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Billie Noble
Author Guarantor: Billie Noble Last updated: 23 November 2020

Despite the widespread popularity of gambling entertainment in the early 20th century, Romania from 1945 to 1989 had forms of gambling banned by the communist government. 

However, nowadays, Romania attaches great importance to gambling entertainment and considers this entertainment industry a stable source of income. Romania's gambling laws have gone through a review process to comply with the requirements of the European Commission. At the end of 2014, Romanian gambling regulators focused on existing laws to ensure that traditional casinos and online gambling activities flourish.

Gambling Laws in Romania 

In Romania, measures for the development of the casino industry have been passed by the local government a key bill for the future of the casino industry on land.

New rules are introduced to ensure the highest levels of protection for minors and gambling addicts. Additionally, in the future, operators will have to pay gambling taxes and fees.

Organizations offering online gambling activities are required to pay a fee, depending on annual sales. Additionally, a fixed fee of 16% GGR applies.

Operators that do not comply with the payment regulations in Romania will be blacklisted. In order to add or unadd this listing, the person responsible is the President of the Gambling Office.

Since mid-March 2015, the purpose of the amendments to the gambling laws in Romania is not only to protect a low-profile population but also to ensure the legislation for land-based casinos and online casinos to respond to meet the requirements of the European Commission.

Gambling Activities in Romania 

It can be said that since 1906, the relationship between the gambling entertainment industry and Romania has been formed. At the same time, Loteria Romana and the national lottery was launched at that time. After the introduction of the Romanian democratic government in the 1990s, all gambling activities became legal. The first casino opened in 1991, but the country of Romania did not see the popularity of gambling until the internet became widespread.

Since 2013, the Romanian government has started foreign investment activities in the sports betting industry, showing that Romania is ready to join the EU. After that, Romania was forced to abide by the opaque European Court’s online gambling regulations.

In 2010, the Romanian government passed legislation that legalized the online gambling industry, but only for companies with government licenses. Ironically, however, there is no regulatory authority in Romania that offers a license in relation to betting services. As a result, foreign online casinos were forced to provide platforms with Romanian integration, and the Romanian government did not take any action to stop these betting organizations.

Although betting on foreign platforms is illegal in Romania, there is no regulatory authority that oversees and regulates the rules. As a result, no Romanian bettors have to be punished.

In April 2013, the Romanian government established the National Gambling Office to oversee the country's online gambling entertainment services. However, this establishment was opposed by the EU because the NGO license required online betting organizations to have physical facilities, and the servers had to be located in Romania. In addition, there is a tax issue for online poker.

Romania hosts some of the biggest poker tournaments in the world including the Romania Poker Championship, which attracts gamblers across Europe in May every year. PokerFest 2013 was also held at the Golden Tulip Resort near the Black Sea.

Payment Methods for Romania Casinos

Depending on each Romanian casino they offer different types of payment. However, most online casinos offer payment methods such as MasterCard and Visa for deposits, or Skrill, PaySafeCard, and Neteller for withdrawals.