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Should You Gamble in Turkey? 

Turkey is a Middle Eastern country that enjoys a vibrant internet culture, excellent food and drink, amazing sights and plenty of sun. As with many countries in the world Turkey is a candidate state to become a European Union member. The EU has made Turkey one of its many candidate countries for membership, this is due to Turkey's ambitious bid to join the European Union. However the prospects for Turkey as an EU member are not exactly encouraging. Some see Turkey as being too close to Europe but too far away to have much impact.

Turkey has a mixed legal system. The country's most popular online gambling sites are in Turkey but there are other legal areas that have been affected by the growth of Turkey online gambling. There are now just a few good Turkey online gambling destinations. 

Gambling Laws and Regulations

Turkey's legal system is also somewhat uncertain because the authorities tend not to stick to the same strict regulations that they do elsewhere in the region. For example, Turkey's state-owned Antalya casinos were shut down for several months in 2010 as the owners were unable to cope with the increasing competition from the neighboring state-owned establishments. Although the Antalya owners were able to reorganize their operation on a temporary basis, they failed to introduce adequate controls over the transfer of customer funds and the payment of taxes. This led to further corruption in the Antalya casinos and an increase in the rate of fraud that took place. In the wake of these events, several international casinos which had planned to operate in Turkey were forced to rethink their plans due to the lack of legal certainty regarding the new Turkish legislation.

The lack of international cooperation is not the only reason that Turkey's online casinos are comparatively riskier than their western counterparts. Turkey's government is also slow to react to technological developments, especially those that can lead to more competition and lower prices. The Internet has allowed Turkey's online casinos to adopt progressive jackpots that are far higher than those offered in the US and UK - attracting more visitors who are looking for more money in the same game. The government's lack of initiatives leaves its slot players to their own devices when it comes to choosing the slot machine that offer the best payouts.

Author Guarantor: Billie Noble
Last updated: 28 December 2020