no way dilutes and in many ways enhances my love of the game and my desire to consume it however it is available to me. The same can be said for many about playing poker, roulette, slots, blackjack, and all manner of traditional casino games online. 

New generations are native to online entertainment rather than having it introduced as it was invented and evolved, and therefore they are becoming the most represented group for online game playing. However, there are many among us who enjoy both going to the casino and playing casino games online. In the same way that I talked about football, there are many millions of people who love visiting casinos but have also become devotees to online casino gameplay. 

To wrap up, I feel that casino games have been taken online in a way that is incredibly successful and has made them more available to players across the globe, and this is backed up by the millions who play online each day. Moreover, as technology, RNG, graphics and overall advancements continue apace, the online casino will become ever-more realistic, increasingly exciting and, for all those who love these games, more of a draw, but not necessarily at the expense of bricks-and-mortar casinos across the globe. 

Published: 14 November 2023 15:17